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A Scarlet Ribbon of Love


Another Romeo & Juliet themed Dramione, a fast paced love story, AU No magic, 16th century, minor character deaths. A very old story I made long ago as an assignment turned into a story. No sequel.

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Act I

Okay, this is a very old story I wrote up for a class assignment once and it needed plenty of revising so it could be posted. Now originally I wasn’t planning on posting this, but I decided to give it a try and post it up. If it’s cringe worthy, I know, I tried my hardest to make it likable.

Now, there will be no sequel, I do not plan on writing for this fandom after this story and if I did revise or have plans for more revolving around the fic, it would be in the very distant future when I finish up all my other unfinished/unwritten/requested fic stories. This is the final verdict on that subject.

I like to thank my friends, beta(s), and supporters for helping me with my story. Ya’ll are wonderful and I thank you very much for helping me.

Now enjoy reading, if you can.

Disclaimer, I do not own Harry Potter or it’s characters, they belong to J.K. Rowling.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the characters may be a little OC due to being rusty and I tried as best as I could to write them in character. I’m sorry if it’s not exact, but it was the best I could do in the time given. So please do not fault me for that. Also, everything is written as close as it could be in the Elizabethan era of England, just like the original Shakespearean romantic play but no tragedy. There is NO MAGIC in this so it’s not full of wizards and witches, just humans, so it is an AU. Minor character deaths are advised.


Act I:

Once a long time ago, there was a large nation that held seven different kingdoms within. Four of the kingdoms were surrounded by ocean so they were in charge of the port systems and with treaties; they shared their ports with the neighboring kingdoms. The remaining three have to share the port systems but they have a prosper of land and rich harvests. In the west ports is a kingdom of *Slyzarins, ruled by the prosperous and wealthy Malfoys and beside them in the kingdom of *Leoricdor of beauty and entertainment lived the Potters. The two kingdoms were rivals and conflicts of minor degree would appear between the two from time to time in the streets of each town. Due to this, it became a common occurrence for the streets of the two kingdoms. Tonight however, a certain prince and his two companions decide to risk party crashing one of the Potter’s balls, thus a love story would begin.

Just outside the Potter’s palace were three strangers lingering about named Theo, Blaise, and Draco Malfoy. The three snuck into the kingdom just to have a little fun as the night at the Malfoy’s were dull.

“Hey, don’t worry so much over Pansy, Drac. You might find the party fun and maybe find a new girl to woe.” Theo said, trying to cheer up his lovesick Prince.

“Hush, Theo.” The prince told him. “You want us to get caught?” He hissed to his friend.

Theo looked around before replying, “Oh but I wasn’t that loud was I? Yet we’re miles away from any guards, it’s probably not a problem.”

“Yes well if they put spies out to warn of intruders or party crashers. I don’t want to get caught and face a sword through the gut.”

The third companion, a dark and tall figure on the boy agrees with the prince. “Draco’s right Theo. Don’t worry, just to be on the safe side I’ll throw Theo out as our shield so we can run away fast.” Blaise commented jokingly.

“Hey!” Theo exclaimed. Draco and Blaise shushed him, Theo shrugged. “Just because there are spies out, I’m not running, I can just hide out in the shadows until they’re gone..”

“If they were to spot you and go and tell Lord Potter and decide to hang you, would you run?” Blaise asked the other boy.

Theo scoffed, “Potter is as slow as the process of pottery. But yes, you do have a point.”

Draco sighed, ‘At least that’s over.’ He thought to himself. “Alright so now can we go? This was your idea Blaise, it better be worth it.”

“I agree.”

Blaise scowled at his companion. “You agree with him an awful lot Theo.”

“I do not. I agree with you when talking about politics and during our leisurely breaks. I only agree with him courtly. Besides, it’s not like I have anything better to do at home.” Theo replies with a hint of bleakness.

“Whatever.” The trio head inside through the gardens. They were lucky enough to get in without being recognized. Once inside, they looked around at the guests dancing, talking, eating and drinking without a care in the world. A high class ball deserving of high class guests.

