A Scarlet Ribbon of Love

Act II

Here is part two. Beware of minor character deaths.

Please do enjoy if you can.

Act II:

“So you’ll really do it sir? Will you marry us tonight?”

Albus sighs before nodding his reply. “Of course my boy, it would be my pleasure. As much as I do wish it was under better circumstances, but I’ll see what I can do. Now as for you shoo. There is much to do and so little time to do it.” With that Albus whisks the prince out the door and goes to his office for some preparations.

“Many thanks sir.” Draco takes the steed he came in on and headed for the Potter’s kingdom, Leoricdor. After an half hour ride through the town, he stopped to hide his ride then began the half hour walk to the castle. He made it to behind the castle where the store house was kept. He snuck in through the back and looked for the princess’s oak tree to her room. Eventually the prince was able to find the oak tree and the dark red flowers covering most of the sidewall.

He decided to climb the oak tree to try and peak over the balcony. The aged tree creaked softly as he climbed swiftly from branch to branch. Draco was able to reach the middle of the tree and look over into the room. The glass doors were slightly open, letting in the afternoon breeze.

Thinking of a way to let the girl know he was near, he broke off a couple small branches and tossed them at the glass.

Hermione heard a couple knocks from the balcony doors and went to investigate. She opened the door right after another knock to the glass. Peeking outside she saw the bits of twigs on the ground then looked towards the tree to see a blond prince waving in her direction.

“Hello beautiful. Mind if I come over?” Draco asks his lover. Hermione nods and opens the glass doors before walking over to the balcony.

“Yes you may. But the tree doesn’t reach this far over, you will have to climb up. Give me a minute and I’ll throw down some sheets.” She turned around back inside to reach for the sheets.

In a hurry, Draco decides to climb up the clematis vines instead. “That is okay. I can come to you.” He jumps down from his perching spot and walks over to the wall. Luckily the vines were wrapped around a trellis and inside the stone. Testing one foot on the trellis, he hopped up and started climbing up the wall quickly. The wooden trellis soon became cracks in the stone and vine. He continued up just as Hermione came back with some sheets.

“Oh my goodness, you didn’t need to do that. Here, grab on to this end.” She tosses down one end and ties the other to the balcony. Draco chuckles as he reaches for the fabric and lifts himself up and over the balcony. “Well I am determined to see you so I can do anything just to be by your side and happy.” He bows shortly with a smile to the princess.

Hermione giggles slightly before noticing his hands were scratched. “Dear me, your hands, they’re bleeding. We must take care of them at once.”

Draco walks over with a shrug. “They’ll be fine.” He watches her go over and pull back up the sheet used as rope and ripped off a few pieces. “No it’s not fine. Don’t you know the ague is going around? I don’t want you to get sick.” She dips the cloths in a bowl of water, walks over to lead him to a small couch to sit and mends his hands best she could. “There. That should be good for the time being.”

Draco leans in and kisses her softly on the lips. “Thank you very much for the loving treatment my lady.”

“Hm yes. You are very welcome my prince.” She states darkly. The blond notices the cold tone and asks why she has such a tone. “Excuse me, but is something the matter my lady?”

Hermione turns her head. “Not at all.”

“Come on, tell me what’s wrong. I want to help make you smile again, it’s so beautiful to see you smile.”

Rolling her eyes in exasperation, she turns back to look at him. “Why are you really here? Is it just to play me or to woe me?”

Draco was shocked for a second at her question. “Why would you ask me such a thing?”

“Because I know you are the son of my father’s enemy. Did you come here just to make a fool out of me?”

Draco sighs, knowing this was going to come up sooner or later, might as well get it over with now. “I know our families are at odds but to be honest, I was captured by your beauty and thought you were a nobleman’s daughter at first glance. But to know you are the princess, which can makes things difficult for us to be together in the first place I know. Yet I don’t care. I don’t normally believe in such things as love at first sight but after last night, I really did fall in love at first sight.” He turns to look into her deep brown eyes. “And I mean I fell so hard, I really do love you not by your status but for you.”

