toilet roll


❝i don't have tissue but i have toilet roll, come i'll wipe your tears❞ where two boys talk because one decides to wipe other's tears with a roll of toilet paper. one gets infatuated while the other is in a toxic relationship.

Romance / Drama
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a pink haired boy sat at the corner seat of the metro. he had his feet on the seat, touching his thighs head and his head between his knees. hiding from the world, hiding his pain, his heartache. but his body was shaking and his sniffs were audible to the boy beside him.

“y’know, i can hear you,” jungkook whispers while leaning towards the boy. the boy slightly turns his head, peaking from his knees.

“i’m sorry,” jimin mumbles hiding his face again.

jungkook frowns. the boy was weak and jungkook could clearly see it. “what happened?”

“huh?” jimin sniffs as he pulls his head up and wipes his nose with his big sleeve.

“never mind,” jungkook shakes his head and stares at the boy. fair and gorgeous skin, plump luscious lips, and fuck those eyes, they were beautiful. utterly beautiful.

filled with sadness and sorrow, those crescent eyes were pained. pained beyond repair, pained so deeply that jungkook could feel those eyes pleading to him, pleading for help; pleading him to cure him.

jimin quickly looks away when he notices the stranger’s eyes trying to find him, find about him. and it was distracting him. but as soon as he looks away, his distraction stops and his tears fall yet again.


jimin looks sideways with his vision partially blur.

“i don’t have tissue but i have toilet roll,
come i’ll wipe your tears,” jungkook offers. he takes out the roll from his bag and tears one piece out of it. he bends forward to the boy’s face, wiping his cheeks.

jimin sat shocked and confused at the stranger’s action.

i don’t have tissue but i have toilet roll,
come i’ll wipe your tears

jungkook sat on the seat near to the door, staring at the pretty boy who’s tears he had wiped yesterday. he wasn’t crying today. jungkook was glad that he wasn’t. but somehow he wanted him to cry today was well, so that we could go and wipe his tears again.

the boy suddenly turns to him but jungkook doesn’t look away; he’s not the shy type.

he wanted to know the boy’s name so bad. but somehow he couldn’t gather the courage, because the boy wasn’t looking away either. he was staring back at him, straight to the eye. and it made jungkook weak at his knees. the first ever time he felt that way.

one look in the eye and i was
done for good ❞

jimin was scared of the staring stranger. it’s been a week and jimin was still not used to him staring at him.

when his station comes, jimin quickly stands up and rushes out the subway. he walks to his dance classes where he teaches contemporary for a living.

he loved dancing but making a living out of it was difficult, very difficult. and it was making jimin a little fed up. jimin dropped out of college because of lack of money.

his life was a mess, he was a mess. he had family, but they did not support his sexuality. he had a boyfriend. he loved him dearly, more than himself even but what did he get? betrayal.

he was living at the edge. and could fall anytime..

..unless someone decides to pull him out of the mess he created of himself.

but someone can help only if jimin let them. jimin has his own wall separating him from the people around him, from the possible heartache that the people can give him.

he sighs and stands in front of the class, ready to start today’s classes. but just before he could do a step, someone barges in.

that brown headed stranger.

everyone is going to hurt you,
so it’s better to stay on your own

jungkook had not planned to follow the pink haired boy but he just couldn’t resist himself. as the pink haired stranger walked into a big building, with the board reading ‘mozart dance academy’, jungkook followed right behind, not scared of being caught.

he did not even hesitate to step into the room the boy went in. as soon as he was in, that boy’s eyes were wide and on him. jungkook, not being the shy type stands straight and stares back at the boy.

“yes?” the short boy asks.

jungkook looks around and there was a poster hung on the front wall which read ‘contemporary session’. “i’m new uh.. i want to join.”

“oh,” jimin breathes as he looks at the guy suspiciuosly. “you need to apply first. you can do that at the front desk.”

“ah, umm okay i’ll do that. thank you,” jungkook bows slightly and walks out quickly. fuck he’s a dancer. jungkook’s cheeks turn red. he had a strange fetish for dancers.

jungkook was quick to apply for the classes. it was expensive but if he got to see the pink haired boy, he could do anything.

after we was done filling the form and paying the money, he took subway to the next station.

he looked at the time. he was one hour late. namjoon was gonna kill him.

he was a new fetish, i didn’t know how much deeper i was gonna fall

jimin couldn’t concentrate on his steps due to some certain brown headed boy who was staring at him, his every move. but could jimin complain? no, he can’t. he was teaching dance and students were supposed to look at him, his body. jungkook knew that jimin’s loss in concentration was his doing. he knew the redness on dancer’s cheeks were not due to the dancing but him.

as soon as the class finished, jungkook walks straight to the pink haired dance instructor and taps is shoulder.

“huh?” jimin furrows as he looks at the tall guy.

“uh hi,” jungkook blurts, smiling idiotically.

“yeah?” jimin asks, slightly irritated.

“i just got a little confused during the last step. can you show that to me once again?”

jimin sighs and nods. he stands in the required position, slightly tilted and hands curved in front of his chest. “copy,” jimin tells.

jungkook nods and tries to copy the boy. he thought he was doing fine but jimin didn’t think so. “no,” jimin whines a little and walks near jungkook. bending a little, jimin positions jungkook’s knee carefully. then standing straight up, he touches jungkook’s chin with his pointer finger and thumb and pushes it a little up.