“Looks like the Potters aren’t here yet. That’s good, we can get some fun in before they do.” Theo notes while looking around for the noble family. Blaise agrees before he spotted someone he recognized. Out to the far corner of the room, conversing with some noble ladies was Pansy. Knowing she was his prince’s love interest yet she had turned him down many times, he decided it was best to ignore her and lead Draco away towards the bar.

Blaise remembers back to when Pansy used to come over and play with the three boys often when they were kids. She was always seen running after the prince happily. Then as the four of them grew older, she started becoming distant to her best friends. To be honest, he remembered Draco not being particularly fond of Pansy at first. But as he grew up, he became concerned for his friend’s well-being and the way she would avoid him at any cost. So the trio wanted to know why she was acting the way she did, thus they cornered her in the Malfoy’s gardens, a place they always used to play in.

After much coaxing from Theo, Pansy broke out into tears as she told them her story. She said that her family wasn’t being nice to her anymore. Her father was abusive and using her feminine charms and body to pay off debts the family owed. She was trying to keep it hidden as her reputation as a wealthy woman would be over if the rest of the kingdom knew. After she finished, she sat down on the grass and cried, Draco soon felt sorry for his friend and tried to convince her to be his. She never responded right away, instead she declared to swear off men for a long while and live the life of a single young woman. Or maybe become a nun. Yet the prince tried again but she refused and turned him down. Blaise sighed, if only Pansy was still the innocent girl she once was, he’d take her instead. But that was only in the past, for now he focused on helping his prince keep his mind occupied. “Come, we can get some drinks first. It was pretty hot during our trip so the cool drink could do us some good.”

Draco declines. “No thanks, I’m not thirsty at the moment. I want to see if I can find somewhere to rest for a while.” He leaves the hall before allowing his friends to ask what was wrong. He had seen Pansy in the hall too and wanted to go hide. The pain of rejection still lingered heavily over his heart. He rushed off to find a room and opened the nearest door.

A little before the boys came to the party, Lord Potter was outside the banquet hall talking with his daughter. “Now Hermione, I know you are young and very smart for your age but, when you talk about your future with some unknown knight in shiny armor or some prince from another kingdom, you barely know any of them. Plus you are too young to marry.” He told his daughter.

“But I’m sixteen father. Other girls my age are already married and I want someone to love too. Someone who can be both my best friend and protector yet gentle and love me for me, not for my title as a princess.” Hermione insisted, reminding her father of the society norms.

“I know yet I still fear, my dear, that you are too young and naive to marry. You have yet to learn the properness of a young woman your age.”

Hermione looks down, “I know father, I’m sorry. But can’t you at least hear my plea?” The young girl asks, asserting her wish.

Lord Potter sighed before putting a hand on her head in comfort. “Just wait a little longer. We’ll find someone to suit you and our kingdom well.”

“Alright, but I can dream at least, can’t I?” She looks up at her father.

“Just as long as you don’t go too far in your dreams. Okay sweet?”

“Of course father.”

The king smiles at his daughter. “That’s my girl. Now run along and have a great time!” He leaves to join his wife in the hall with the guests. Hermione just stays behind to think about what she’ll do next. ‘Well, I’m not going to the hall. I can’t dance, I fail every dance lessons. I can’t sing, I’m too poor at it. Finally I don’t like showing off like my mother tells me to do.’ She thinks before having an idea. ‘I know. I’ll head toward the drawing room to think for a while or read.’ She turns around and heads to the drawing room, not far from the banquet hall. A few minutes after she arrives, she hears the door open. In comes Draco, spotting a fair beauty in front of him as he enters the room.

“Oh my! I didn’t think anyone would come here. Who are you?” Hermione exclaims in surprise.

Draco moves one hand down to his waist and bows. “Do not be alarmed my lady. My name is Draco.”

“Are you a prince?” She asks, look at his fancy attire.

“Yes my lady. What may I ask is your name?”

“Oh.” She stands up, plucking up the ends of her dress, she bows back to the gentleman. “My name is Hermione.”

Shocked he was on the inside, yet he remained composed enough to ask, “Hermione? As in Princess Hermione Potter?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

Draco clears his throat. “Well.. I was just saying, you look much younger than I’ve heard of.” He quickly replies. ‘And much more beautiful than the rumors claim.’

