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The Renegade Revolution

By Phil Robinson

Drama / Fantasy

Chapter 1

The Renegade Revolution

Part 1: Renegades Unite!

'Right guys, Phil is coming in half an hour, so everyone make sure that everything is nice and tidy, and make sure that you look exactly as it said in the letter!' Hannah ordered, being as boisterous as usual.

It had been 6 months since the Deadly Game, and a lot had changed. Hannah was leading the Renegades brilliantly, and I had taken up the role of head of the Hypnosis Council. I was due to make my first visit to the Renegades since I had become head of the council, and Hannah was very eager to see me (even though we had not seen each other in nearly 3 months, we were still in a relationship. But, I had a surprise for her when I got there (And believe me- it was one hell of a suprise).

All the people who were in the Renegades when the Deadly Game was done were still members (apart from Jade, who I had been told was kicked out for showing remorse about joining), and Scout had joined Allyx as co-vice president. Two new members had joined though: Jamie was a girl who I had met briefly at a party once, and whom Scout had brainwashed at a party after I suggested she do it, and Tee, who had been persuaded to join by Emma and Hannah, who was not afraid to get involved if the situation required it.

I arrived at the base, which had recently been upgraded to have a security system in the door, and I asked to come in. Then, a mechanised voice asked me to put my finger on the sensor (so that it could read my fingerprint and confirm who I was). I did so, and the system recognised me. The door opened, and I walked in.

Straight away, I was met by Tee and Emma, and they let Hannah know that I had arrived, and that I had several bags. They then showed me where the main lobby was, and I went in. Straight away, I was greeted by Hannah hugging me. About 10 minutes later, after I had settled in, Hannah asked me the question that I had been expecting since I walked in.

'So, what's in the bags?' Hannah inquired. I replied by saying 'Presents for all of you.' Hannah looked confused, but then just asked me to show her what the presents were. I then opened the bags, and took out several odd looking contraptions. 'Are these what I think they are?' Hannah asked, looking shocked.

'Well, if you think they are automated drinks machines, I really need to work on the mind-restoring stuff. If on the other hand, you think they are duel disks, you're completely right. While Hannah was getting me a drink (I decided to treat myself and have a glass of vodka), I explained that I had spent the last 3 months travelling around the world, and had picked the duel disks concept up to make my own, and then engineered them using my dark power, as well as the materials needed to make the actual machine. The machines were infused with the darkness, and because of that, kept the user full of darkness.

A few minutes later, I decide to take Jamie, Tee, and Allyx hunting for new recruits. After being out for 10 minutes without success, we came across an argument, and then I realised that I recognised one of the girls- Maddy Smith (she was a wolfblood who I had met on my travels, and struck up a friendship with). I went over to her and asked her what was wrong.

She then started crying. 'It's Shan- she's being an arse again. She's going on about how I'm not loyal enough ot my mates, and she's flown off the handle because I floated the idea of moving to Manchester to escape Mam and Dad being narky at me during my exams, and of course, Shan always thinks she's right.'

'You've always got us.' 'Did you get your club set-up?' 'Yeah.' 'I want to join- whatever I have to do, I have to join. I have to live up to my promise to you.' 'Remember me- remember the fun we've had together. Remember everyone else, remember all the pain they've put you through. Accept my word, accept my control, become my slave.'

After about 20-25 minutes, she lifted her head up, but there was no emotion in her eyes. Then, she spoke to me in a heavier version of her own voice, saying 'I accept, Please let me join you.' Maddy's eyes changed colour, to yellow, which signified that her wolfblood half was taking over. Then, I looked at her deep in her eyes, and then stroked the top of her head a few times, and then picked out a card from my duel disk, called 'Rank up Magic: Icaron Force', which I showed to her. Then, her eyes went from yellow to a deep red, before going back to the normal colour, except a lot darker. I then gave her a Black jacket (part of the Renegades' uniform), and she then put it on, and said the words 'All for the Darkness, All for the Renegades' before collapsing into my arms. I then took a step back, and said to my hunting party '…And that is how you brainwash someone.' I told them

I then bent down to Maddy's motionless body, and held out the 'Rank up Magic' card, before angling the card towards her head. Then, a dark red light appeared in front of the card, before disappearing into Maddy. Then a couple of minutes later, it reappeared, having drained all of her spirit, soul, and mind energy. I then picked her up, and we headed back to the base.

When we got back to the base, Tee explained what happened. I was then informed by Hannah that Tee was being fully brainwashed today, and I decided to put Maddy in there as well. Maddy then woke up, with no memory. I quickly explained to her that I had rescued her after a load of people had attacked her for no reason, and then I had persuaded her to join our cause, before hypnotising her again, and got her a uniform consisting of: a leather jacket with red stripes on the shoulders, leather trousers and some leather shoes. I then put her and Tee in the machine. I then switched the machine on, and let it do all of the work for me.

About 20 minutes after the machine started, they (Maddy and Tee) came out of the machine, completely brainwashed. After they came out, it was clear that they, like the rest of the renegades, had only darkness in their hearts.

