Spring Day


In which a girl moves back to her hometown, unaware that her childhood best friend and crush is her neighbor. "I've waited my whole life for this moment, from the moment I laid my eyes on him I knew that I would fall in love with him at some point. But I'm scared, fearing that this is just another dream and that I will never see him ever again. But when his hands move to hold my jawline, I know that this isn't a dream, and I kiss back." I own none of BTS or anything related to Big Hit Entertainment. Copyright © 2018 by Serendipitously_Me. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the author’s consent. AU| A Kim Taehyung Fanfiction|

Romance / Drama
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“You have đẹp eyes, the most beautiful eyes that I have ever laid my eyes on. When you first cried, it was like a wake-up call from Buddha, as if Buddha had suddenly pulled a baby out of my stomach and went ‘This is it. This is your baby. You are her mother. This is your life now. Be grateful.’ Not a day went by when I was ever ungrateful to have you as my daughter. You have your Ba’s eyes, nose, and lips, but the rest is all from me. You’ve blossomed into a fantastic woman, with a wonderful husband and the most đẹp grandchildren I could have ever asked for. I always knew that you would marry that r I knew you would grow to be someone as excellent as you are now. Your Ba and I raised you right and your perseverance and determination shaped your successful future. I realize that your childhood wasn't always the easy
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