Love Life of a Master


Ash & Misty are reunited after being apart for 5 yrs. What makes things interesting is that the day when Misty left, just happened to be her birthday. Now 5 yrs later, she's back. Will he confess?

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:


Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon. The Master/Creator does.

Warning: Contains mild language and mild sexuality.

Ages: Ash:20

Note: Thoughts *Pokemon translations*

Chapter 1

Ash was sitting in his room in Pallet Town looking through his childhood memories that were hanging on his wall, in groups of photos.

“Man, I miss my childhood, they were good times.”

Pikachu was also sitting beside Ash on his bed, remembering the good old days.

“Pika pi. Pikachu.” *Yea I agree with you. They were awesome.*

It was then that Ash stopped at one particular picture. He got up, and took it back to his bed so Pikachu can see.

“I miss this one the most.”

“Pika?” *What?*

He showed Pikachu a picture of him and Misty laughing and holding up ice-cream cones, towards the camera in their party clothes. The picture was taken way back when he visited Maiden’s Peak, when he spent the night alone with Misty, just having a blast, while Brock was obsessing over a dead girl.

After a few minutes remembering a couple more memories of him and Misty, he stroked Misty’s picture just once, before a teardrop spilled on the frame.

“Pika pi?” *Ash, you okay?*

“Yea Pikachu I’m fine, I just really miss her, that’s all.”

“Pika chu?” *How long is it now?*

“It’s almost five years tomorrow, Pikachu. I haven’t seen her for that long.”

“Pichu?” *Why tomorrow?*

“Tomorrow is the day when she left towards taking over the Cerulean Gym. And is also the day when I saw her the last time.”

Ash got up and put the picture back on the wall. Then he went downstairs to the kitchen to find his mother cooking dinner as always.

“Hey mom.”

“Hey honey, I’m making dinner want to help?”

“Um, isn’t Mr. Mime helping you?”

“Mr. Mime is outside at the backyard, preparing for tomorrow.”

Uh, what? ”For what?”

“Don’t you know what tomorrow is?”

“It’s just another normal day tomorrow mom.”

Delia now stopped cooking dinner and came around to Ash, who as usual was as clueless as ever.

“Ash, you didn’t forget about your friend’s birthday tomorrow, did you?”

Say what?! “Whose?”

“Ash, how can you forget your closest girl friend’s birthday?”

Whoa girlfriend!? Since when do I have a girlfriend!? “Mom, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I didn’t mean a girlfriend, a meant a girl who just happens to be your friend.”

Oh. Wait, but then who? The only girls that my mom knows are Misty and May…

“Ash? You in there?”

“Yea, sorry. But which one are you talking about, mom?”

“Oh what was her name again? Misery, Missy….”

“Misty!? You’re telling me that it’s Misty’s birthday tomorrow?” How did she know? Heck, how can I forget!?

“Oh right, that’s her name! But yes Ash, its Misty’s birthday tomorrow. She should be arriving here soon… so go get ready.”

“What! She’s coming here now!? Why didn’t you tell me this before!?”

“I thought you knew it was her birthday tomorrow, Ash.”

Oh my god, how can she be coming here now!? After five long years being apart, she just comes here without warning because it’s her birthday!? What the heck did I miss!?

Delia sensing Ash’s distress, she heads over to a small closet under the stairs and brings out a small blue box, with a pink ribbon wrapped around it.

“What’s that?”

“It’s your present that you will give to Misty, from you.”

Present? From me? But what...

“Um, mom, what exactly did you get her?”

“Well first of all, you’re welcome. And second of all, I bought something that a girl would definitely like. And if you went out shopping for her, you’d be completely lost and come running to me for help. Let’s just say I saved us loads of time.”

She hands Ash the present.

It’s small. I wonder...

“Um, thanks mom. But what exactly did you get her?”

“You promise not to say anything about it later?”

“Uh… yea.”

“Well, sometime yesterday, I visited a nearby jewelry store, and found this really pretty thing that caught my eye.” Her eyes widened. “Does she like blue?”

Blue? How the heck am I supposed to know? Well she does like water, so... “Yea, I think so.”

“Good, because it’s a very pretty blue.”

“Yea, but what is it?”

“It’s a necklace, or more like a pendant.” Delia paused for a few seconds, studying her son. “It’s a blue crystallized heart.”

Ash’s face reddened. A heart? This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening…

“Ash, you okay?”

“Why did it have to be a heart mom? Wasn’t there something else?”

“Relax sweetie, I know she’ll like it.”

“But mom, you don’t understand. If I give her this... she’ll assume that I feel for her or something.”

Ash stared at the present in horror, suddenly remembering Misty’s mallet.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and hide the gift, and get ready for Misty?”

“Get ready?” Ash just stared blankly at his mother.

“When was the last time you saw her?”

“Um, I don’t know, maybe five years ago?”

“Maybe five years ago?” Delia crossed her arms, and gave her son a warning look.

Shoot. “Yea... I’m pretty sure it was five years ago.”

Delia looked Ash over and shook her head.

“Do you want to be seen as a respectable man, or well, a slacker?”

“A slacker?” Ash asked with wide eyes.

Ash looked himself in a nearby mirror and saw what his mom meant. He was a mess.

“I’ll be back soon.”

He was about to go upstairs, when he remembered something.

“Um, mom. How long is she staying here?”

“About a month starting tomorrow. Give or take a few days.”

A month? Why the heck so long?

“Why are you asking?”

“Nothing. Just wondering.”

As he went inside his room and closed the door behind him, Pikachu looked curiously at the blue, pink ribbon wrapped present Ash was holding.

“Pika pi?” *Hey, what’s that?*

Ash sighed. “A present for Misty.”

He placed the present on the desk, under his childhood memories.

“Pika cha?” *For Misty, what for?*

Ash sits down on the bed beside his buddy. “It’s her birthday tomorrow, Pikachu.”

“Pika! Chu Pikachu!” *Holy cow! She’s coming? Awesome!*

Ash looked at Pikachu all excited, and rested back on his bed.

“At least one of us is excited.”

A small electric shock went to Ash.

Ash sat up quickly. “Hey! What was that for?”

“Chu Pikachu chu Pikacha!” *You of all people should be excited to see her, that’s why!* Pikachu exclaimed loudly, waving his arms.

“I’m more nervous than excited to see her, Pikachu.”

“Pika?” *Why?*

Ash turned on his side facing away from Pikachu, and from the present.

“Cause I don’t know if I’ll be the same again, when she sees that present.”

“Chu?” *What’s in it?*

“A blue crystallized heart necklace.”

“Pi.” *Oh.*

As Ash thought of ways to give her the present without getting hit by that mallet of Misty’s, Pikachu had only one thing in mind, which he kept to himself.

I think he’s in love with his best friend.

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