persuasion ; reylo

3 ; the past/the future

{ Rey }
location ; ahch-to

Gulping, I stare blankly at the rock, where moments ago, Kylo Ren was. It was as if I were there with him. His choice of words have left me wondering the same thing he was. Why did The Force allow me to see him?

Exhaling, I kick the pebbles at my feet, walking away from the cliff and towards my hut. Somehow, I could feel Kylo Ren’s darkness emerging from him as he spoke to me. It was as if the manifestation had brought two elements together; light and darkness.

Perhaps this island has made me go insane.

There is something in Kylo’s expression that makes my mind drift to the black hole under the cliff. It’s as if seeing him had brought curiosity, as if I weren’t seeing the whole canvas.

Finding myself at the bottom of the island, the suns in the horizon make me realise much time had passed during training. I wonder if Luke is fetching food for himself right now — using his spear to fetch strange fish in hope of survival.

My footsteps come to a halt, sucking in a breath when I see the black hole from my Force Connection. A wave of fear strikes me the second I lay my eyes on it. Luke told me to not come here, that it was too dangerous even for a Jedi Master. Nonetheless, my steps become more rushed the closer I get to it.

With both of my feet on the edge of the hole, I lower my gaze to see what is below, letting out a soft gasp when I notice a pool of water below me. Before I know it, I’m being swallowed into the hole, submerging myself into the water.

Gasping for air once I reach the surface, I realise the sombre energy around me immediately. Crawling out of the lake of murky water, my eyes widen when I see myself being replicated millions of times in a singular line. Instead of feeling panic, I glance at my replicated self, sucking in a breath.

The auric darkness begins consuming me like vibrations, the sound of my own breaths being repeated by the multiple versions of me. The deep chasm crumbles around me as my breaths become more ragged, until I let out an ear-piercing scream.

“What do you want me to see?” I scream at the top of my lungs. My own words make the floor beneath me tremble. I am suddenly met with a barrier of ice, which stretches from the ceiling to the floor as if it were a mirror.

“Let me see,” I whisper, the replications repeating my words like a never-ending echo. My eyes set on a shadow behind the ice, which draws closer to me. I gape, staring at the approaching shadow. Fear pricks on my skin, the shadow becoming somewhat clearer.

In that instant, the shadow takes form, muffling a scream when I see an unfamiliar face on the other side of the barrier of ice. A man with horns on the upper part of his head stands in front of me. His visage is a mix of black and red, sending a shiver down my spine. The man glares at me with his snake-like eyes, as if he knew I was staring back at him.

The ice wall thickens, the image of the villainous creature dissolving before my eyes. A violent gust of wind strikes me, the echoes of the cave silencing as my sight fades to black.

My eyes suddenly snap open, gasping for air as I realise I’m at the entrance of the cave, a few inches away from the hole I had fallen into.

Luke can never know about my experience in the cave, which terrifies me. There was something in the eyes of the creature in the vision that brought anxiety to my core. I had never seen him before, which makes me wonder who he is and how he is related to my past or future.

Exhaling, I sit on the wooden stool inside my hut, gazing around nervously for any signs of life. Maybe all I need to do is get out of here, to save my own sanity. It’s no wonder that Luke has become so aggressive — the island of Ahch-To probably has hundreds of secrets beneath the surface.

Chewbacca must be running out of patience by now, since he’s been on the Millenium Falcon with R2-D2 for two days now. If he saw me frolicking around the island, discovering black holes and somehow seeing Kylo Ren in front of me, he would rip my arms off. That’s what Han said about Wookie behaviour.

Something about the memory of Han Solo’s death brings tears to my eyes. We hadn’t known each other for long, but once Kylo tore him to shreds with his lightsaber, I felt my whole world collapse. It was as if I had lost somebody I could trust, somebody who reminded me I wasn’t alone.

Lifting my gaze from the ground, I jump in my seat the second I notice him again. Him. Kylo Ren, the man who turned to The Dark Side and murdered his own father. That man is standing in front of me, an emotionless expression on his face as he looks at me.

“I don’t want to see you again,” I growl through gritted teeth. Kylo remains still, his eyes piercing mine.

“You’re crying,” he states as if his words were factual. I lower my gaze, wanting to slap myself for seeming weak in front of him. “What happened?”

The softness in the tone of his voice surprises me, as if he were concerned over my worried state. Wiping some tears with the back of my sleeve, I decide to cave in.

“Why did you hate your father? He gave you nothing but love and support and you...” I trail off, my voice croaking as I speak.

“I didn’t hate him,” Kylo replies, his tone serious.

“Then why did you...”

“Why did I what? Say it!” he exclaims bitterly, making me flinch. Gulping, the memory of Han falling into the abyss returns to mind. I can almost hear his pain-filled cry as his own son kills him, right in front of my eyes.

“Why did you kill him?” I hiss, disappointment and anger in my tone. How could somebody kill their own father?

Kylo swallows, his eyes piercing mine, but I can sense a tinge of sadness in them. “Let the past die. Kill it — if you have to.”

The words linger in the air like a fog seconds before he disappears once again. He’s gone, meaning I am left alone inside the hut, the murder of Han Solo still fresh in my memory.

{ Kylo }
location ; supremacy dreadnought

The Force Bond between Rey and I are becoming frequent. Although she feels the connection too, something about the intensity of the Bond is worrying. Sometimes it’s as if I could read her, just like a book, which could mean she reads me too. If Snoke were to know about the Force Bond, I would have just been another disappointment.

Not only that, but he would make sure Rey would be dead. Clenching my fists merely at the thought of it, my eyes set on the window on the other side of the command room. The Resistance ship is in the distance, meaning that the countdown has begun.

General Hux stiffens his posture when I gaze at him, pressing a few buttons on the control panel.

“We have them, sir,” Hux addresses, my eyes setting on the window again. I must find out if Rey is on the rebel ship before we approach. But the Force Bond only shows her figure — not her surroundings.

“Will they jump to lightspeed?” I ask, maintaining my tone intimidating.

“Certainly. They don’t know we’re tracking them, sir,” Hux responds.

“Good. Pursue them until they run out of fuel. Then we will have them,” I smirk.

“Yes, sir.” General Hux gazes at The Resistance ship from the lookout window, his eyes focused on the screen in front of him, which shows the exact coordinates of the ship.

“Full throttle towards The Rebels!” Hux orders, his tone angry and filled with determination. The crew begins pressing buttons, The Supremacy Dreadnought approaching the target at a faster pace. Soon, I will have them within my grasp, before crushing them completely.

The Resistance will come to an end.

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