You Are Never Alone [Jeon Jungkook]

By bb_jjk

Romance / Drama


People kept insulting her. FAT, UGLY, FOOL. At first, she didn’t care. But day by day she starts to think that she doesn’t deserve to be here. She always thought that nobody cares about her even her parents. She starts to give up on her life. But then a boy suddenly came into her life. One thing that we want to know is can he makes her life of despair to a life with happiness? Started: 30/1/2018 Finished: / /2018

Chapter 1

‘She’s ugly’

‘She’s fat too’

′ She is not only ugly and fat but she is also a fool’

‘She will not have a boyfriend with that look’

‘I know right. She even has no friends and if she has a boyfriend I need to say that he’s blind’


said the girls at once.

There was a girl, just sitting at the end of the classroom, listening to their conversation without showing any reaction.

She does not have to ask who was the girl because she knows she’s the one they were talking about.

Kim Areum.

Her name is often spoken by students at the school.

She also does not know why.

They said she’s ugly, fat and a fool.

Before this, she will not care about it.

But day by day it’s getting worse.

She becomes increasingly stressed and feeling like willing to give up in life.

Add more with the family problems.

Her parents ignore her like she doesn't exist.

She’s all alone.

Nobody cares about her.

Nobody loves her.

She just hopes for someone to tell her that she is not alone.

She needs someone in her life to make her life full of despair to a life of happiness.

But the hope is fading slowly.

‘Oh god, please give me a person who can turn my life to happiness’

That’s her prayer every day.

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