Welcome To China

“So he is in China, if he is there then I will have to move fast he is been there for three days and his experiment on the polymorphs might have finished but the problem is how will I get to China? I don’t have my passport.” said Anthony.

“Your passport doesn’t matter a lot because I don’t think you have any money to go there.” said Luke.

“I didn’t know that you were listening.” said Anthony.

“I told you earlier and I am warning now also I will keep a watch on you so don’t take any stupid step in emotions without informing me about it.” said Luke.

“As you say but there a little problem in that, you can’t keep a watch on me, you can only keep your hearing on me because we can only communicate through our radios.” said Anthony.

“No jokes now Anthony, however now that mentioned what if someone else hear us on our radio?” said Luke.

“Don’t worry about I had already removed all the frequencies except yours so no one can hear us.You just worry about finding a way so that I could make it to China.” said Anthony.

“I can’t arrange any ride for you right now so you will have to manage everything by yourself.” said Luke.

“If I could then I wouldn’t have to ask you.” said Anthony.

“You can use your powers in that case.” said Luke.

“My powers provide me control over other’s bones and mine also as far as I came to know, they can’t teleport me to any place I wish.” said Anthony.

“You said you have control over bones so you can make something like a boot or something which can carry you and then with your powers you can move that and easily go to China.” said Anthony.

“Great idea Luke I will do as you said.” said Anthony.

“See that’s why I was telling to inform me before you do anything, however one problem may arise in this.” said Luke.

“Don’t worry I will manage everything from here.” said Anthony.

“Okay if say so but do you know the route to China?′ said Luke.

“I.... Luke please tell me that you know the route.” said Anthony.

“I wanted to visit China but I have never been there.” said Luke.

“And you are telling me this now when I was excited that now I can finally go to China.” said Anthony.

“You should be grateful that I reminded you now otherwise you would have become more upset if I told you this at the moment when you have made your preparations. And if I hadn’t told you that then you might have lost in the mountains because your powers can only give you the control over bones and not on metals or magnets otherwise you could have easily found your way to China by considering the North Pole.” said Luke.

“Don’t become so violent, just find a way by which I can go to China because the more time we waste here the more time Grave will get to finish his experiment.” said Anthony.

“I don’t think that we will be make any preparations. I say you wait till Grave comes back from China. The moment he comes back I will inform you.” said Luke.

“But we don’t know that when he will come. It may take a month for him to come back and what will we do if he gained powers like me?” said Luke.

After thinking for a while a thought struck Luke’s mind.

“How did you managed to get back here?” said Luke.

“Ah... a priest helped me to get a ride which dropped near the mountains and then I made it on my own.” said Anthony.

“Then you should ask that priest maybe he could get you a ride to China.” said Luke.

“He may know but I have to cross an International border.” said Anthony.

“Make your powers useful at that time. I know you will manage.” said Luke.

“Okay then but it is going to take me about a day to reach that Buddhist monastery.” said Anthony.

“Then go with the first idea make something with bones and get back to the priest.” said Anthony.

“That’s good, I will contact you when I reach the monastery.” said Anthony.

“Wait, listen to me. Hello. He got disconnected.” said Luke.

After that with the help of his powers Anthony made some kind of snowboard from the bones of the cliffguard. When he pulled out the bones it was really nasty because with the bones came along the flesh and veins of the cliffguard but he easily removed them with the help of his powers, without touching them and started moving to the mountains. It was long journey because he had climb up and down a few mountains to make his way to ‘Lwang Ghalel’.

“It’s going to take me a lot of time to reach there it would be better if I increase my speed." said Anthony.

Since Anthony didn't have that much control over his powers he couldn't further increase his speed after a limit.

"Can't this thing move a little more faster. I don't have anytime to waste, every second counts." said Anthony.

He was so desperate in increasing his speed that he didn't notice that he had almost reached the top of one of the mountains. With the speed he was criticizing gave him a lift when arrived at the peak of the mountain. When he suddenly felt that he was about to loose his balance he pulled his arm upwards which pulled the snowboard made of bones and the snowboard was in the air. Anthony was pleased to see himself above the ground and thought that why didn't this idea came to him earlier.

"I can fly now there's the advantage of having this power now I can make up the time I wasted. I think I will reach there by tomorrow morning or I can reach there before the Sun rises or maybe earlier than that." said Anthony.

Just as he thought Anthony reached the monastery alongwith the rays of the Sun. He was able to make up his time because he took the aerial route.

The priest was doing his morning prayers. He turned to his disciples when he saw Anthony coming from the main gate. The main priest made his way to Anthony.

"Shoes outside son. I told you to remove your not only because you have entered the monastery but also because we have just cleaned the floor and it will get dirty again." said the priest.

"I never thought that you will return so soon." said the priest.

"I need help, I need to go to China." said Anthony.

The priest smiled and delivered his words with a lauh

"That's too easy all you just need to do is to make your way to 'Kathmandu' from there you can get a number of flights for China." said the priest.

"That's my problem because neither I have my passport neither any money to afford the tickets." said Anthony,

"I am sorry then I can't help in that case because my disciples never found any passport when picked you from the bank of the river." said the priest.

"Isn't there any means, and by that I mean some cargo which can take me to China without any passport. I just need to cross the border and get into China." said Anthony.

"You are showing too much hurry, calm yourself, it will help you." said the priest.

"Just tell me the way, I don't have any time other stuff." said the priest.

"Well there some cargo trucks loaded with goods that come from China to Nepal and luckily to 'Lwang Ghalel', that might be useful." said priest.

"Didn't you heard me I want to go China not to Nepal." said Anthony.

