Typical Life of Me


Will Jane be able to overcome her insecurities to enjoy life as a teenager in high school or will she be stuck with the same attitude towards others? This book is more like a diary. It is about a young teenager who is evolving into the world and mainly high school. Everyday before going to sleep, she writes in this journal, so she may never forget her worst and best moments of her life. As a typical teenager, Jane encounters many ups and downs and learns from all of them by writing out her life.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

August 16, 2017

Dear Diary,

OH MY GOD! Today was the best day of my life. It was like a Cinderella Story, but without the evil stepmothers...Well, I guess you could count her as one. Anyways, back to my happy story before she spoils my mood and makes me start bitching. Ahhhhhhh. As usual, my day started off as me walking to school with my bestest friend Abby. The day continued on as boring, like always. But then, Jazzy, aka short for Jasmine, the one I previously stated had to spoil my day. Her stupid Starbucks coffee just had to end up on my shirt. What a coincidence. I always wonder what I did to her that made her hate me so much. Luckily, I had a extra shirt in my locker. After I changed, I saw him walk by me. His smell of cologne and his perfect hair made me stare like an idiot. Embarrassing enough, I was blocking his friends locker. When he talked, I felt like I was in space or a happy land when there was only ice cream. Moving away, I caught up with Abby. We were going to the cafeteria to get lunch and join our other friends, Lindsey, Harrison, Mackenzie, and Tyler. Lunch was mostly awkward ever since Harrison and Mackenzie did it, mainly because they were both in bad places. The announcements came on, but it was bitchy Jasmine. She blabbed and blabbed about a dumb party she was going to host at her new princess house. Like I would ever go their. All my other friends thought it would be a good idea to go so they could become popular or whatever crap most highschool students do. Even Abby was on board about going. I dozed off and by the time I knew it, school was over. All you could hear was everyone making plans about what they’re going to wear to the party or what time they were going to come. The second I got home, I grabbed a bucket of ice cream and clicked the television on. Suddenly, I got a notification on my phone. Surprised because I have no life and who would text me besides my friends, I jumped and saw who it was. My parents, of course. I’m pretty sure they even regret the way I turned out. The message said they wouldn’t be home for another two days, since there flight got canceled. Suddenly I hear a ring at the door. I wonder who it could be as I went to go check the door. Abby screaming look pretty for once. She dragged me up stairs, forcing me to get ready to go to that dumb party. Like I want to go. But on the other hand, it was not like I had anything else better to do. I put this beautiful gold sparkly dress on and finished my makeup. Abby was waiting downstairs with Harrison. Both looked as I walked down, giving me the look. For once, I felt like I was actually looked as if I was beautiful or something. Both complementing me, I decided it was time to get this day over with. As we arrived into the house, all you could see were teenagers being drunk or kissing one another. Me and Tyler danced for a while, but I decided like taking off my edge tonight. I was going to get drinks, when it was that moment, Liam. He bumped into me, causing for the drinks to spill on the both of us. Even his apologizes were so dreamy. My face turned all red, he asked what my name is. “Jane”, I responded as my dress was soaking. As usual the talking went on, but I could not stop thinking about him. The hottest guy in the school was talking to me. Like out of all the people. Ahhhh, wait somebody’s at the door right now. Ugh, it is my annoying soon to be sister. Looks I have to go, but for sure I’m going to write all the details down tomorrow. This moment is going to be unforgettable and the start of something!!!

Love your own,


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