Unexpected Beginning

Love Can Melt a Frozen Town

Chapter 4 Love Can Melt a Frozen Town

Robin was sitting at Granny’s drinking some hot cocoa. Marian walked in with Roland and he ran up to his father.


Robin turned to see his son running toward him at full speed, “Hey my little merry man!” He pulled him into his booth that he was sitting in, gave him a kiss, and Marian sat down across from them.

“Robin, please talk to me. You haven’t spoken to me all day. You could at least talk to me.”

He was getting hot, “How can I talk to you? You basically told me that, with the help of Rumplestiltskin, you staged your death just so you could get out of our marriage! Now that you’re back, you think that you could come and try to make amends for what you’ve done? I moved on, Marian! I’m in a serious relationship with Regina!”

* * * * *ONCE UPON A TIME* * * * *

Regina walked in the same time Robin was fussing with Marian. She decided to sit by the door and listen to what was going on. She heard the whole fight from the staged death to the serious relationship.

“Roland has formed a bond with Regina. He looks up to her as another mother! Regina filled that emptiness in my heart that had formed in my heart when you die…well, left me. She completes me. I love her, Marian. I would die for her!”

Regina didn’t know how to take all of this. She felt as if she could fly to the moon, and scream from the highest mountain that Robin loved her! Suddenly, she felt something wet slide down her cheek. She brushed her finger where she felt it, and looked at her finger to find a tear. It was happy tears that were shed. Happy tears because Robin loved her, and Roland thought of her as another mother!

“How can you love a heartless woman?”

“She has changed, Marian! Regina is no longer the evil witch that everyone was scared of when we were back in the Enchanted Forest. She is a mother to a thirteen year old boy named Henry. She has saved us all from Zelena the Wicked Witch! Regina is no longer a villain, but a hero.”


Robin turned his focus to his son, “What is it, Rowe?”

“I want to see Geena.”

Marian’s face read, ‘oh hell no’, but Robin smiled. Regina got up and walked toward the bar. Robin watched as she ordered a cup of hot cocoa. Roland got up and ran to her.


Regina turned around to see Roland running up to her.

She accepted his hug with open arms, “Hello, my little prince! How are you? Are you enjoying your time with mommy?”

Roland hung his head, “She says mean things about you. But you’re not like that anymore.”

Regina was lost for words then Robin saved the day, “How about the three of us go for a walk?”

“As long as I make it back home at one o’clock; I have an urgent matter that I need to address. A frozen city needs to be defrosted and Elsa is supposed to be helping Emma and me with it.”

Robin agreed and Roland took hold of his father’s and Regina’s hand. They left the restaurant, and walked down the street.

Marian sat in the booth fighting back tears then Mr. Gold sat down in the same booth with her.

“It hurts doesn’t it; to see Robin with another woman. Do you understand now why the vows till death do us part truly mean? It means, if you two are ever divided before death, jealousy would come to one or both if either moved on into another serious relationship.”

Marian looked out the window and noticed Regina and Robin swing Roland every few steps. She continued to hold back the tears but was in vain, “Yes, it does hurt. I fully understand why I should have died. She should have my heart since she stole the heart of my son!”

Gold was confused, “Roland still has his heart. Because Roland thought you were dead, he began to look up to Regina because she saved him in the Enchanted Forest when she reversed her curse last year. In your son’s eyes, she is his hero. Robin and Regina’s relationship grew the more Roland wanted to spend time with her, and it was predestined by a fairy that they would be together long before Robin met you. Pixie dust never lies.”

Robin led Regina and Roland to the pond with the bench. The three of them sat down to rest from walking through all the snow.

“Rowe, why don’t you play in the snow? I need to talk to Geena alone.”

“Okay, poppa, do you want to build a snowman later?”

Regina added, “We’ll all build a snowman later. How about that?”

Roland smiled then took off play in the snow.

“Do you know that the night Marian returned I had something special planned to happen at Granny’s?”

Regina turned to face him, and confusion set in, “So the whole town was in Granny’s not because of the announcement of the name of Mary Margaret and David’s new baby?”

“They decided to announce the name that night even though I brought them there for another reason even though it was spoiled by Marian’s return.”

Regina couldn’t take it anymore, “Why was the whole town there that night?”