The priest smiled again and said, "that's I was telling you to calm yourself in your worries you forgot that the trucks will return to China."

The anger get vanished from Anthony's face and he apologized to the priest for his behaviour. The priest accepted his apology and moved his hand to 'Lord Buddha'.

"Maybe he also wants you to be calm because the trucks had already left for China and will be here tomorrow." said the priest.

Anthony kept staring at Buddha and nodded his head.

After that the priest and Anthony sat in the meditation chamber and the priest arranged the atmosphere like a tea ceremony so that he could talk with Anthony.

"So how did it went? Were you able to restart from your interval?" said the priest.

"Not exactly. I will say that I am still pursuing my interval and and trying to make a new start but there is still one obstacle in my story, however I was able recognize 'Him' and I know that soon I will be able to remove that obstacle because 'He' has given his sign that 'He' is with me." said Anthony.

"Well if that's the case then I don't need to worry about you. You will make your interval and later your end." said the priest

And the day passed as the conversation went on and the day came when the trucks came with goods. The disciples of the priest talked with the drivers to give Anthony a lift to China.

"Where actually you want to go?" said the driver.

"Beijing." said Anthony.

"You are lucky we will be making our way through Beijing to get loaded up." said the driver.

"Do you have your ID or passport with visa? because you will need that on the border." said the driver.

"No." said Anthony.

"What? then you will be shot and I will be in jail or maybe sentenced to death for carrying a refugee." said the driver.

"Just inform me before the border and I will manage." said Anthony.

The driver first argued but later on Anthony was able to convince him.

"Can I ask you for something?" said the priest.

"Yes anything you want." said Anthony.

"Always follow the teaching of Buddha if you get stuck anywhere." said the priest.

"I don't need to follow his teaching's." said Anthony.

The priest looked at him with an upset face because he thought he was not able to help Anthony in showing the correct path.

"He will remind me but I say 'He' will show me because 'He' is with me." said Anthony.

That believe over the almighty brought back the smile of the priest and Anthony departed for China with the driver. In the middle they stopped for lunch and also bought their meal for dinner.

"I am surprised that you know my language." said Anthony.

"It's a myth that the Chinese people can only speak in their language." said the driver.

At the evening they reached the border and driver informed Anthony before that.

"I am going to hide myself." said Anthony.

"What? You said you will manage." said the driver.

"And I am doing so." said Anthony.

"They have got patrolling dogs they will smell you." said the driver.

"That's why I am applying diesel on my clothes. You just act normally, don't let them gain any suspect." said Anthony.

The truck driver has parked his truck at the last so that the soldiers will take some time to check his truck and taking the advantage of it Anthony could hid himself. He went back the truck without getting into the eyes of the soldiers opened his clothes tied them together and changed his body into it's skeletal form, then separated his joints and made them to move under the truck and hid them behind the parts. The bundle of clothes was held by the hand which he hid behind the diesel cylinder and placed his head in between so that he can have a watch over all of his parts.

The soldiers came for checking and the problem arrived. Anthony had applied so much diesel on his clothes that diesel started to ooze out from his clothes which the dogs smelled. The soldier saw that diesel was coming out from the tank. However Anthony moved back his hands so that his clothes couldn't be seen.The soldier went to the driver.

"Your tank is leaking diesel." said the soldier.

The driver understood that it must be because of his passenger.

"I just filled it with diesel before arriving at the checkpoint." said the driver.

"But the marks are from the front." said the soldier.

"That might be because I parked the truck so I moved my truck forward and backward." said the driver.

"But there are no traces behind, I just checked the road." said the soldier.

The driver was in thoughts that what excuse he can give to the soldier which could be natural and could fit in this situation.

"Open the container." said the soldier.

The driver opened the container but there was nothing and it was completely empty because the driver had already supplied the goods and Anthony was also not there.

"Check your tank if it leaks otherwise you will not be able to go to China maybe it has started to leak just now." said the soldiers.

The driver just acted to fix the tank and then moved his truck through the check point.Then Anthony came in through the window when they went a little far from the check point.

"Where were you?" said the driver.

"I was hiding under the truck." said Anthony.

"It's good that they didn't see you, for a moment I thought that we will get caught when the soldier mentioned about leaking diesel." said the driver.

"Yeah I applied too much on my clothes." said Anthony.

"But I am happy that you made it, you are amazing, you were hiding under the truck and they didn't see you." said the driver.

The driver drove for the whole night however it was difficult to make way on risky hill turns and after a long tiring journey..

"So here's your destiny." said the driver.

"This is not Beijing." said Anthony.

"I know that, it would take us five to six days more to move to Beijing, but the monks told me that you are in a hurry so I am dropping you here." said the driver.

"But how will I go to Beijing?" said Anthony.

"You hear that, aeroplane there is an airport you can see the runway. The planes carry goods cultivated here in the mountains to the metropolitan cities, that will help you to go to Beijing, that's a much faster ride." said the driver.

"Does it go to Beijing?" said Anthony.

"Not directly, but it will lead to metropolitan cities of China from there you can go to Beijing and I have seen your ability to pass under someone's nose and without tickling it, so it's not going to be a tough task for you." said the driver.

"Okay, thanks for carrying me here." said Anthony.

And the driver left and Anthony made his way to the airport without being noticed, with the help of his powers he easily hid himself in a plane which was ready on the runway to have a takeoff. Anthony chose it because of his impatient behaviour which he inherited because of the circumstances happened with him and lucky it led him to the outskirts of Beijing however he had to jump from the plane.

"Finally I am here. Beijing welcome the 'Bonebreaker'." said Anthony.

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