Meanwhile, the rebels had spent the last six months creating uniforms of their own that could protect them from being brainwashed by us. 'So you really think that this will work Thom?' Grace asked (Grace and her mate Charlotte had been at all the previous meetings of the rebels due to a lot of bad blood between me and them.) Yes, this should work perfectly Thom stated, sounding rather smug with himself. 'Good, we need to take that fat, smug freak down a peg or two.' Charlotte shouted, sounding absolutely incensed. 'Calm down Charlotte, anger won't get us anywhere. Besides, he doesn't stand a chance with our new equipment that has been created in the lab.'

Back at base, Maddy and Tee had just woken up after the brainwashing process, and were getting used to being fully evil. 'So Girls, how do you like being evil eh?' Hannah inquired, her voice booming from upstairs. 'It feels epic to be one of you' Tee said, seeming very pleased. Meanwhile, Maddy went up to Hannah and asked for a meeting with her, one-on-one. Hannah said yes, and they went into her office.

20 minutes later, they came out, and Hannah asked me and Scout to come in to the office, which we did. Hannah then sat us down and let her hair down before starting talking. 'Now Phil, I need to ask you a question. Can Scout and yourself look after Maddy for a while, just until she is settled in as a member of the Renegades?

I looked at Scout, who nodded at me, before replying to Hannah. 'Hannah, I think that the answer is yes. After all, Scout is experienced in this club now'. Hannah thanked me and Scout, who was letting her hair down. We then went out of the office so I could explain how the duel disks worked.

'Now listen up everyone, I need to explain how these duel disks work. First you put the duel disks on your right arm.' When I said that, everyone did it (it was a step by step demo). 'Then, you put the cards, also known as the duelling deck, in the gap at the side of the duel disk.' I then handed out the decks, ready-made for them. 'Now to start a duel, you draw 5 cards from the top of your deck, and this is known as your hand. Now at the start of every turn, you can draw a card from your deck and put it in your hand.'

'The cards that have a sort of orange background are monster cards. If they have a yellow background, then that means that they are monsters without any effect. The cards with a green background are spell cards and can be played from your hand. The cards with a pink background are trap cards. Trap cards cannot be activated from your hand. They can only be activated starting the turn after you place them face down on the field. Now all of these monster cards have power levels, signified by the amount of stars they have on the card. Under normal circumstances, you can only normal summon one monster per turn, and it must be level 4 or under.'

'To summon monsters with 5 or 6 stars, you must sacrifice or tribute another monster from your field first. For a monster with 7 stars or more, you must sacrifice two monsters from your field first, but the sacrifices always depend on the effect of different monsters, spells and traps. You and your opponent both start with 4000 life points, and there is 4 ways to win:

1. Reduce your opponent's life points to zero

2. They forfeit by putting their hand on top of their deck

3. Gather all 5 pieces of Exodia the forbidden one on the field or in your hand at the same time

4. Deck-Out – Make your opponent's deck run out of cards so that they cannot draw on their next turn (this can only occur at the start of their turn)

Now you will all see that in your decks, you all have a card called "Rank up Magic- Icaron's Force." This card is extremely powerful, and if you win a duel, you can use it to brainwash your opponent. But, it is useful in a duel as well, which I will explain shortly.'

'Excuse me Phil' Hannah said, speaking up so that everyone could hear her. 'Yeah, I replied.' 'Where exactly did you get all of these from- you never had this many cards before.' 'Well, I started off with some random cards I picked up through my duelling career. Then, I was in Rhyl, which is in North Wales, when I met up with Donna. She took me back to her lab in Gorton, and she showed me a way of creating cards using the dark arts.'

'She has a lab?' 'Yeah. I paid for it, granted, but she's agreed to an exclusivity contract with us- she'll only make cards for us. Anyway, as I was saying, there are 4 other methods of summoning a monster:

Fusion summoning- you use polymerisation or fusion gate to fuse together 2 or more monsters to summon out a fusion monster. However, you need to use the specific monsters or specific type of monster listed as 'Fusion material monsters' on the card of the fusion monster.

Synchro summoning- you use 2 or more monsters to summon out a Synchro monster. However, at least one of the monsters MUST be a 'tuner' monster, their levels must add up to the level of the Synchro monster, and other restrictions may apply, depending on what the card lists as the Synchro requirements.

Xyz summoning- you use 2 or more monsters to summon out a Xyz monster, and these monsters become the 'overlay units' of the Xyz monster. However, you must use monsters of the same level, and whose level equals the 'Rank' (Xyz equivalent of a level) of the Xyz monster, and the amount of monsters varies. The Xyz monster's ability(es) use up one overlay unit usually, and they can't use them with no overlay units. You can use 'Rank up magic- Icaron's force' to get rid of your Xyz monster, to summon out a Chaos Xyz/Cxyz monster of one rank higher than the Xyz monster you 'ranked up', and it has however many overlay units the ranked up monster had, plus one. Fusion, Synchro, Xyz and Cxyz monsters are kept in a side deck called the 'Extra Deck'.