Robin whistled then Roland came back running at full speed. Robin questioned, “Do you still have Geena’s present in your pocket?”

Roland nodded then Robin pulled out a small black velvet box. Regina gasped then Robin got down on one knee in front of her.

“When you came back to the Enchanted Forest, I never imagined you would have stolen my heart…”

Regina laughed with happy tears streaming down her face.

“You saved my son from a winged monkey, and protected him as if he was your own son. You showed him the love he was missing from his life; the love of a mother. As we worked together, our bond continued to grow as well as yours with Roland. He loves you, Regina, as a son to his mother. My feelings for you continued to grow when I realized you and I are more alike in many ways that it would take a lifetime to list. I love you, Regina. You filled the emptiness in my heart that I had since I lost Marian. I will never stop loving you. By your expression, I might as well get to the point…”

Regina tried to be sarcastic, but she was too overjoyed to pull it off, “Please do.”

Robin opened the box to reveal a beautiful halo shaped diamond set band with a diamond fit for a queen in the center, “Regina, the Queen of my heart, will you marry this outlaw?”

Regina nodded, “Yes! Yes, my hopeless romantic outlaw, I will marry you!”

Robin removed the ring from the box, and slid it onto Regina’s left ring finger. He picked her up and spun her around both laughing in the joy of the moment until a snow ball hit them causing them to run after a little boy who threw it.

* * * * *UNEXPECTED BEGINNING* * * * *

Elsa and Emma were waiting for Regina to return. Elsa already revealed to Emma what’s needed to defrost the town.

“Love can melt a frozen town…what do you mean by that?” Emma found this too cryptic and needed more information from the Snow Queen.

“It’s simple. What does this town mean to you?” Elsa decided to dig deep into Emma’s emotions.

Regina returned to her home to find Elsa and Emma in deep conversation, “Sorry, I’m late. I was detained in a good way.”

Emma repeated what Elsa said earlier, “Love can melt a frozen town.”

Regina didn’t comprehend, “What does that mean? It sounds like a cryptic message.”

“It’s very simple. What does this town mean to you?” Elsa restated then she noticed Regina’s expression, “Touchy subject?”

“No,” Regina stated, “No one has ever asked me that question before. The truth is…I never thought I would have been asked that question until the town turned on me just like when we were in the Enchanted Forest. Storybrooke is my second chance at life. It was my second chance to find my purpose in life if I would have any form of happiness here. I got it when I became a mother and when Robin came into my life. Storybrooke is the constant rhythm of my heart that has gotten a second chance at love and for having a family.”

Elsa smiled then Emma chimed in, “Storybrooke is my second chance as well. Henry brought me here to save you all and to be a part of his life again. It’s because of this town that I was reunited with my parents, my biological son, my step-grandmother even though our relationship is topsy turvy, and I also found love here; Killian. Storybrooke has become my home and my second chance at having a family and at love.”

“You two are more alike than you know. Because you both love this town with all your heart, look outside.”

Emma and Regina rapidly turned their gaze to the window. The snow was lifting off the ground. They both ran outside watching the snow slowly lift off the ground.

Emma looked at Regina. Regina smiled, “Ready?”

“Yes,” Emma nodded then Regina instructed, “Now lift.”

They raised their hands up to the sky and the snow rapidly rose off the ground. The whole town of Storybrooke walked out their shops, restaurant, and homes to see this marvelous site. Granny hugged Red, Gold kissed the top of Belle’s head while embracing her, the dwarves began cheering, and David and Mary Margaret laughed.

“She did it! Our little girl did it again!” David exclaimed then Mary Margaret corrected him, “No, they both did it. Regina and Emma saved us all from this frozen mishap.”

Regina and Emma held their hands up and when the last bit of snow went back into the sky, a beautiful snowflake in the shape of a crown and a swan appeared in the sky. They moved their hands to dispel the magic away. Emma and Regina embraced each other.

Elsa smiled, “I knew you could do it. Since I helped you, I was wondering if you two could help me find my sister.”

Emma and Regina turned to her, but Emma answered, “Who’s your sister?”

“Anna and her husband is Kristoff. I was separated from them for I don’t know how long. I want to find them so we can go back to Arendelle.”

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