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A newly added superhero in the list with some strange biological power Bonebreaker is a newly added hero in the list of superheroes who has got a power to manipulate bones. He can do anything with bones, doesn't matter if the bones are his or f someone else.

Scifi / Action
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When It All Began

"Ahh! what a disgrace to stand in front of a failed test subject like you,who doesn't even know how to use the almighty powers wisely. My men told me that you are strong, invulnerable you came from nowhere, raided the base and then jumped from the cliff. I never thought that you hated me so much that you even chased me to China. There my men told me that they couldn't even reach you, like their body was not under their command and you killed at least 65 guards of the lab. I later understood that how you were able to do so." said Dr.Grave.

"I was curious, about you, and your powers, as I wanted to thanks the person who completed my job, but I never thought that the one regarding whom I was so curious would be someone, whom I know personally. I don't know how did you manage to survive last time but this time I will make sure I directly send you to hell." said Dr.Grave.

"Doctor you are committing the same mistake which you did the last time. I do survived last time and I will make it this time also, but I don't guarantee your life. I will finish what you started, what you did with our team, you only cared for your benefit and never looked back at the loss, it was your biggest mistake which you committed. You messed with the wrong team and will pay for it and the cost is your own life." said I.

"Wow! When did you became so much aggressive and revengeful. I thought you were the least active guy of your team when it comes to combat. I never noticed that your blood is also warm and it boils but that's not going to make any change now.You were making your moves till now so that you could reach me and I just made mine's and got ahead of you. You may have returned with the hope of killing me, but your overconfidence led you directly into my trap and you lost your powers, the thing that was saving you till now from death, and the good thing is that I have it now.Still you think you will live and will be able to kill me." said Dr.Grave.

"If you remember old man I didn't have my powers when you tried to kill me the first time when we were in the cave. It was not my powers that was protecting me it was Him who saved me from dying every time.My powers were the armor and weapons which He gave me to kill you. He was the one who was always with me,training me, so that one day I could end your story." said I.

Okay I think that was too much for you, so let's get back to the history so that you can know how I ended up there and when does it all started.

Well! Let’s start from the beginning, actually not my beginning from the beginning of the Earth. When life was harder than it is now because of natural calamities especially volcanic eruption, earthquakes. Simple rule for the carnivores kill or get killed by some other carnivore. Let’s move to the deep where you can’t even see what’s beside you, evolved a species of fish whom we call the Polymorph, means that can take any shape and size.

When an island struck the mainland (Asian continent) about 50 million years ago, it led to the formation of ‘India’ as well as the 'The Himalayan Range'. The polymorphs went under the Himalayas, in some ground water source but it got much worse when the meteorite came as an uninvited visitor, extinct many species and led to the formation of the new Earth.

The polymorphs went more inside the water source, to adapt for the environment their bones became more flexible in order to counter the pressure, their body shrunk and skin became transparent maybe to be safe from their natural predators. Well that’s a lot of history let’s move to present, the sudden earthquakes in Nepal in the year 2015 opened the closed door for the polymorphs to the new world.

NOW, let’s move to the future, not that high tech one which we see in the sci-fi films but to the future for those who were in the pre- history part for you it's the present and for me it's the past means when it all began that past as I am telling you so it's in the past that had happened. Okay leave that it's little bit confusing, a troop of 23 people with gadgets and weapons, raided a Buddhist monastery making the main priest and his disciples as hostages, the reason was to find the location of the polymorphs and them also, since they became transparent it was nearly impossible for an amateur to spot them.

As the priest and the monks had left all their greed and need before becoming a monk (they usually have to do so in order to join the monk's community) they denied to lead the men to the polymorphs in return of money which the men offered to them because our team had decided that we will not kill anybody until they become more or less like a threat to our life. The priest of that area worshiped the polymorphs as a sacred ancient animal so they couldn’t reveal their location and this was little bit confusing fact for me because the polymorphs had just came out to the surface because of the earthquake so how was it possible that they had been knowing about those fishes from the very beginning because they went inside the Earth long ago. There might be a possibility that the polymorphs had already made humans aware of their of their existence and Dr. Grave got the news of the emergence of such kind of organism quite lately and then he hired us to get him to the fishes.

Somehow we got a candidate who was ready to lead us to the polymorphs. Actually we made him ready. We just scared him a little bit and he agreed. Well as you know that in every stack of goods or fruits or vegetables or.. whatever you want to consider you will get a defective one or a rotten one.

Here,the rotten fruit or vegetable or whatever you want to call was the newly added disciple. God knows whether he did that for the sake of his life or for the money, but it did not help him. It was the same case as if a devil ask for your help to take him back to the hell and in return he will let you return back without any harm, which is never possible.

He led us to the place where he had heard that the polymorphs were. That's right he had heard, since he was a new one he didn't have any idea where exactly the place was. He may had thought he might escape us and I wish he would had but he was alone and we were 13 actually 14 including the Dr. Grave the rest were at the monastery. It was difficult for our team also to move because at that day the weather was too violent maybe it didn't want us to go near the polymorphs.