Hermione listens and watches intently, but after looking at the sincerity in his frosty gray eyes, she could tell he was truthfully in love with her as she was. “Even my name is Malfoy, I don’t care, I can just be Draco forever.”

She smiles. “And I just Hermione.” The two share a kiss before the prince pulls the girl up. “What is it my dear lord?”

“I have a question for you, I would like you to accept this token of a gift.” He reaches into his pocket to pull out a ribbon of scarlet to hand the girl. “I give you this in place of a future ring, as I would like to make you my wife.”

Hermione covers her mouth in shock before nodding eagerly. “Yes. Yes my lord I will.” She reaches out to hug him and kiss him once more.

“Then my dear, do you mind escaping with me for a few hours? I know of a place where we can wed soon.”

Hermione nods. “I can meet you out by the market if that is okay?”

“Near the little pastry shop on the west end, I will be waiting with my steed. Then we shall ride out together. I will bring you back by the evening bell.” He promises her, arms around her close.

She nods, agreeing with the plan. “Yes I will see you soon.” The two then part, Draco leaps over the railing and lands cleanly before waving to his lover in the balcony. Hermione waves back and watches him leave. She turns to get dressed in something casual but attractive for the wedding. She grabs a cloak to hide herself in, though before leaving she took the scarlet ribbon and put it up in her hair, then she left out of her room. Leaving the castle through a couple secret passages she managed to find during her childhood, she wondered out through the shadows of the courtyard into town. The girl managed with no trouble to find the little pastry shop and the boy she loved dearly behind it. She followed the boy out of town before climbing on his horse as the two rode out to Albus’s church.

The lovers arrived not less than an hour, Draco led her inside; making sure no one was in the building at their arrival. “Excuse me. Father sir?”

“Ah Draco, you have returned my boy. Just a minute, you may come to the altar.” Albus called from his office, a slight crash of books could be heard after.

“Um are you okay sir?” Hermione calls out.

Coughing slightly, Albus responds. “Don’t worry my dear. It was just some dusty old tombs.”

“Let us get settled.” Draco reassures her as he closed the doors behind them. Hermione walks ahead and sets her cloak on a pew before stopping in front of the steps. Draco falls in right beside her. “You look very beautiful…”

She turns to look up at him. “Hm?”

“Uh I um.. I mean stunning.. so very stunning. I know I just saw you but in this radiant light, you’re like an angel.” He rambles on. She laughs softly at his attempts to charm her.

“Why thank you, I was saving this dress for such an occasion.”

“Really?” She smiled at him, “Well for a memorable event to be honest but this is more than perfect.”

A cough came from beside them as the turned around, startled from their trance. Albus looks up, “Oh don’t mind me. Just a rusty old throat. Shall we get started?”

The couple nods and allows the priest to step in front of them. The two hold hands and was ready to begin until Hermione realized something. “Hold on sir please. Won’t this be an illegal marriage without a bond? I mean the quickest we may get one would be by the next fortnight.”

The old priest chuckles. “Yes that is true my dear. You’re in luck though. Just the other day I was to wed a couple from a farming community but they never made it. Both small families came down with ague and the couple perished. I was to rid of the bond but I had a feeling it could still be used in some way.”

“But you’ll be arrested for this.”

“It is alright. If you are having regrets about this, you may wait until you are ready. There is nothing stopping you.” Albus reassured her.

Hermione goes quiet to think about the idea before remembering she loves the boy next to her enough to not care about the laws. “I will do it.” She exclaims self-confidently in her decision. Albus nods and looks to Draco who also replies in the same manner of confidence.

“Very well then. With this bond, you will be wed to the names on the paper, so your names will be anew. To Prince Draco Malfoy, from this day forth, you shall be called Colten Edwards. To Princess Hermione Potter, from this day forth, you shall be called Isolda Edwards. Do you accept these names?”

“Yes Father we do.” The two said in unison. “Then we go on to the vows.”

