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Choi jiwon has traumatic past which changes her life. Which made her this way. Will she be able to get away from her trauma and overcome the problem when she encounters with the person who caused her to be like this. To know a about it.... read further..... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey readers, This is my first fan fic. I sincerely apologize for any mistakes or any resemblance to other stories. As said earlier this is my first book and I even don't know how to do it. This story is my own idea and thought. Please leave your valuable comments.... Thank u...

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Chapter 1

Jiwon POV:


I woke up from my sleep from that alarm ringing irritating my mind and disturbing my beauty peaceful sleep I rubbed my eyes and checked the time on my phone.

“AGH... I am late to the meeting today.... I should be at 8 but now... I am still in house...“I woke up fastly from my bed and did my morning routine and got dressed.

Today I am having a meeting with Jeon company. They called me because they are planning to re-model their resort. As I am topmost architect in my country I am visiting their office to meet the CEO and discuss about the details.

I heard that he is so handsome and cute and BUNNY like seriously how can a man look like bunny or a rabbit. Rabbits are herbivores which love carrots and live in burrows they hop the don’t walk. They are cute..

WAIT.. why am I even thinking about them..

I parked car and entered the building. As soon as I entered, I was greeted by Jeon company CEO’s assistant in the office lobby.

“Are you Choi Jiwon? ” She asked me “Welcome to Jeon Enterprises. Boss is expecting you.”

She said. She is wearing a black skirt which is upto her knee length and button up white shirt. She has a shoulder length short black wavy hair. She is standing at the middle of lobby with her hands clasped together. She is bit pale but has a perfect skin. She is taller than me cos she is wearing black high heels when she is walking towards me its making click sound which is echoing in the lobby.

The lobby is beautiful and well designed. I am still wondering who designed it. You must be wondering why I am thinking that right? Come on.. I am an architect and I will sure try to improve.. So thats why I am looking it.

“Oh! Thank u so much.. Am I late..” I asked.

“No mam you are on time.. Please this way.. By the way I am Cassandra.” She said with a smile like all practical assistants do.

“Oh! Hi Cassandra..” I said trying not to be nervous cos this is my first time meeting this big company. So I ambit nervous.

“Hi Mam. Y-” She was about to say something but i cut her and said

“No No don’t call me man Jiwon just Jiwon” I said. Cos i dont like being refered using hornifics. I like my name to be called causally.

“Ok Jiwon..” She said as she is convinced by what i said.

Cassandra opened the door of the conference room and asked me to wait here

“Please wait here sir will be in here in short time” She said.

“Yaa. Thank You”

I said and looked around the room. It is cream and black coloured room.

WOW.. he has a good taste of colours. It has a big window where you can see full view of city cos this conference room is on 11 th floor. It has a long white table and cream coloured chairs around.

When i was checking the room the door was opened and he came in.

I felt like I have seen him some where.. but Wow... he is seriously handsome... He has pale skin beautiful eyes, round nose, bunny smile WAIT bunny smile.. Yup bunny smile... Yes he is looking like cute little bunny..

I think I have seen him somewhere....

Isn’t he


I felt so happy seeing him after many days.

Jungkook was my classmate in high school and continued to be in college also. Even though we are not in same group. We used to hangout regularly and those are my memorable days. He is taller than me then and even now also.

That’s why he used to treat me like his younger sister back then though I am elder than him.

After college we practically are into our own lives and didn’t feel like contacting each other so we lost our contacts. But I still remember the days we spent together in our college and high school.

He is wearing a grey coat with a black shirt inside.He has his bangs up parted to the side and which is exposing his forehead. He looked soooooo HOT. That’s the reason young girls in this place are swooning over him. He looked like a idol. He had a perfectly built body and rock hard chest. I am sure that black shirt he is wearing is hiding his abs.

“Jiwon is that you?” Jungkook asked me that’s when I stopped checking him out and came into this real world from my imagination. He had a surprised expression as if he was not expecting me to be there.

Actually who would expect a girl like me to be there. Though I am topmost in this place I used to be an average student in my studies. I did not score well. I am not a nerdy girl as well not the queenka in school or in college. I used to mind my own business and be friendly to anyone who speaks to me.

“Oh! Good Morning Jungkook-ssi. It’s nice meeting you” I said.

“Oh! come-on Jiwon don’t be formal. I am seriously so happy and surprised to see you here. I am at loss of words.” He said with a happy and nostalgic tone where he met his friend.

“Why? Are you disappointed.” I asked sarcastically to see his reaction. But trust me even I had no idea that i am seeing him or meeting him today.

When i asked that question he was pissed and hugged me tight.

I am shocked by his reaction bit I hugged him back cos I missed being with my friend.

Jungkook POV:

“Wow!!! Jiwon I am so happy that I am working with you” I said, which made her to stare at me with her eyes as big as golf balls.

Cos seriously we didnot discuss anything but straight away I agreed to work with her.

Jiwon is my cute little sister I had and raised since high school. She is elder than me by one year but I am her big brother.

She is so pretty and matured now. She is so colourful and cute in her dress. She wore a blue plazo pant and awhite t-shirt with a white and blue floral designed jacket. She had a necklace which covered her exposed skin on her collar. She is totally covered without and exposing but trust me, She is H-O-T.

“Shall we discuss about why we met today” She asked and smiled.

“Yaa lets begin and please have a seat” I said.

We discussed about the project for 3 hours non stop. And we kept on joking and laughing and seriously having fun.

Mean-while outside the conference room.

Someone’s POV:

“WOAH...did he just hug her.. Who is she.. to hug him. He is mine. Totally mine...😠😠😠😠”

“Look Jiwon don’t you dare touch my jungkook”


Hi readers,

This is my first work and my first chapter.. Please do read it and comment your thoughts and opinions.

Thank u


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