Unexpected Beginning


Chapter 3 Frozen

Gold walked into the room Belle was in to find her awake. He rushed to her as she reached out to him, shared a passionate kiss, and pulled a chair next to her bed.

“How are you?”

Belle replied, “I feel fine now. Earlier, I felt awful! I couldn’t keep anything I ate down and whatever I thought about made me cry. Rumple, what’s wrong with me?”

Emma, Henry, Snow with little Neil, and Charming walked into the room.

“How are you feeling?” Emma inquired worried about her friend.

Belle smiled, “I’m feeling better now. Thank you all for being here with me.”

“My mom is about to come in. She is talking with Robin Hood right now,” Henry added and Belle nodded that she understood.

Dr. Whale walked in, “Well, I see you already have loads of visitors. I have the results of your blood work…”

Regina walked in with Robin following, and she inquired, “Everything alright?”

Dr. Whale nodded, “She’s fine. There is nothing wrong with her. We did have one test that came back positive.”

Everyone was looking toward Dr. Whale with longing for answers sketched on their faces then he gave it, “Of course, it’s going to go away in nine months. Belle, you’re going to have a baby.”

* * * * *ONCE UPON A TIME* * * * *

Throughout the town, ice started to form on street signs, roves of buildings, the streets, and now on the power lines. The dwarves were deep in the mines and slowly they watched as ice formed everywhere including their beloved pick axes. Grumpy took out his cell and dialed a number.

Back at the hospital, a cell phone rang then everyone fumbled in their pockets to see whose it was. Emma noticed it was hers. When she noticed who was calling, she realized it was bad news.

She pressed the accept button, “Talk Grumpy. What’s going on?”

“Emma! This whole town is completely freezing over! Radiators in the vehicles; frozen! Roads…frozen! Water…frozen! I’m surprised our cell phones are still working because the power lines are almost completely frozen over! Everything down here in the mine is frozen! What…ca…w…d…” then the connection failed.

Emma looked at her phone and there was no reception.

“Damn!” she cursed as she placed her phone back into her pocket.

Charming went up to his daughter, “What’s going on?”

Emma turned to Regina and Gold, the only two other magical beings in this town beside herself, then relayed the message, “Storybrooke is frozen over! It’s a wonder why we still have power over here!”

Regina regally walked over to Emma, “Here we go again.”

“Really?” Emma sarcastically replied.

* * * * *UNEXPECTED BEGINNING* * * * *

Emma and Regina left the hospital to formulate a plan to defrost the town. Emma began to think out loud.

“Maybe we should start in the mines. You can use your fire magic to defrost all of this!”

“Miss Swan, you expect me to defrost this whole town by myself? You are out of your mind! I can’t do this alone!”

“You have me.”

Regina stopped then Emma stopped, “What?”

Regina was confused so she questioned, “Zelena stripped your magic. How can you possibly help me?”

“When I went into the Enchanted Forest through Zelena’s time portal, I was able to channel the magic I believed I lost. I used the dark fairy’s wand to open the portal to bring us back. I’ve tried since I’ve returned. My magic has returned.”

Regina smiled, “Let’s go save this town from this ice storm.”

Emma smiled and together they walked toward the mines.

At the mines, the dwarves were waiting for someone to come. Grumpy watched the entrance to the mine, waiting for Emma or the Charmings to come. What he didn’t expect was Emma and Regina coming to the rescue!

He gave them a word of caution, “Be careful, it’s very slippery down there. We all slipped and fell about three times already.”

Regina and Emma stormed down deep into the mines. Doc, Happy, Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy, and Bashful moved out the way so their mayor and savior could save their town from being completely frozen over.

Regina stopped, and turned toward Emma, “Are you ready?”

Emma nodded then Regina instructed, “Do exactly as I do, and channel the fire from deep within.”

They held their hands up, concentrated, and fire shot out of their hands. Just when they thought the mines were beginning to defrost, it froze back up again.

“I don’t understand. Why didn’t it work?” Emma said still flabbergasted at what just happened.

Regina was out of breath and her head began to pound. “What is going on with me?” she wondered then she remembered that Emma said something.

“I don’t know. We need to figure out how we can defrost the whole town.”

“I can help…”

Regina and Emma turned to where the voice came from, and there stood Queen Elsa of Arendelle.

Emma questioned, “Who are you?”

“I’m Elsa; Queen of Arendelle.”

Regina decided to bite into her, “And what makes you think you can help us defrost our town?”

Elsa smiled, “Because I know how you do just that.”

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