College Life

Food and Friends

Previously: I had a large box and a bag. I let Alice carry the smaller box because she insisted on doing something. We walked back up to the dorm and when we got to our hall and stepped out of the elevator the first thing I noticed was a beautiful bronze haired boy in a lip lock with blond haired girl. I felt nauseated and when I looked to Alice to ask her only response was, "That's Edward, my brother."

I kept walking past the couple. I hadn't even met Edward yet and I did not see myself getting along with him too well. I wasn't one for players. They didn't notice us pass by, they just continued their "business". When I looked at Alice I noticed she was wearing a similar expression as me, one of disgust. Couldn't they at least get a room? I wanted to ask them to do so but I wouldn't be seeing much of them in a moment so I just ignored it and went along my way back to my new dorm.

I began unpacking in silence, mulling over what I had just seen and what Alice had said. I liked to keep my hands busy when I thought, it just helped. I didn't know anything about this boy, for all I know he could be the sweetest guy on the planet, but I couldn't help but judge him a little. The girl he was all over was wearing one of the skimpiest outfits I've seen, now that I had time to think about it. It showed way too much. Alice dropped my stuff off beside my bed and opened the box that contained my bed sheets and comforter. She started to make my bed.

"Alice, I can get that." She was already shaking her head. "You don't have to."

"I'm hungry and want you to meet my friends," when she saw that wouldn't work she added. "I'm bored and you're slow." I giggled at her accusations and let her do what she wanted.

I was done putting my clothes away so I worked on my other personal items, such as pictures I brought and the alarm clock too. I put my backpack for school by my desk and my laptop and speakers on top of it. I set up my desk the way I liked it with pictures of my loved ones surrounding it. I walked over to the thing I brought in earlier and took out my cellphone and charger. I had a text from Angela saying she was still unpacking and was going out with a new friend she met. I texted her back with the plans of my own and told her I would catch up with her later.

I plugged my cell charger into the wall next to my alarm clock. Alice was sitting on her bed looking through a fashion magazine. I, quickly, walking into the bathroom to fix my hair and change my clothes.

After I thought I looked presentable I walked back into the dorm to find Alice in the same spot as I left her. "All ready." Alice perked up at the sound of my voice.

She hopped of her bed and grabbed her phone off the nightstand and passed me mine, "Let's go." She pulled me out of the dorms and I noticed her brother wasn't there. We walked down to the elevator when she spoke again, "So where would you like to eat? We have little restaurants on campus and my friends as willing to meet us at anyone."

I smiled at her as the elevator opened and let us out on the first floor, "Anything besides fast food is fine with me." She nodded her head.

"I know what you mean." That must have been what she had on her way here, too.

We reach the door and walked outside when I saw the gorgeous bronze haired boy again. This time he had his hands all over another girl, but they weren't kissing... yet. Definitely not a boy I wanted to be around. Alice saw where my gaze had wondered and made a noise of disgust.

I ignored him when he caught my gaze and I turned away. With any other guy I might have blushed but I would let him get that sort of reaction out of me. What did surprise me is when I looked up next he was walking over way. "Hey, sis. Who's your friend?" He tone was polite enough.

"This," she spoke politely but I caught her grimace, "is Bella Swan. Bella this is Edward." She gestured back and forth.

"Hello, Bella." He looked directly at me and I noticed he had the most amazing emerald eyes. They sparkled in the California sun. I figured that's how he got all the girls and for some reason it made me angry.

However, when I spoke I kept my voice as polite as I could, "Hello, Edward."

He smiled at me, "Where are you girls heading?" He kept his gaze on me.

"We were just going to get food." Alice, bless her, spoke for me. "I was going to show Bella around campus."

Edward was about to speak when someone called his name. I looked to my right to find the source of the voice and saw a strawberry blond waving him over. Edward looked between the girl and myself, clearing hesitating, before the strawberry blond called his name again. "Sorry," He spoke as he was walking away. "It was nice to meet you Bella. I hope I get the pleasure of talking to you again."

When Edward was out of hearing range Alice sighed and sigh of relief, "So how does Italian sound?"

"So much better than fast food!" We both giggled at my statement as Alice began leading us across campus again. "So how do you like it here so far?" As we walked across the campus we passed a few guys in swimming trunk and surfboards in hand. It had to be almost eighty-seven degrees out.

"I absolutely love it!" She seemed to be radiating excitement. "The campus is huge and though I haven't gotten to go to the beach yet I plan on going soon. Within the next couple days. Would you like to join me?" We rounded a corner and I saw the restaurant in sight.

"I would love to, but I have to go shopping for some things yet." I thought I would disappoint her but it seemed to have to opposite effect.