The couple said their vows and graciously thanked Albus for his help in the secret wedding and union of the two. “Any time my children. I wish for the best for you two.” The priest bid them goodbye, promising to keep the secret of the union. Draco and Hermione left and headed back to the kingdom of Leoricdor. The two stopped by the pastry shop from earlier for a treat as they walked back to the castle. They discussed how happy they were to be together and what they would do next. The young couple agreed to meet up later the next evening.

“I shall meet you on your balcony at ten or eleven, or do you choose a different time?”

Hermione laughs, “Whenever you choose sweet, your choice.”

Draco insists, “It is your home, I don’t want to wake you up or catch you dressing.”

She smiled and replied, “Well if I’m asleep, you can just sleep with me or wake me up. I wouldn’t care.” She shrugged it off.

“Okay but what of the second part? If I come and you’re dressing?”

“Well, alright. You have a point. So how about around eleven? I’ll have a rope ready and waiting for your arrival.”

“A rope this time? You mean I can’t continue to climb the tree or vines?” He pouts playfully.

“No. And I doubt those vines can hold you a second time around. And it’ll be dark.”

Draco smiled, lifted her up to spin around a bit. “Alright. That’s perfect. See you then.” He kisses her then the two part to head home.


The next evening, during dinner at the Potter’s home, Lord and Lady Potter had a talk with Hermione. They told her in three days time, she was to marry a prince of the east ports. Yet she refused. Lord Harry was furious at her. “What do you mean you won’t marry?! Just the other night you were complaining about not being wed soon enough.”

“A wise king once told me that I shouldn’t marry until I was eighteen at least.” She quotes her grandfather back when he was still king.

Lord Harry grumbles at the words his uncle had once used. ‘Geez, Sirius, you had to tell her that when she was a babe.’ He put down his food before sternly telling her to behave. “I have changed my mind. You will marry within three days time or you are not my daughter any more.”

His wife, Lady Ginny nods her head. “I agree completely.”

Hermione sighed and stood up to leave. She bowed to her father. “Alright father. I’ll get ready.”

Pleased to see his daughter coming around, he nodded. “Good girl. You may go now.” The princess nods and leaves the dining area. As she leaves, a plan starts to form in her minds. Her parents did not think she was smart enough to run off with no money or clothing, but she got the better of them. Later that night, just before eleven, Hermione had already snuck into the treasure room and filled up five to six bags of gold, jewelry, and coins. She had two sacks filled with clothing and some personal stuff she needed. Making sure the bags were sturdy enough, she placed three bags of coins and jewels in one sack, and the remaining three in the second. While she worked, Draco arrived, climbing over the balcony with the promised rope left by the princess, he walked over to his new bride. Hugging her from behind, he kissed her then asked what she was doing.

“Well, I have a situation and I need your help.”

The prince leaned in curious, “Name it.” The princess told her lover the plan to leave and run away together.

“Okay so first, you are to go off tomorrow and rile up my overly drunk cousin Ron and have a fight with him. Knowing him, he’ll fight you to the death. So if you accidentally kill him in the process, okay maybe on purpose-”

“Well isn’t he your cousin? Why go that length?” He interrupts her.

She sighs shortly before going over to have a seat on the bed, Draco follows and sits beside her. “Well I do love him as family yes, but as we grew up things got a bit complicated. He started eyeing me in a weird way, and when he’s drunk he’ll do like any drunk guy would do. And sometimes even touch me or hold me while drinking in parties. And if I’m alone with him, he’ll corner me and fall asleep mostly before doing… you know.. he gets a little creepy when left alone with me. Starts to ramble on and on about comparing barmaids with me and stuff. So if something happened to him, I’d be eternally grateful.” She explains. He nods before allowing her to continue with her plan.

“So after he’s injured or dead, see if you can find a way to be banished instead of killed at the stake. You can get help from friends or common folk if you wish. I will perform a fake tearing scene over my cousin’s injured self. Then the day after, before my marriage-”

“Marriage! To whom? You’re already married to me.”

Hermione exhaled in annoyance. “Well one, our marriage is secret and only the two of us knows anything about it. Two, it was my parents decision to marry me off to Prince Victor of the east kingdom in a couple days. And three, if you interrupt me again I’ll beat you in the head with a book.”

