The Renegade Chronicles: The Renegade Revolution


The Renegade Revolution follows the revolutionary Renegades as they encounter new foes and face new threats as they encounter a new world:the world of Wolfbloods and duelling decks. Viva la revolution

Fantasy / Drama
Phil Robinson
Age Rating:

Renegades Unite!

The Renegade Revolution

Part 1: Renegades Unite!

Point of View- Phil

Hannah: ‘Right guys, Phil is coming in half an hour, so everyone make sure that everything is nice and tidy, and make sure that you look exactly as it said in the letter!’

It had been 6 months since the Deadly Game, and a lot had changed. Hannah was leading the Renegades brilliantly, and I had spent the past 3 months on a tour of… well everywhere really. I hadn’t seen Hannah since, apart from fortnightly video calls.

Since I’d left originally 6 months ago, quite a lot had changed. Hannah had appointed Scout (now going under her real name of Jodi) as her vice-president, and the venue for the Deadly Game was now offices, with the new base being in an abandoned mill near the village of Stonybridge in Northumbria. We’d even decided to revive our professional duelling careers, which was my big announcement I mentioned in the letter. And yes, me and Hannah were still together.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a new girl, who looked to be about 12, hair tight up in a ponytail.

Tee: ‘Excuse me, are you Phil?’

Phil: ‘Yeah- that’s me. Could you let my girlfriend know that’ Hannah then ran up and squashed me before I finished my sentence.

Hannah: ‘You don’t know how handsome you are in the flesh. I’ve missed you.’

Phil: ‘You do not know how difficult being away’s been. But’

Hannah: ‘I know, it was business. You find out where Worlds was this year?’

Phil: ‘Yeah- M.E.N arena.’

Hannah: ‘Nice- means we get to go home. Tee, this is Phil, Phil, this is Tee- she’s been with us exactly a month today.’

Phil: ‘Nice to meet you Tee. If you don’t mind, you look about 12.’

Tee: ‘Close- I’m 13. Turn 14 in a couple of months.’

Hannah: ‘Tee, could you take his bags please? Just drag them to the Great Hall’s entrance, and ask Niall to help.’

Tee: ‘Yes mistress.’

Phil: ‘So she’s joined?’

Hannah: ‘Of course.’

Phil: ‘Like the new base.’

Hannah: ‘Thanks- I did most of the fixtures and fittings.’

Phil: ‘You get my memo included with the letter?’

Hannah: ‘What- the one written backwards so only I’d know what it said? Yeah- I did. What’s brought this on?’

Phil: ‘I want us to be a proper couple. The hyponsis stuff was fun, but why don’t we just settle down?’

Hannah: ‘I’ve been thinking that for a while myself. I’d love us to get a place of our own, but before you get ideas, we’re doing it like a proper couple. With money. And we can’t afford it yet. So we’ve got the biggest bedroom here- up the stairs, first room on the left.’

Phil: ‘That Tee- strange name.’ Hannah then logged onto the new membership system.

Hannah: ‘According to this, her full name is Teresa Taylor. From a carehome in Ledbury. Jodi claimed to be fostering her.’

Phil: ‘They believed her?’

Hannah: ‘Yep- she used the I.D. of a friend of her mum’s. According to that, she’s 26, married, and living in a 2 bed flat in Gretna Green. This introducing duelling idea- why?’

Phil: ‘Imagine how good it would be having not just us two, but lots of duellists under the Renegades banner. A whole army of the new generation.’

Hannah: ‘Is this why you’ve left me to it the past 6 months?’

Phil: ‘The main reason.’ Just then, I received a phone call. ‘Hello? Are you positive? 100% Ok, thanks- I’ll see you soon. Bye.’

Hannah: ‘Who was that?’

Phil: ‘Mel. You remember what I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago- about that race?’

Hannah: ‘If it’s wolfbloods, I do- I noted it all down.’

Phil: ‘You remember that particular one?’

Hannah: ‘Maddy wasn’t it?’

