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When her father goes missing and leaves a strange voicemail things start to change. Now Alex and Dean are on the road to get there brother and find their dad. Alexandria May Winchester is the middle child of Mary and John Winchester. The night of her mother’s death she was asleep in her room. Sadly she got stuck in the house during the fire but, did survive with only a small burn scar in the middle of her back. Alex was the only girl in the family and as such was treated differently than her brothers Sam and Dean. It took a lot of begging but, after a few months, her father agreed to train her to be a hunter along with her brothers. Now she and her brothers are in search of their missing father.

Action / Drama
Mystical Fox
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Lawrence, Kansas

22 years ago

Alex wandered through her house looking for her dad. It was nighttime, her mother and older brother, Dean, were upstairs saying goodnight to there little brother Sam. Since Alex had already done so she now sat in front of the main door waiting for her dad. This was a regular thing for her to do. She was more of a daddy’s girl than anything so no matter what she waited for him to get home before going to bed.

The sound of a lock rang through her ears alerting her of her father’s presence. Jumping up she looked expectantly at the door, as her father walked through. “Daddy,” she shouted in a small squeaky voice running up to her dad hugging his leg before she was lifted off the ground.

“Hey sweetheart, you miss me?” He asked giving Alex a kiss on the forehead. She nodded as he carried her upstairs to the nursery.

“Look who I found,” his voice alerted Mary and Dean making them turn. Mary smiled while Dean ran up to his father. “Daddy!”

Setting Alex down he picks Dean up, “Hey buddy. What do you think? You think Sammy’s ready to toss around a football yet?” Alex wanders over to Sam looking in the crib at him. Laughing Dean says, “No daddy.”

“No.” John laughs slightly as Mary walks past saying, “You got him?”

“I got him,” He says gesturing Alex away from the crib and out the door. With one last look at Sam, Alex runs past her family to her room.


Late in the night Alex wakes to a strange smell. Getting up she walks out her room only to stop short. Blazing fire blocks her path. Crying she shouts, “Mommy, Daddy” Looking around she runs back to her room and sits in the corner in hopes of getting away from the fire. Scared she closes her eyes and wishes from someone to get her. When no one shows she runs to her bed and grabs her stuffed bunny, holding him close as she cries and yells for help.

A man comes running into her room taking one glance at her before grabbing her and running. During the run Alex’s back got singed. Breaking through the door the man runs to the ambulance were Alex is taken and looked at. John runs over with Sam in his arms and Dean following close behind. “How is she?” The medic looks at him briefly before bandaging her back.

“She’ll be fine, just a minor burn on her back.” John sighed in relief and sat down next to Alex and carefully giving her a hug. Together they watched the flames being put out. Alex let her tears fall as she wondered where her mother was. At this moment she just wanted her mother to make the pain go away. Sadly her mother never showed.

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