Finally, there is Ritual monsters. Ritual monsters can only be summoned by using a Ritual spell, having the ritual monster in your hand and tributing monsters from your hand and/or field whose levels equal the specified number on the ritual spell e.g. 4 or more.

'Wow, that's great master' Scout told me. Everyone seemed really excited about it, and that was satisfying. I then started to leave, when Maddy stopped me and told me that she needed to talk to me outside, which I had no problem with.'

'Phil, you know that you saw me arguing with Shannon? Maddy asked.' 'Yeah', I replied. 'Well, I want to make sure that Rhydian (her best mate) knows that i am the side of evil and he has to pick a side.' 'Ok then, I can sort that out easily', I told her. 'Listen Maddy, you are now a primal wolfblood, and one of your new abilities is that you can use your power of seeing the world around you from a new view and sensing nature to teleport to somewhere you find'. 'So what you're basically saying is that I can use Eolas to teleport to where Rhydian is and talk to him?' 'Yeah, basically. Just make sure not to get too near any pylons, immunity to pylons while using Eolas won't develop until you have been primal for a month, because after a month, you will be fully primal.' 'Ok, I understand. Can we go now?' I was pleased with her get up and go, and I made a life-changing decision then- I wanted her in my family. 'Yeah, but I will keep an eye on you, and step in if I feel the need to.'

Maddy then knelt down on the ground, put her left hand on the ground, and looked up, concentrating. Then, she managed to access her Eolas, and located Rhydian, who with his friend Jana, was looking for Maddy. Then, her eyes glowed a deep red for a moment, and we teleported, in a flash of red light. Then, in another flash of red light, she reappeared near the area where Rhydian and Jana were, and I was with her. I then gave Maddy 2 tickets, called "Renegade warp pads", before running off, and hiding behind some trees.

Shortly afterwards, Rhydian and Jana saw Maddy and went over to speak to her. 'Maddy, where the hell have you been the past couple of days? … And what the hell are you wearing?' Rhydian asked, looking very annoyed. 'I've just been discovering some new powers that we all have the opportunity to use, as wolfbloods, and what I'm wearing is strict protocol.' Maddy said in reply to him.

'Rhydian, be careful with Maddy, She seems different' Jana said in her soft voice. 'Yeah, I can clearly see that Jana, for starters she's wearing something that makes her look like an absolute idiot and, well that just ain't her to be honest with you.' 'No, seriously Rhydian, I don't have a good feeling about this. Just focus on her for a moment and you can tell that something isn't right here. Rhydian then suddenly turned to face Jana, and asked what she meant. 'I don't know, but she just doesn't seem like she is her normal self.' Jana explained. Rhydian then turned back and demanded that Maddy reveal what she was up to. Maddy's eyes then turned yellow, before turning a deep red colour.

'Maddy, what is up with you?' Rhydian desperately asked. Maddy replied by saying 'Dear Rhydian, you should just trust me, because I let the darkness overcome me, and I became a primal wolfblood. Come to me when you have decided to join me you two', she said and handed over the Renegade warp pads, before using Primal Eolas to disappear again.

Rhydian then looked at Jana, who looked back at him. 'So Rhydian, do you believe me now?' Jana asked. 'Ok Jana, I get it, you were right, but what we need to focus on is why Maddy was wearing something that made her look like a psycho.' Jana glared at him for a moment, looking less than impressed.

'Rhydian, we need to focus on why she is acting the way she is, not on her new outfit. I am being serious here- she helped me settle in and feel welcome here in Stonybridge, and I haven't managed to repay her for that yet, so this is my opportunity to prove to myself that we can be independent when we need to be.' Jana explained, while she was pacing around restlessly, her long, red hair flapping around in the wind of a cold winter's day.

Rhydian looked at her, and nodded his head, before walking away from Jana, only to stop a few hundred metres down the road to speak to Jana. 'Hey Jana, you were right that we need to repay Maddy for what she has helped us with.' Rhydian then turns to look at the sky, and talks to himself about the proverbial rollercoaster ride that it had been for him and Maddy since they met each other all that time ago (not that I particularly care what he's thinking).

He then swiftly turned again to face Jana, and said to her 'I'll see you later Jana- Right here at 10:00pm, understood?'

.The reply came, short and sharp. 'Understood Rhydian, 10:00pm right here. Bye Rhydian.' Jana shouted, and Rhydian just waved to her.

Meanwhile, me and Maddy were watching this from just outside of our base, using Primal Eolas, which was actually more powerful than I thought.

'Do you think they will end up joining?' I asked Maddy. She looked at me, and said 'Absolutely guarantee it. All for the Renegades, All for the Dynasty!' 'All for the Dynasty indeed Maddy, more than you would ever know.'

Will Rhydian and Jana join the renegades? Will they choose to reject the opportunity? And will Maddy's new found dress sense last? Stay tuned for all that and much much more in The Renegade Revolution Part 2- The Truth of Eyes and Decks

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