Phil: ‘Yeah. Well’

Hannah: ‘Yes you can recruit her.’

Phil: ‘I wasn’t just thinking of that.’

Hannah: ‘Go on.’

Phil: ‘You know your...’

Hannah: ‘Infertility? You can say the word without me bursting into tears y’know. Hang on… are you suggesting’

Phil: ‘Adoption.’

Hannah: ‘She has parents.’

Phil: ‘We’ll talk about it, ok?’

Hannah: ‘I trust you. Don’t screw this all up though.’ Just as I was about to leave, Jodi came over.

Jodi: ‘Master- it’s been a long time.’

Phil: ‘Just call me by my real name Jodi. It has been a while. I’m off out on a job, so you fancy a trip out?’

Jodi: ‘Sure, if that’s ok with Hannah.’

Hannah: ‘Just be back for tea.’

Phil: ‘Sure thing.’ Me and Jodi then left.

Jodi: ‘So where have you been?’

Phil: ‘Scouting. You ever seen professional card duelling?’

Jodi: ‘No.’

Phil: ‘Me and Hannah, we’re champions at it- Hannah’s a twice world champion.’

Jodi: ‘You ever world champion?’

Phil: ‘Only thing that’s eluded me really. Beaten finallist in 2008 against Hannah. Never been past the last 8 since. Anyway- we’re hoping to get more members of the club into it to create our very own army in the WDC, which is where we’ve been our whole careers.’

Jodi: ‘I’m in if you want.’

Phil: ‘If you’re a quick learner- Worlds is in a few weeks.’

Jodi: ‘Sure. So what are you doing today?’

Phil: ‘I met a girl a few years ago, a young girl. Called Maddy Smith. She’s part of a rare race called Wolfbloods.’

Jodi: ‘Werewolves?’

Phil: ‘Werewolves don’t exist, Wolfbloods do. They can transform at will, but rarely do- they are to all intents and purposes human. I mentioned to her my plan to build this army, she agreed for someday. After much searching, she’s finally been tracked down.’ Just then, I got another call. ‘Hello? Bloody hell- she’s quick. Sounds like quite the catch. Approach her, tell her you’re a representative of mine, show her your ID card, ask her to wait for me. Thanks- bye.’

Jodi: ‘What’s going on?’

Phil: ‘She’s leaving the area she was and going into the backstreets where she lives. Time to really motor.’

Jodi: ‘Nice car- not been in one in a while. Don’t tend to see much outside of my little world in the base now.’

Phil: ‘Trust me- that’ll change. This Impreza has 299 brake horsepower. And I intend on using most of them.’

Jodi: ‘Top speed?’

Phil: ‘In this comfort mode, 119mph. In sport, 127mph. In death-wish lunatic mode, probably about 150. Sport it is.’

A few minutes later, we were cruising the area when Jodi piped up.

Jodi: ‘I see Mel. I thought there was one person you wanted.’

Phil: ‘It is one that I want.’

Jodi: ‘She isn’t alone. A ginger with glasses and a black kid are with her.’ We then got out.

Tom: ‘And who are you two?’

Phil: ‘Phil Robinson and Jodi Allen. Hi Maddy.’ She just smiled.

Shannon: ‘I don’t know who you are, but you’re not taking Maddy- we’re going out to a local cafe today.’

Phil: ‘Strictly speaking, I neverasked for your permission.’

Shannon: ‘One more word and I call the police on you.’

Mel: ‘I tried explaining.’

Tom: ‘You lot, just’

Maddy: ‘It’s alright Tom, I can look after myself.’ She then walked up to me, and smiled. ‘You’re about 5 years late.’

Phil: ‘Yeah- delays. Plus, it was quite difficult to find you, what with you being hidden in a tiny village.’

Maddy: ‘You built it then.’

Phil: ‘In the process still.’ Shannon then grabbed Maddy, but she shook her off.

Shannon: ‘Maddy, we are going.’

Maddy: ‘Shan, I’m not going anywhere. So then Phil, how about you take me to this base if you have one.’