We had to climb up and down a mountain to reach the place according to the disciple and it was the most toughest part for me. I didn't join here to do his stuff I don't like them. Oh by the way after hearing the consequence till now a thought may had struck to your head 'Is our group of the 13 people, any type of terrorist squad?' Well actually no, we are a private organisation who just provide protection and we are not only 13 rest were at the base which we had recently declared as ours. It was an abandoned building build just a little far away from the edge of the cliff and we made it our base. It took quite a time to bring all the equipments place them , bring the generators for power supply and also to arrange fuel for the generators. Once our base was made we went in search of the fishes. One thing I forgot to tell you in our defense is that we don't kill civilians until they try to kill us. Our work is just to investigate and report but sometimes we are also hired for that investigation depending upon the level of danger in the mission.

In giving our team's bio-data I almost forgot regarding that mission. So we were at the bottom of the mountain which we had to cross according to the disciple and it was quite a steep one and the weather was also against us. The disciple was now confused because he had heard that the cave was somewhere there where we were, but he had never visited it by himself. So now he was useless for Dr.Grave and as I gave the example of the devil, same thing happened to him also.

He was shot down by the devil at the middle of his head at the moment the devil recognized that he was no more useful to him to get to the sacred cave of the polymorphs , and in this story the devil is 'Dr Grave' a psycho that's the nickname we gave him. We never knew that how did he get the information regarding the polymorphs and what actually he wanted to do with them? He just came to our Squad's leader and explained him that he want something which is very important to him and he hired us to get the thing. Then we made our move and went to Himalayas. At that time we didn't know that he would be so insane but we were not able to anything for the disciple. Somewhere this mission was too much painful for me, mentally because I didn't use to see things like this before. My work was to show the way not to fight or kill and I loved my work.

"Have you gone mad?" asked the Squad Leader.

"He is useless to us so what's will be our advantage in keeping him alive?" said Dr.Grave.

"At least he led us to here. We could have send him back to the monastery and moved on our own in search of the cave." said the Squad Leader.

"If the thought had came to your mind a little bit earlier then you could had saved a life. But the disciple's luck is poor that the thought came to your mind when he is no more." said the Squad Leader.

"You only killed him because he was useless to you. Then you will not hesitate to kill us when you find out that we are not useful to you." said the Squad Leader.

"If you were useless to me then I hadn't hired your team." said Dr.Grave.

However when we were at the bottom of the mountain the wind were strong and was gaining intensity. Taking more men would mean increasing the probability of losing more men. The Squad Leader never wanted to move further from the bottom and to postpone the search for some other day when the storm would be little lighter because we had a mountain to climb and we couldn't do it on a sunny day because then the sun will be on us and neither we could have climbed the mountain on that day because it was too much risky.

"Dr.Grave there is a snow storm heading from our destination, if we move out now we will get buried under the snow or will be killed in an avalanche." said the Squad Leader.

The moment our leader said this he turned back and came to the leader. He then said only one word 'avalanche'. He snatched the Squad Leader's gun and fired a shot in the air.

"See we are almost at the bottom of the mountain the sound of the gun could have brought an avalanche, but the storm is helping us. We are safe from being buried in snow, till the storm continues, it's the sign of God that I must fulfill my destiny ." said Dr. Grave.

What connection did it have with that sound. the storm hasn't gained it's full speed and when it comes then more snow will be on the ground which will be loosely held and then if you fire a bullet then the whole mountain snow would be on us. But Grave do whatever he likes that's why we gave him the nickname as psycho.

"But sir." said the leader .

"Quiet.. whoever wants can leave, but no one can stop me from getting them." shouted Dr.Grave.

"What a psycho he is? he will kill us all." thought the leader. Means that he would have thought something like that because he himself wasn't ready to go there. Okay I admit that my powers are not mind-reading but I can say that according to the situation what a person might be thinking because I had a sixth sense and that's common sense, so in that case we all have a sixth sense or maybe some may not have.

Now our leader was in a dilemma because he couldn't disobey Grave's order but if he does then after we come back we would be at the funeral of our own team members, so after sometime he took a decision which was comfortable to both of them. He ordered most of his men to return to the base along with the body of the disciple and return it to the monastery for his funeral. He chose some of his members to come with him and from the group of 14 people only 6 moved towards the sacred cave including Grave. And they returned on snowmobiles, I forgot to mention that we came to the mountain from the base on the snowmobiles otherwise it wouldn't have been possible to move in the storm.

In the team of six were The Squad Leader and Grave obviously, Luke the most mature and serious one after the Squad Leader, Shawn who had recently joined our team, Bruce the ammo specialist and my BF in the team and by bf I meant my best friend don't point your fingers on my character and gender. Actually it was my fault because I should have said BFF instead of BF but that because I am not adapted to that short form which is in trend nowadays.

Okay that's the team that was chosen to go in search of the fishes.

Wait a second I think I had left a member, the total should be of six members. I included Bruce, Luke, Shawn, Grave, Squad Leader so there is one missing.

Oh I just remember I forgot to mention the most unfortunate guy and that's........ me. I mean why do I have to climb a mountain? My work is to show the way I have never done some thing like that, they should arrange some helicopter to go there, okay the helicopter can't fly in the storm but there should be some other vehicle available. I even asked the squad leader to go there by snow mobiles but then he said that if we took them others can't go back and I was forced... to climb.

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