Draco gulped and nodded for her to continue. She straightened herself up to finish. “Now after I give a fake cry to my cousin’s demise, I will go to Albus’s church for a prayer before meeting you in the kingdom to the south. Does that sound agreeable?”

“And after this whole scheme?”

“We go off to live together of course. We run away and live in another kingdom or travel across the seas to live, just the two of us.” She explained.

“Yes alright.” Then he points to the sacks off to the side. “Then what of these bags you were packing?”

“Well, I was hoping for my strong and handsome love to carry them with him to his banished kingdom for me. It’s all we’ll need to start out with.”

“Oh, well alright then. I like this plan so far. But one thing..”

She looks up at him curiously, “Hm?”

Draco looks down, lovingly into her eyes while caressing her cheek. “Let us have some much deserved alone time for our honeymoon, shall we?” Hermione blushes before nodding. Allowing her new husband to caress and touch her so pleasantly throughout the night.


The next day, things started to go just as planned. Draco took the sacks of clothes and coins to his place and told a servant to carry them to an inn in the southern kingdom. He also sent along some of his personal belongings and clothing with the servant and told them to wait at the inn for him. Then with his friends Blaise and Theo, he left to look for Ron. He gave them an idea of what was going on before they arrived at the pub Ron was to frequent the most. Since it was mid morning, it was pretty scarce, save for a few cleaners and the bartender. Draco walked up to the lone, ginger nobleman on a stool, just drinking to his heart’s content. He stopped short of the man before clearing his throat.

The ginger noble looked around and scoffed. “Who you blondie?”

“I am Prince Draco Malfoy, I have need to speak with you, Duke Ronald.”

At the sound of Draco’s title, Ron coughed at his drink for a minute before turning around fully to sneer and mock. “Oh so you’re the one that my cousin’s nurse Lavender told me about. You were supposed to get married to my favorite cousin Hermione is that right? Well I hope you didn’t do it, and I hope she said no to a disgusting snake like you.”

Draco stood there looking proud, not letting this drunk knock him off his cloud. “Of course not. She said yes without thinking twice! We are married and to make sure you won’t tell Potter, she told me to get rid of you. Slicing off your tongue and hands sounds like the perfect plan, don’t you think?” He smirks at the drunk and hot-headed individual.

Ron spats at him. “You’re lying! I know she wouldn’t marry someone as dirty as you! She’s mine, all mine!”

“Oh so I guess you haven’t heard she is suppose to wed another prince from the land to the east?” Draco asks, dodging a half tankard of ale being thrown at him.

“Lies! She would never marry you or anyone else! She would never ask for you to kill me, she loves me! She’s my family and I love her. And I’ll get her father’s approval of her hand in marriage real soon.” He withdrew his sword and aimed it as steadily as he could at the prince before him. “After I present your head on a platter you slimy snake! I’m the best sword fighter in the area, you couldn’t kill me alone. I have back up and you don’t.”

Blaise steps in beside his prince as Theo takes the other side. “Oh yes he does to. Yet you seem to be outnumbered. Where is your backup?”

“Right here.” Quick as a flash for a drunken man his arm darting out in a clumsy yet fatal blow, he stabs the closest person nearest to him, Theo in the neck. Theo attempted to evade the jab to the throat, nevertheless the tip of the sword left a gash against the jugular. Theo falls onto his knees to the floor, sputtering bits of blood and heaving for breath, hands around his neck to try and stop the bleeding until silence as his body fell lifeless. Ron snickers as he swings the blade, letting drips of blood spill onto the corpse’s clothing, as if to rub away the filth on his lovely, ornate blade. “So what now, cousin-in-law?”

Draco stares at his friend’s lifeless body, he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. When he opened them, even the piercing daggers he saw around his enemy wasn’t enough to satisfy.

“I would have been friendly, but,” He unsheathes his blade and holds it, self-assured in front of him menacingly ready to fight. In a tone to make even a grown man shake in fear, he replies to his challenger. “I’m afraid you have just had your last drink for good.” Then rushes at Ron with the intent to kill.