Tom: ‘What’s going on Maddy?’ I then whispered to Maddy.

Phil: ‘Maddy, let go of everything oyu know, nature guides you to me.’ This put her in a sort of catatonic state.

Tom: ‘Maddy, what’s going on?’

Shannon: ‘Maddy, listen to us.’

Phil: ‘Maddy, your decision awaits you.’ Jodi then opened the car door, and Maddy got straight in, not listening to the desperate pleas of her friends. ‘Adios kids.’ We then left for the base.

Jodi: ‘So what did you say to her?’

Phil: ‘It’s something I learned while researching wolfbloods. Apparently reminding them of nature puts them in a different kind of state. I figured it was worth a go, bearing in mind I had a plan b.’

Jodi: ‘Which was?’

Phil: ‘New duelling card my friend Donna helped develop. Called Rank-up Magic Icaron’s Force. Would have put her in a trance.’ Just then, Maddy came back to her senses.

Maddy: ‘What happened there?’

Phil: ‘Sorry, I had to make sure you came so I could speak to you 1-1. I want you to join us. Officially.’

Maddy: ‘Yeah. I’d love to. So you’re Jodi?’

Jodi: ‘Yeah- Jodi with no e. I’m the vice-president.’

Maddy: ‘What’s your role Phil?’

Phil: ‘Largely ceremonial. I’m life president, which basically means that I genrally work away from base. When you’re back at base, we’ll introduce you to Hannah’

Maddy: ‘Are you two an item?’

Phil: ‘Long-term relationship.’

Maddy: ‘About time.’

Phil: ‘I know. We’ll introduce you to each other officially, and then get you booked in and sorted out with a uniform. How familiar are you with pro duelling?’

Maddy: ‘Not seen it in a while, but I know how to duel. I’ve got about half a deck built.’

Phil: ‘On you?’

Maddy: ‘Yeah- I was planning on looking around for cards after school.’

Phil: ‘We’ll sort you out.’ We then arrived back at base, greeted by Niall.

Niall: ‘Big Phil- how’s it hanging?’

Phil: ‘Yeah, good. Is Hannah in?’

Niall: ‘Yeah- she’s in the office pouring over Tee’s papers. Who’s the kid?’

Phil: ‘I’ll explain later.’

Niall: ‘Ok no prob.’ We then fist-bumped, and I walked into the base.

Phil: ‘Jodi, thanks for your help there.’

Jodi: ‘My pleasure. How may I help you next?’

Phil: ‘Could you just give us two a few minutes with Hannah alone?’

Jodi: ‘Of course- if that’s what you want.’ Jodi then left as we went into the office.

Hannah: ‘So this is the famous Maddy Smith?’

Phil: ‘Yep. Absolute nightmare to find.’

Hannah: ‘I did tell you to learnthe area.’

Phil: ‘I know, but the call was kind of sudden.’

Hannah: ‘Anyway- do you want to join us Maddy?’

Maddy: ‘I’d love to.’ Hannah then produced some paperwork.

Hannah: ‘I know it’s basically a formality, but I need you to sign these papers just to confirm you’re joining.’

Maddy: ‘I’m glad I’m not going back.’

Hannah: ‘Where?’

Maddy: ‘Home. I’m fed-up of it- I’m never allowed to be me.’ She then grabbed a pen, and signed all the paperwork.

Hannah: ‘Thanks Maddy, you’re now a Renegade. Here’s your badge, we’ll have your uniform within 48 hours. On a personal note though, me and Phil have been talking- you said you’re fed-up of home.’

Maddy: ‘Yeah.’

Phil: ‘How do you fancy becoming our daughter?’

Maddy: ‘For real?’

Phil: ‘Yeah. How old are you now anyway?’

Maddy: ‘Turn 18 in about 4 months.’

Phil: ‘Great. You fancy that then?’

Maddy: ‘Yeah. Thank you.’