Hermione looks at him concerned. “Oh really.”

“Yes but nevermind that. You look very beautiful tonight. But I thought you were supposed to be in the hall?”

She sits down on the couch she previously was sitting in. “I ditched the hall, it is very boring in there. Besides, you look like you want some company. Why don’t you have a seat?” She pats the seat besides her.

“Ah thank you my lady. I would love to.” He graciously accepts the offer and goes over to sit down. They talk for awhile and he tosses a couple hints that he likes her but she barely notices. So he decides to lean down and kiss her, she hesitates away from him. “Hm? What is it?” He asks perplexed.

“I’m sorry. It’s just I’m not that comfortable to be doing such acts at this time.” She turned away with her hands in her lap.

Draco exhales slightly. “Don’t tell me you swore off men to become a nun?”

Hermione looks at him taken back. “No. No that’s not what I meant. I just mean it seems as this is going a bit fast. I mean just met you and-”

“And you reject me?” Draco closes his eyes for a moment, letting the rejection sink in before getting up to leave. “I’m sorry I bothered you then. I’ll just go.”

“Wait no! Don’t go yet.” A hand reaches out to grab his wrist and pull him back. Though she may have pulled a little too hard. The blond prince feels himself being pulled back into the couch, so he twists around to catch the edge of the backrest instead of falling onto the princess herself. When he regains his sense of balance, the teen notices that his face is nearly touching the girl’s. Hermione blushes scarlet before realizing what she had done. She attempts to shriek in surprise, but Draco beats her to it and kisses her gently. She accepts, pulling him to sit beside her again. They continue their kiss until the clock chimes midnight and the love birds soon part.

“Mm that was lovely.” Hermione says, still in a daze.

“Yes it was.” Draco replies, holding her close.

She blushes then asks to be excused. “I thank you for the wonderful time tonight but I must go. It is time for me to retire for the night.”

“I understand. But may I ask when I can see you again?”

“Oh well I’m not allowed to leave the grounds without an escort. My folks are really strict on that, me being the only princess of a wealthy kingdom.”

“Then perhaps I visit you here?”

Hermione thinks before telling him the location of her room’s balcony. “My room is near the back of the castle. A large, old oak stands in front of the balcony with niods scaling my wall. They’re quite lovely in the summer bloom.”

“Ah. I’ll be sure to look for them. Thank you my dear.” He helps her up and gives her one last kiss on the cheek before leaving the room. “Goodnight, my princess.”

“Goodnight my prince.” She replies, heading to her chambers. Draco soon leaves the castle before his friends. Thinking they were at the Malfoy castle already, he headed home. Theo and Blaise however, they had been runned out of the hall for getting into a drunk argument over some petty arrangements. Luckily it wasn’t too big of a scene so they drunkenly wobbled back home.

The next morning, Draco goes to a church on the far outskirts of his kingdom to talk with a friend. The head priest of the church, Albus, was overseeing cleaning for the week. When Draco walked in, Albus turned around from his window cleaning and welcomed him in.

“Ah Draco. It’s so good to see you my boy.” He opened his arms to hug the young prince. Draco accepted the hug. “My dear old friend, how are you Father?”

“I’m doing fine, young Draco, I’m doing fine.” He replied. “So what brings you to see me on such a fine day.”

Draco backs up and asks clearly, “I was wanting to know if you could hold a private wedding for me?”

The old priest exhales, “What for? Is this for you and Pansy? That girl’s not interested in you in the slightest. It is time to move on from your delusions my boy.”

Draco nodded understandably. “I know but I’m no longer interested in Pansy. She was just an old, meaningless crush. I’m in love with someone else, a beauty that rivals even Aphrodite, the only maiden in the world for me.”

Albus listens to his love speech. “Well then, who might I ask are you in love with?”

Draco gladly replies, “The maiden I’m in love with is the beautiful and lovely princess Hermione.”

“Does she know about the marriage?” Albus inquires.

“No.” The prince shakes his head. “I will tell her tonight though. It will be a wonderful night tonight.”