After a good solid ten minutes, Ron was down with the whole pub stained in blood. Draco carries Theo’s body off and leaves Blaise behind. The sheriff, Severus Snape arrived not long after with a few knights of the castle, rushing into the building and shocked at the sight.

“You there, Zabini! Explain this at once.” The sheriff turns to Blaise to make him explain.

Calmly Blaise explained that Draco had only come to have a chat with Duke Ronald about some matters of arranging and alliance with the kingdom as the feud had gone on long enough in anyone’s opinion. Severus listens and nods understandingly before speaking again. “Well bring me Prince Draco so I can lock him up for a few days.”

“No I will not. But might I offer a better solution?” Blaise asks.

“Kid listen, if I do nothing then it’ll be my head that will roll.” He explained, “I can’t do nothing about this unless justice comes to serve.”

“Well what about banishment? That is a punishment in its rightful way.” Severus thinks the idea over for a bit before allowing the prince, or former prince to be banished from the kingdom. Blaise thanks the sheriff before running off to find Draco and tell him the good news.


Later in the day, the court of Potter received the dreadful news of Duke Ronald. They were quite shocked, angry, and mourned over the loss of a good friend. The queen, Ginny decided to personally tell her daughter the tragic news before going off to mourn with her husband and the Duke’s family. She knocks on her daughter’s room before allowing herself in.

Hermione looks up from reading a book. “Oh hello mother, what can I do for you?” Noticing she was in distress.

Ginny takes a bit of cloth from her hand to dab her eyes. “It’s awful my daughter. I come bearing bad news.”

Closing her book onto her lap, Hermione looks up to her mother. “What is it mother? What has happened?”

“Your dear cousin, Ron, my dear has just been killed in a street brawl.” She sniffs as she speaks.

The girl covers her mouth in shock, “Oh no! By whom?”

Ginny blows her nose before clinching the cloth in her hands tightly. “By the evil hell spawn of a prince, Draco Malfoy.”

Hermione sheds a few tears in response. “My oh my, what a despicable villain!”

“I quite agree. And just before your wedding no less! I am very upset at that Malfoy spawn for this. And the most blasphemy of news came as well. The courts have claimed that he is banished from the western lands than to be killed on the spot! The nerve of them people. I will have your father talk to them about stricter laws and punishments.” Ginny announced.

“That is crazy mother. If you would like, I could run down to the *apothecary and pick up a poison to send it to him.” Hermione offered to help her mother feel better.

“Oh no no no, young lady, a proper young woman as yourself shouldn’t do such things.” She scolds her daughter’s behavior. “No, instead, let us just get on with the wedding. What are you doing tomorrow?”

Hermione cleans her face before replying, “I’m going to Albus’s to do a few prayers of good health and fortune for my future.”

Ginny nodded as she was leaving. “Of course dear, that will be fine. Please don’t stress yourself over this wedding, especially with the absence of our dear Ron. Have a good day dear.”

“Yes mother.”


The following day, Hermione heads over to Albus’s church but takes a wide turn to head to the southern kingdom of *Areaious. There that night, she meets up with Draco. The two have a heartfelt reunion before heading into the inn for the night. Planning to seek out a cottage over the seas to live hand in hand, together forever.

The End!

Did you enjoy? If any of the characters seemed slightly OC, I personally apologize as I wrote them in character the best I could in remembrance and with my friends help, besides it’s better than being off completely.

That’s all for this story readers, if you didn’t read the author’s note when coming in, I’m not making a sequel or more to it. That is it and I hope you liked it. If not, I’m sorry but this is it.

Please leave a review if you wish.

*Apothecary is a place to mix poisons, potions, and other remedies for people who were sick or need to get rid of someone or pests. In the old days it was used by those called ‘alchemists’ or ‘witches’, most apothecaries were (in) pharmacies.

*As said in the previous chapter note, the kingdoms were giving different names to be ideal. In all honesty I can not tell you where the kingdom of Areaious got it’s name from. It was in the original work from years ago, I still have no clue where it came from so I just kept the name. Lazy yes, I wanted to put this up asap though.

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