Phil: ‘No problem. Just for security purposes though, I’m about to put you into a hypnotic trance.’

Maddy: ‘Whatever you want to do. I’ll be your slave if you want me to.’ I then got a gold coin out.

Phil: ‘Maddy, watch the pretty coin of gold, and you will do as you are told. You will obey only us. Keep watching the coin now. When I click my fingers, you will be in a deep hypnotic trance, as your brain becomes readily controlled by your new rulers. You shall awaken in the morning, little to no memory of the good parts of your past life, only remembering why you left it.’ I then clicked my fingers, and Maddy fell into her trance.

Hannah: ‘Good job. Maddy, listen to my voice, let it shatter the darkness you surround yourself in. You are lively and outgoing, and very confident. You will make an excellent daughter to myself and Phil. We are your mother and father, and you embrace that. Your old parents, they mean nothing to you any longer. You only need us now. The Renegades are your family, and we all protect each other wherever possible. Let my word follow you forever, let it be the truth you desired.’

‘Thanks Phil. You really did do a good job there. I’m going to ignore the fact that you never really asked me for permission.’

Phil: ‘Let’s gloss over that. How about we teach about duelling?’

Hannah: ‘Can Maddy duel?’

Phil: ‘Yeah- she has half a deck already.’

Hannah: ‘Great. You’re certain about our plan?’

Phil: ‘If I wasn’t certain about it, I wouldn’t have said anything.’ We then went into the main hall, where we were greeted by every member of the club (excluding Mel and Vanessa) waiting for the meeting. Hannah then walked to the front of the room.

Hannah: ‘Everyone, I have a big announcement. Phil, who’s idea this club is, is going to teach all of you about professional card duelling. The reason for this is to open up new avenues to grow the club.’

I then started talking them through how to duel.

Phil: ‘Right, you all need duel disks, which Hannah will hand out now very kindly, along with demo decks. They only contain 5 cards, whereas most normal decks contain around 40 cards, give or take. Now professional card duelling is turn based. One duellist has a turn, then the other does. Your original hand contains 5 cards. During your Draw phase, you draw another card. There is 3 types of cards- Monster, Spells, and Traps.’

‘Monsters do battle. They can be placed face-up in Attack position or face-down in Defence position. There is your Normal summon, useable once per turn, Certain card effects can allow you to Special summon a monster. Special summoned monsters can be placed face-up in Defence position as well as Attack poisiton, but the booklets handed out to you will help you understand that.’

‘Spell cards are special cards that can turn the tide of battle in your favour, or give you other benefits such as more Life points or hinder your opponent. Used up cards such as monsters destroyed and non-Continous Spells used end up in the graveyard.’

‘Trap cards must be set under normal conditions before usage. These, like Spells, can give you benefits of usage. There is different groups of Spells and Traps. Quick-Play Spells can be activated from the hand during either turn or when face-down under the right conditions. Normal Spells cannot be activated at any time, rather they activate from your hand during your turn only.’

‘There is different types of monsters as well. Normal monsters have no effects, whereas Effect monsters do have effects, sometimes positives, sometimes neagtive. Then you get Fusion monsters, which normally have to be summoned using a fusion card, such as Polmerisation, with two or more specific monsters. Synchro monsters need a Tuner and 1 or more non-tuners whose Levels equal that of the Synchro monster, and Xyz monsters need two or more monsters of the same level, and sometimes type or attribute as well. Any questions? Lydia.’

Lydia: ‘What do we do if we didn’t catch everything you said?’

Phil: ‘We do go through the rules in that booklet as well.’ There wasn’t any more questions. ‘Thanks for your time, and hope you continue your good work.’ That night, me and Hannah got chance to really talk.

Hannah: ‘Thanks for coming back.’

Phil: ‘I’m glad to be back.’

Hannah: ‘Good to have you back. And with our daughter and our army, Worlds is ours for the taking.’

Phil: ‘You’re competing?’

Hannah: ‘Only if you are.’

Phil: ‘Wouldn’t miss it for the world.’

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