"I love shopping. I need to go myself. Would you mind if I came with you?" Her excitement seemed endless.

"Sure, I would love the company." I didn't know this town well at all and at least two confused minds were better than one, I think. We were at the restaurant now. It was a quaint little cafe where you just walk in and seat yourself.

Alice seemed to be looking for someone when we walked and and I noticed her cellphone was out. I watched Alice as she search and I heard he name called, "Hey Alice! Over here." The voice was low and I watched Alice meet it's producer. She locked gazes with a big curly brown haired boy. He was smiling down off his dimples and he was certainly good looking. I didn't understand why I didn't notice him before because he looked like he was a professional body builder, he was that huge. They were sitting at a table big enough for six and beside him sat the most beautiful blond girl I'd ever seen. She had the face and body for a model as she gave me a warm smile. Across from them sat a handsome blond haired boy. He was muscular, though nothing like the brown haired boy, and looked fairly tall. These must be Alice's friends.

She skipped over to them and I followed. We walked up to the table as Alice introduced me, "Hey guys. This is Bella. Bella this is Emmett, my brother," she pointed to the body builder, "and Rose, his girlfriend and my best friend," Rose winked at me, "and this is my boyfriend and Rose's twin brother, Jasper." He gave me a nice smile and all my feeling of being uncomfortable and awkward was replace by a warm and calming sensation.

"Hello everyone," Alice had sat herself down next to Jasper so I took the seat next to her.

"Hey Bella," Rose spoke first, "It's nice to meet you. I'm guessing your Alice's new roommate?" I nodded my head. "She's been so excited, just about jumping up and down when she found out she had one. We couldn't calm her down for days." She giggled. Even her voice was beautiful.

Emmett laughed, "But that's nothing to what we normally have to put up with, right, Alice?" He was grinning so wide and it showed off his dimples.

Alice laughed along with them. "So Bella, what are you planning on majoring in?" Jasper spoke next.

"I'm majoring in English, Literature, and Philosophy." I loved to write and read. It was my guilty pleasures.

"Oh really?" Jasper seemed surprised. "I'm taking Philosophy and Psychology." It seemed right. If Jasper could calm down my nerves he could calm down a hurricane.

"Yeah, I love to write." I turned my attention back to Rose. "What are you majoring in?" Fashion, probably.

"Mechanics." Her short answer left me shocked as she giggled. She didn't seem like a girl who would be into cars. Like they say, never judge a book by it's cover.

Emmett laughed at my expression as the waiter came up to take our orders. I kept mine simple, spaghetti. "Yeah, Rose gets everyone with that one." He looked almost smug about it. It make me laugh.

As we continued to talk I noticed the blond that Edward was all over walk in and take a seat with one of her friends. Alice and Rose followed my line of sight and Alice laughed. "Bella already met Edward today." This little statement seemed to get everyone else laughing at some inside joke.

After they had there laughter somewhat under control Rose turned to me, "You seem like a nice girl so I thought I should warn you now. Edward has many 'girlfriends'," she put quotation marks around the word, "and he likes a challenge. Don't get me wrong, he's a really nice guy but he loves to flirt." Everyone, including myself, were laughing at how Rose had put Edward's dating tendencies.

"You don't have to worry. I don't have a type but it certainly isn't that." I gave them a look to show them I was kidding and that sent them into another round of laughter. I've heard about guys like that before. I've even dated a few and I could tell you now, Edward wasn't something I was looking for.

The waiter came back with our food on two trays. One tray held four plates, Alice's, Rose's, Jasper's and mine. The second was dedicated to Emmett. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, what with his weight and all but I couldn't help but laugh. When Alice, Rose and Jasper realized what had me in hysterics they started laughing too. He had three plates all to himself. I don't think I've ever seen one person consume so much food. It was hilarious.

I found out that Rose was, also, on the same floor as Alice and myself and that Emmett, Jasper, and Edward were two floors up. Rose, Emmett and Jasper were sophomores at the university and Alice and Edward are freshman. Alice was majoring in Art and Design while Emmett was majoring in Physical Therapy. I found I liked my new friends, a lot, but wished Angela was here to meet them. They'd love her, too. We left the restaurant around nine. Rose decided on joining us for our shopping trip and then we planned on going to the beach the following day, the boys included. When I walked into Alice's and my dorm I got excited again. I really was here, with my friends, in California. I was finally on my own and I was free. I was ecstatic.

It's a brother and a sister kinda thing

Raise up your hands if you all wanna hang with

Me and my gang

We live to ride, we ride to live

Me and my gang. Jump on that train

Grab a hold of them reins

We gonna rock this thing, cock this thing

Me and My Gang, by Rascal Flatts

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