persuasion ; reylo

4 ; two sides, one story

{ Rey }
location ; ahch-to

My time on the planet of Ahch-To has come to an end, meaning that regardless of Luke’s decision to remain, my training is now complete. I can sense the swiftness of my own feet, the lightness of my moves bringing drastic comfort. Luke may not have brought peace to the galaxy through his reappearance, but his actions and wisdom have driven The Force to my core.

Sensing his footsteps as he approaches me from behind, I spin around on my heels to meet Luke’s gaze. He’s been observing me since the early hours of the morning, since I started my final training session on the cliff.

The peacefulness of the balance around me is disrupted as the inevitable thought returns to my mind. The devilish creature with the red and black face disrupted my sleep last night.

Luke approaches me, his expression stern yet welcoming. Despite the fact he isn’t coming to The Resistance, my admiration for the man has not left me. He scratches his beard, his gaze setting on the lightsaber in my hands. He gestures me to hand it over, passing it to him without reluctance.

“I’m very surprised you found this,” Luke starts, his gaze drifting to the horizon, his lightsaber in hand. “I thought I had tossed it in a barrel in Endor. Many years ago...”

“Somebody found it,” I answer.

“Oh, really? Who might thatsomeonebe?” Luke asks, surprise in his tone.

“Maz Kanata. A smuggler,” I answer, the memory of the orange humanoid fresh in my head.

“I hope you didn’t spend much on it. It’s a piece of junk now,” Luke says, somewhat defeated.

Our gazes lock, sensing the sadness in his eyes immediately. “You may no longer see the importance of it, but that doesn’t mean your lightsaber has no value.”

“Young Rey, that lightsaber is no longer mine,” Luke confirms, handing it back to me. “It is yours — And you know it.”

Lowering my gaze, I realise Luke’s words are nothing but true. I wish with all my heart that he could come with me, not for the sake of The Resistance, but for the sake of Leia. Luke senses my sadness, trying to meet my gaze.

“I’m sorry, Luke. I’m sorry your nephew hurt you. I’m sorry the accident forced you into exile,” I mutter, my words rushed from the adrenaline of the training session. Luke stares at me momentarily before nodding in understanding.

“You have a lot of light inside you, Rey. I know you will restore peace in the galaxy,” Luke proclaims, making me crack a smile.

“Thank you, Master Luke.”

“Your training is complete, fellow Padawan,” Luke concludes, taking a few steps away from me.

“Master Luke,” I interject. Luke turns around, his eyes setting on me. “I wanted to ask you about the black hole from my Force Vision. What is it?”

Luke hesitates, pressing his lips together into a thin line before speaking. “The cave below the surface of the cliff is powerful, but very dark. The mirror can demonstrate either your past or your future. It’s dangerous.”

“Why?” I furrow my brows.

“If there is something you don’t consciously remember, it’s probably for a reason,” Luke says, seconds before walking away.

Perhaps Luke is right. Perhaps our pasts were meant to be forgotten.

{ Kylo }
location ; supremacy dreadnought

The Resistance is becoming more feeble by the second. General Hux said it’s only a matter of seconds before they jump to lightspeed. The rebels have noticed our approach and are pathetically trying to fight back. But their puny ship is no match for the Supremacy.

With my gaze set on the glass window revealing the enemy ship, I remind myself that our next moves are critical. In that instant, Snoke’s voice floods my ears.

“Send an order to attack The Resistance, my apprentice.”

Rage runs through my body, the maliciousness of Snoke’s tone sinking into my core. It’s as if his cruel nature were transmitted to me every time we had contact. The confidence from a few hours ago returns, pushing aside the thought of the Force Bond with Rey.

This is what I’ve been destined to become. Nobody can stop it.

“Attack them! Attack their ship until they jump to lightspeed!” I order, my men beginning to carry out an attack.

“Open fire!” Hux exclaims. The ship mildly trembles, green laser beams shooting through the emptiness of space. The Resistance ship begins receiving the hits, but the beams barely scratch the surface.

In that instant, the air is suddenly sucked out of my lungs. It’s as if somebody had kicked my stomach, making me recoil slightly.


“Cease fire!” I boom, making a few of my men turn around.

“S-sir?” Hux stammers, his expression confused. “C-cease fire?”

Silence lingers, the men pausing the attack. Curling my fist with rage, I want to punch myself for stopping the attack.Why am I doubting myself?

“Pursue until they jump to lightspeed. Once they are out of fuel, we will destroy them!” I exclaim, the tone of my voice intimidating. Hux stares at me blankly before nodding, probably wondering what made me change my mind.

“We must pursue them until we run out of fuel,” General Hux repeats, the men ceasing their plan of attack. I gaze at the darkness of space, contrasting with the ivory-coloured ship of The Resistance, before storming out of the room.

{ Rey }
location ; millenium falcon, ahch-to

Luke’s hopeful words symbolised the beginning of an end, meaning that my time on the island has come to an end. I board the Millenium Falcon, giving the island a last glance before closing the entrance door. Walking over to the control room, Chewbacca lets out an excited growl when he sees me.

“Hey, Chewy,” I greet the bear-like creature. I am caught by surprise when the Wookie growls excitedly before envelops me into a tight hug. I chuckle, breaking away from him. “It’s nice to see you too, buddy. Chewy speaks in Wookie, his choice of words making me giggle. “Yes, we’re leaving in an hour.”

Leaving Chewbacca in the cockpit, I begin packing the supplies and ammo we need before departing. The final step before leaving is checking the lower compartments, where Han’s belongings are, tweaking the generator that starts up the engine. Grabbing the screwdriver from its case, I jump into the underground compartment, gazing at the panel in detail.

Giving the device one final touch-up, I look up, letting out a gasp once I see Kylo Ren standing above me. Almost hitting my head on the hatch above me, I grip the edges of the compartment before pulling myself up.

“I’d rather not do this right now,” I state, wiping sweat from my forehead as I sit down on the floor. Kylo’s gaze remains on me, completely expressionless.

“Me too,” he whispers, as if somebody were hearing him. I furrow my brows, remembering what Luke said about his previous encounter with Kylo. Seeing Luke devastated made my heart clench, remembering when he said Kylo had murdered his other Jedi students.

Clenching my jaw, I wish I weren’t seeing him right now.

“You have that look... From the forest,” Kylo says, somehow sounding hurt.

“Tell me what happened between you and Skywalker,” I order, noticing the bravery of my words. Kylo licks his bottom lip, his action seeming somewhat human. Seeing the weakness in his eyes surprises me, since I had seen no remorse in them before.

“He tried to kill me. He was about to kill me, one of his most loyal students, whilst I was sleeping. I saw him do it, but I recognised something different in his eyes. There was darkness. Hate,” Kylo says.

A single tear rolls down my cheek, a void of disappointment consuming me. The man who I idolised my entire life had tried to murder his nephew.

“But he didn’t tell you that, didn’t he?” Kylo adds, noticing my shock. I meet his gaze, realising the brokenness of his expression, as if he were remensicing.

Suddenly, I sense his betrayal. I sense his fear, his guilt. It’s as if Kylo’s feelings from that night at the Jedi temple had been transferred to me.

I gasp, watching Kylo’s figure disappear once again. The only way of knowing the truth is by confronting Luke — And I don’t have much time left.

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