Unexpected Beginning


Unexpected Beginning

Chapter 2 Elsa?

Gold was putting away some of his antiques when Emma, Hook, Charming, and Regina stormed into his shop.

Gold looked at the visitors and immediately answered their question, “No, I am not the one that brought on the cold weather.”

Emma placed her hands on her hips, “Well, if it wasn’t you, who did?”

A cell phone started to ring then Charming, Regina, Emma, and Gold pulled out their phones to see which one was ringing. It was Gold’s.


It was Henry, “Mr. Gold! I’m at the library with Grandma and Belle didn’t look good. She passed out before she could help us!”

“I’m on my way!” he ended the call, grabbed his jacket, and made his way to the door.

Regina questioned, “Gold, what’s going on?”

He turned to Regina, “Belle passed out at the library.”

Everyone followed Gold out the shop.

* * * * *ONCE UPON A TIME* * * * *

Robin was drinking some hot cocoa when Marian walked down for breakfast with Rowland.

“Hey, Rowland, why don’t you come with me and let mommy and daddy have some alone time, alright?” Little John led Rowland outside without giving the boy some time to think.

Robin began to think back to the time they were in the Enchanted Forest. He remembered losing Marian to an illness. How is she alive right now?

“Marian, I still don’t understand how you are alive right now. I thought I lost you to a disease years ago.”

Marian began to answer his question, “Well…”

-Enchanted Forest-

Marian waved farewell to her amazing husband who was leaving once again to help feed the poor by robbing the rich. After so many years of being the wife to Robin Hood, she was growing tired of being alone. She wanted out of the relationship, but the words “till death do us part” keep echoing in her mind. What could she do? Who would help her escape her loneliness? Only one name appeared in her mind. Only one name of the man who would always help out if you make a bargain with him; Rumpelstiltskin. Marian grabbed her cloak, put it on, and set off on her journey to Rumpelstiltskin’s castle.

Marian reached the Dark One’s castle, and entered to find him.

“Rumpelstiltskin!” she cried out hoping he would show up soon.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the wife of the biggest outlaw in the land; Robin Hood! What do you want dearie?”

Marian fumbled a bit then answered, “I was wondering if you could help me get out of my marriage to Robin.”

“Why would I do that?” Rumpel questioned then decided to press further, “I only help the ones that give me what I want. You see in every marriage vow there are the words ‘till death do us part’ so someone has to die.”

“So if you get me out of this marriage, I will have to die?” Marian questioned and Rumpel responded, “Why yes, all magic comes with a price, dearie! You’re not going to die on the spot. We will stage your own death to free you from your dear little Robin. You will eventually house a runaway Princess who is on the run due to Queen Regina wanting her dead. This act will get you arrested, sentenced to death, and then executed then your debt to me will be repaid.”

Marian had no choice, “How will I stage my death?”

Rumpel smiled, “I’m so glad you see my reasoning,” with a flick of the wrist an elderly woman who was suffering from some disease which was about to claim her life appeared in the room, “She will be taking your place. With a simple cloaking spell, Robin will see her as you and she will sound like you. However, you will be controlling her.”

“What do you mean I will be controlling her?”


Rumpelstiltskin plunged his hand into the woman’s chest and pulled out a gemmed heart.

He motioned to the heart, “Speak into the heart what you want her to do or say and she will do it. I will be placing her back at your home under a cloaking spell where she looks like you. You will tell her everything she has to do in order to move like you, talk like you, and treat your son the way you do. You will remain here until she dies.”

Rumpel handed Marian the heart, and she took it after stabilizing her trembling hand. Rumpelstiltskin gave an evil chuckle then he made the old woman turn into another Marian, and he sent her to the Locksley’s home where she was lying in the bed.


Robin had his head in his hands leaning on the bar staring at his cup of cooled down cocoa, “You staged your death to be rid of me. I treated you that terribly?”

Marian truthfully answered, “Robin, you were gone the majority of the marriage. I was alone! I was very lonely! I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life staying in a house all by myself while you were out robbing the rich to feed the poor.”

Robin looked at Marian for the last time, “It’s like I don’t know you anymore. You won’t have to see me anymore. We are finished! Don’t expect forgiveness to come your way any time soon.”

He got up, walked toward the door, and exited the restaurant to go find his love; Regina.

* * * * *Unexpected Beginning* * * * *

Gold, Emma, Hook, Regina, and Charming arrived at the library to find Snow on the floor cradling Belle while Henry was pushing a sleeping little Neil in the stroller.

Gold knelt down, “Belle! Belle, can you hear me? Belle!” then he turned to Snow, “How long has she been out?”

“She’s been down somewhere between five to ten minutes,” Snow gazed at the clock then watched as Gold picked up his unconscious wife.

Charming stated, “She needs to go to the hospital so we can find out quickly what is happening to her.”

“That’s where I’m bringing her!” Gold reassured him as he was walking out the building.

The Charmings, Regina, Henry, Emma, and Hook followed Gold outside. Robin noticed what was going on and ran to Regina.

“What’s going on?”

Emma answered, “Belle collapsed at the library and we are bringing her hospital.”

The group followed Gold to the hospital where Dr. Whale greeted them at the door.

“I need an IV started on Mrs. Gold right now! I also need to get some blood tests run stat!” Dr Whale ordered his nurses as he wheeled Belle into a room.

The nurses took blood and ran an IV on her.

“Doctor, she is severely dehydrated.”

“Let’s get some fluids in her.”

Dr. Whale turned to Gold, “We are getting some fluids into Belle. She is severely dehydrated. Was she vomiting or had to make frequent stops to the bathroom recently?”

Gold pondered for a moment then he answered, “In the mornings, no matter what she ate or drank, she had to go to the bathroom to throw it up.”

Snow started smiling because she knows exactly what is wrong with Belle.

Dr. Whale thanked Gold and the nurse came out of the room, “Dr. Whale, she’s awake and she’s asking for Mr. Gold.”

Dr. Whale motioned for Gold and the others to go in. Regina noticed something was wrong with Robin.

“Are you alright?”

Robin shook his head, and Regina was just about to question him when Henry interrupted, “Mom, are you coming?”

Regina turned to him and reassured him, “We’ll be in just a bit. I need to talk to Robin for just a minute. Go on, I’ll catch up.”

Henry nodded, and followed Emma into Belle’s room.

“What’s the matter?” Regina questioned and Robin explained everything that Marian told him.

Regina embraced him, “I’m so sorry.”

“You are not the one that has wronged me. You are the one that has brought love back into my life. I love you, Regina. I don’t want to spend another moment without you by my side.”

Regina smiled and they shared a passionate kiss. When they broke the kiss, someone caught Regina’s eye out the window of the waiting room. A woman with blonde hair in a braided ponytail over the left shoulder wearing a blue dress that looked iced was walking down the main street freezing everything in her path. Robin noticed Regina turned pale.

“What is it?”

“There is only one person I know that can make the temperature drop forty degrees in minutes and freeze everything in her path when she walks. I’ve seen her in action at her coronation; Queen Elsa of Arendelle.”

Robin had a confused look on his face then Regina clarified, “The Snow Queen.”

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