“that’s right,” jimin says. maybe jimin didn’t realize but his face was too close to jungkook’s and jungkook could feel his breath on him. and heck, he could easily get addicted to that strawberry breath.

“it’s too early for you to be standing this close to my face,” jungkook says boldly, making jimin back instantly. jimin clears his throat, his cheeks all cherry.

“i think i get it now,” jungkook smiles. “thank you uh..”

jimin frowns instantly. clever move, boy.

“jimin,” he deadpans.

“yeah. so thank you jimin,” jungkook brings up his hand. “i’m jungkook.”

jimin looks at the hand before unwantedly shaking it.

“i’ll see you tomorrow, jimin,” jungkook smirks slightly before leaving.

jimin look at the tall guy’s back, a big, big frown on his face.

that strawberry aroma, that pretty
frown, you. that’s enough

jimin adjusted his tie and looked at himself in the mirror. he looked alright. alright.

he was never called good looking, handsome, beautiful or whatever good compliment there exists. he would never actually find someone who would like him for him.

being a dancer, people did praise his body now and then. but those compliments were filthy. like that of what a stripper would get. and it was disrespectful for him. dancing was an art and he respected dance by all his heart. but did dance gave him that respect back?

he wondered what happened to the phrase; you give respect, you take respect.

sighing heavily jimin decides to go on his way to his friend’s marriage. he wondered why people even get married. love never gives you the happiness that you actually deserve.

he entered the church just in time when the couple took their oath. jimin doesn’t believe in marriages but he was happy for his friend, jin and his new husband, namjoon none the less.

you need to learn to respect if you want to
be capable of loving someone

“congrats guys,” jimin wishes with a genuine smile. even though he did not believe in love, he was genuinely happy for his friend.

“thank you, chim,” jin smiles shyly as his husband squeezes his waist a little.

jimin nods and goes to sit where he finds a place. dance begins and he watches as jin and namjoon dance happily, their hands around each other’s neck. being a dancer, their dance made jimin cringe but none the less it was beautiful because it was filled with love. and love made everything beautiful.

maybe that’s why i’ll never be beautiful.

sighing jimin decides to eat food, but just before he could stand, a hand comes in front of him. he looks up to the man, his eyes big as he lays his eyes on the guy.

“wanna dance?” jungkook asks, a cheeky smile on his face.

“no,” jimin deadpans and walks to the food session.

the brown headed boy follows short behind him but jimin tries his best to ignore the boy. but was it really easy to do that? no.

“are you friends with namjoon hyung? jungkook asks as he follows jimin.

“no, i know jin,” jimin says.

“oh, okay,” jungkook says as he thinks of something to talk about. but when the pink haired boy ignores his presence and focuses on food, jungkook gets frustrated.

“i’m not gonna hang around like a puppy,” jungkook speaks a little too louder than needed. “i’m sexy and i think you’re cute. so go out with me.”

jimin’s jaw drops along with all the people around.

cute and pink. what else do I need?

“no,” jimin says without any second thought. there was no way he was going to get into another relationship. relationships are stupid and they do nothing but hurt you.

jungkook had expected the given answer but he did not think that he’ll be rejected so straight and bluntly. yes, it did hurt his ego slightly but c’mon he couldn’t get such a gorgeous guy in just one try.

“alright,” jungkook sighs and nods before walking out of the premises.

jin and namjoon saw everything.

“you know the guy who asked jimin out,” jin ask.

“yeah, he works in my cafe,” namjoon says as he stares at jimin who was slightly blushing due to the public proposal, until he realizes something. “hey babe, doesn’t jimin work in a dance class?”

“yeah he does,” jin says as he looks at namjoon smiling.

“well, jungkook is basically whipped. he told me to change his morning shifts to evening shifts for dance classes. little did I know it was not for the dance but the candy boy.”

try and try until you succeed.
i’m trying hard babe,
please make me succeed

“what’s the problem?” jin frowns folding his arms.

“a lot of ’em,” jimin says while switching the channels.

“he seems to really like you.”

“i don’t care, hyung. please stop it,” jimin sighs, tired of jin’s lecture.


“hyung!” jimin presses making jin stop.

jin stands up and heads to the door. but he stops to say something. “don’t be so mean. give a chance to the kid.”

jimin sighs and goes back to changing channels.


jimin expected him to give up but here was jungkook dancing in his class.

jungkook was sure to make jimin aware of his presence. those frequent winks and damn, those unnecessary body rolls made jimin pink.

jimin wanted nothing to do with the kid and was waiting for him to give up, but was jungkook gonna give up? hell no.

i won’t give up; the most beautiful things
are always most difficult to get

jimin lacked house hold stuff so he decides to pay a visit to 7-eleven. little did he know he’d see a familiar face there. a face he dread. a person he loved and hated. a pair of hands which gave him both pleasure and pain.

the moment he picked up a packet of nachos, his hands freeze in the air and mouth hot and dry due to nervousness. gulping, he puts the packet in his basket and heads to the billing counter, hoping that the other person did not see him.

jimin was quick to rush out of the store, sighing to himself that he was not seen. he turned around to look inside the store through the glass and his eyes meet the man’s. the man had that neutral expression, the same that jimin had seen for years.

his heart clenches and his eyes pour memories of love and torture.

it still hurts to see you, i still haven’t moved on. how could i? i loved you, unlike you

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