Taking One Tooth At A Time


After college, Serena Mills begins a new job. She hears a familiar name. Will they continue where they left off OR will something unexpected happen? There is no scouts or evil beings in this.

Romance / Mystery
Misty Cantrell
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Hello everyone! This story came to mind and I thought to give it a shot. In this story, I wanted Serena to have a different last name. There is no scouts, or evil beings in this. This is just an original story, which means anyone can read it that hasn’t, or doesn’t know of Sailor Moon. Here’s Taking One Tooth At A Time.

Warning: Sexual Content.

Rated: M

Fandom show: Sailor Moon

Original date published and website: 5/16/2014 -fanfiction(dot)net

Note: Also, if there is any corrections you want to share, please send me a message. That a way I can fix them for the future readers-Thank you!

Disclaimer: I Do NOT Own Sailor Moon!

Complete Summary: Serena Mills had just graduated from college. She actually did it! Now, her dreams of becoming a Dental hygienist was happening. Serena had everything, but one thing. Someone to fall in love with, which was another dream of hers.

One day, Serena stumbles at the name that was just called out; Darien Shields. Once the know name “Jerk” who gave her hell in high school.

‘This should be interesting!’ Serena thought.

Will they continue where they left off OR will something unexpected happen?

Taking On One Tooth At A Time.

*** Chapter 1 ***

All the studying and headaches paid off, Serena thought as she went to retrieved her degree. She shook the dean’s hand and he replied. “Congrats, Miss Mills!”

“Thank you!” Serena rejoined, and smiled. Her mom was taking pictures of Serena’s glorious day.

Back at the Mills household, Serena changed out from her cap and gown to something comfortable; a pair of baggie shorts and a t-shirt.

“Mom?” Serena asked.

“In here, Dear.” Mrs Mills replied back.

Mrs. Mills was in the living room. She had just put a picture in an 8×10 frame. The picture consist of the three members smiling and Serena holding her diploma in front of her body. They had stopped by and printed some pictures to take home.

“You ready Serena?” Mrs. Mills inquired, as she placed the picture on the coffee table.

“Sure, am!” Serena responded.

The women was going to check out an apartment complex that was near Dental Wishes. A new dentist place that had been built. Serena had applied weeks before graduating and in a week she got the job. However, she called and expressed to them she could start after she graduated. Drake Nebb the Dentist, said that he understood and told her to start work that following Monday.

The apartment was small, but cozy. It was a one bedroom, one bathroom, kitchen, small living and dining room that connected to one big room. Serena noticed the decorative walls and the pictures had angel’s in them. The landlord had just told them that the previous owner didn’t want anything that was left. So, if Serena was interested in the place the stuff left was hers. The landlord, Heggy showed them the rest of the rooms. Serena like it, she signed the papers and Heggy handed her the key and told her the rent was due the 2nd week of the month. Serena nodded that she understood.

Mrs. Mills and her daughter had made it back home. They made a visit at a local grocery store to get some empty boxes, for Serena to pack her things in.

“We’re back!” Mrs. Mills called out, as she located her husband. Then, the women began to smell the hamburger meat from the grill. “I know where he is at, now!” Mrs. Mills added.

“Hi, Dear!” Mrs Mills said.

“Hi, Dad! Smells good!” Serena commented.

Mr. Mills chuckled and said.“Hey, Hun! Hey, Serena!” He wipe the sweat off his brow and cleaned his black frame glasses, while the meat was grilling.

“Since supper isn’t ready mom and dad. I’ll go ahead and pack some of my items.” Serena said, and turned to go back inside.

“Don’t be too long, Serena!” Serena’s mom instructed.

“I won’t, mom!” Serena yelled out to the outside.

Serena started packing the things she would need. In a few days, she come back for the rest. Anyhow, she leave some items, like some clothes and so forth. Just in case deals. Serena had made a dent into her packing when her stomach got the best of her. She would have to complete gathering her articles after she ate supper. Serena traveled down the stairs and outside.

The Mills ate out on the picnic table. It was such a pretty day for it. They began to eat, and Mrs. Mills tried to break the silence by joking with.

“Hey Serena, that boy at the grocery store was pretty cute, huh?”

“WHAT BOY?” Mr. Mills voice thundered.

“Relax Dad! He helped me carry the empty boxes to my car. Besides, he’s too young for me anyways!”

“It was a joke, Dear. And-well it didn’t go as I planned.” Mrs. Mills replied and sighed.

“Oh! You know the rules young lady!” Mr. Mills mentioned, as he pointed a fork at Serena’s way.

“Yes, Dad. But- I’m moving out tomorrow!”

“Don’t remind me!” Mr. Mills said, sadly.

“Aw, Dad! I still come and visit, silly!” Serena acknowledged.

“You better!” Mr. Mills responded and added. “I would like to have a dentist to make house calls.”

“Dad, I’m not a dentist! A dentist hygienists. Is what-I’m-Never-mind!” Serena corrected him and they all laughed.

Evening had gone and now night had appeared.

‘Sleep!’ Serena thought.

It had been a long exhausted day-weekend. She got ready for bed, covered up and went to sleep, finally! Her mother and father had also did the same.

Suddenly, Darien woke up from his slumber to realized he was in pain. Dumb tooth! He had to go and eat that piece of hard candy.

‘Ugh! I can’t wait, til morning. So, I can do something for this tooth! I’m hoping it’s just bruised. Knowing my luck it’s probably worst!’ He thought.

Darien got up, since he wasn’t going to sleep anytime soon. He went to the counter and took some pain medicine to help his tooth. All of the sudden, Darien’s stomach grumbled and he grabbed a snack. He went into the living room and stretched out on the couch and begin to read,“The Planet We Know”. It was interesting. Darien didn’t think it would be, but a friend had suggested it to him. So, he thought why not? It wasn’t long, that he too had fallen asleep.

I apologize for the first chapter being short. More to come...

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