Taking a few minutes to think about the proposal. “Do you know what her father might do if he found out his only daughter is marrying his worst rival, a Malfoy?”

“I’ll worry about that later. Right now will you agree to marry me to this girl?” Draco presses the old man.

Meanwhile, in the Potter castle, the princess awakes from her beauty sleep. Dreaming of nothing but pleasantries with her prince Draco. “Oh last night was so romantic!” She exclaims breathlessly, hugging her pillow tightly. She slips out of her bed, still clutching her pillow. “A prince is in love with me~. A prince is in love with me~.” The girl spins while singing softly.

Then she stops, as a thought crossed her mind. “Oh, I wonder who prince Draco really is. Maybe I should ask my nurse. Oh nurse, I need you!” She rings her bedside bell a few times, not a moment later does her nursemaid comes in.

“What is it my dear? Why did you call?” Lavender asks the princess. “Oh for goodness sake, you’re not even properly dressed child. Come, let us get you dressed.” She motions for Hermione to come over to the closet.

“Oh I will but I have a few questions I wish to ask. Do you mind?”

The nursemaid groans inside, but gives a pleasant smile to the girl. “Of course you can dear. What are they?”

Hermione puts down her pillow, “Do you.. um.. do you know any princes of the lands?”

“Yes, I know just about everyone of them. Which one do you want to know about?” Lavender asks. ‘So she’s finally wising up to be married.’

“Which one has the name, prince Draco?” She asks curiously.

Lavender’s eyes grew wide, she took a deep breath and sat in an empty chair. “That one. That one is prince Draco Malfoy of the kingdom of wealth and prosperity. That castle is nothing but vile snakes! The kingdom of the Malfoys and their family is your father’s mortal enemy.”

“What?” The princess exclaims in shock. “I can not understand. This, this is the reason for all the fights in the towns? I had always thought it was because of scuffles within the towns like say taxes, bar fights, land and property ownership. Why are we enemies with the Malfoy kingdom if I may ask?”

The nursemaid looks the princess in the eyes. “Why do you ask?” She questions her seriously, avoiding the question. “Have you gotten into some trouble with this prince?”

“Uh no. No of course not. I was just wondering is all. I really like the name though, Draco, dragon. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing, just wondering if we weren’t enemies, do you think we go well together?” She shyly asks.

“I don’t think so missy. Your mother would have a heart attack if she found out. You would bring shame to this family. So wipe your thoughts of this prince or you will pay the consequences. In the meantime, I will head over to Albus’s place to make a confession. And to pray that you will never run into that bastard of a prince.” Lavender left the girl alone, slamming the door behind her.

Hermione looked down with sadness, hearing her family was at odds with her lover was heart wrenching. She moved over to her window to look out over the castle grounds, leaning against the stone as she looked out. “It’s no fair.” She mutters to herself. “Although, I believe it be wise for me to caution myself on his next visit with me. I then shall ask why does my heart beat for him and only him.” In the back of her pondering mind, she wished it was not true and tries to stay positive. ‘Yet I say Dramione seems like a nice name for our relationship.’ She softly giggles at the joke of a name she gave herself and her lover.

As Draco and Albus were just finishing up their little quarrel on whether or not Draco should marry Hermione, they also discussed how this could change the strife between the two families. Soon, finally Albus gave in, allowing Draco to win his part of the argument to marry Hermione. Albus promised to marry them by midnight. While the planning was going on, the nursemaid had been eavesdropping on them, before they left, Lavender ran off back to Potter castle. A plan was forming in her mind on how to tell the king and how she could have more higher authority over the princess, as she was sick of her position to baby her day in and day out.

That is act one of two, I will apologize once again if the characters are not on point. I made this long, long time ago with the intent of it being a fast-paced romantic story between Draco and Hermione. I guess you could say I prefer fast paced romance stories than build up ones, that’s just my opinion.

*The kingdoms have a few names and the two where the Malfoy’s and Potter’s live was tricky but I should say unique. Slyzarins is a mix of Slytherin, Salazar, and Serpens, Latin for snake; Leoricdor is a mix of Gryffindor, Godric, and Leo, Latin for lion. The only ideal names I could come up with. Seemed fitting though.

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