New Heroes, New Legends: A Sequel of Bionicle G2


Long ago, timeless heroes saved Okoto from darkness. Now, the island's leaders call on them again. However, these heroes are a little... different... Inspired by the short-lived reboot of LEGO's Bionicle toyline (2015-2016). "Five hundred years ago, six timeless heroes-the Toa- saved the island of Okoto from a great darkness, at the cost of themselves as they returned to the ethereal plane, waiting for the day to called upon once more. However, in the centuries of peace, the six elemental tribes of Okoto-Fire, Water, Earth, Stone, Jungle, and Ice-have grown distant. Now, something pushes Okoto's islanders towards civil war. In one last attempt, the Protectors of the six tribes summon the Toa once more to aid them and bring about to their people. However, these Toa are a little... different."

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Disclaimer, Author's Note, and Special Thanks


Bionicle is property of the LEGO Company. The story, setting, and especially characters are their property and/or based on the franchise. Any recognizable characters, images, and ideas do not belong to me, and anything of mine are based on/inspired by the aforementioned.

Author’s Notes:

Just a tiny idea I had a little after Bionicle’s reboot (aka Bionicle G2) came to the end of its short-lived run back in 2016. Seeing how the world of Bionicle G2 established that its six elemental heroes, the Toa, were just stars and given how stars there are in the sky, I managed to write some of this story down after 2 years. I hope you enjoy!

Special Thanks to:

Emperor K. Rool and Toa Coy 2.0 for looking over the chapters I’ve written and giving their thoughts (the former for looking at the prologue and chapter 1, and the latter for looking over the prologue first 6 chapters). I really do appreciate it.


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