Where To Go ?

Anthony jumped from the plane at the outskirts of Beijing where the environment was calm,quiet and clean but there he couldn't see a place which he could suspect to be a laboratory where Grave could use for conducting his experiment. He asked a local regarding a place for experiments. He thought that he was not able to explain the person what he was looking for and neither the local people was that much educated that he could understand the meaning of lab. Anthony was surprised that the local Chinese caught hold of Anthony's intension and told him that he could find that in the main city for which he would have to catch a train which will help him to go to the main city.

Then again the same problem showed itself 'Shortage of money' or you can also say 'Absence of money'. This problem was solved by his powers. He just asked the local regarding the train timings and just jumped on the compartment in that case he didn't need to pay any fine neither someone will ask him for ticket. In the meanwhile a thought struck his mind that he hadn't informed Luke, when he reached the monastery neither when he crossed the border and came into China.

"Luke this is Anthony. Can you hear me?" said Anthony.

"I hear you and it took you too long to reach Nepal." said Luke.

"I am not in Nepal, I am in China, on a train ahh.. practically on it, which is going to drop me in the main city." said Anthony.

"What? you went directly to China. Well if you are in China and you made it so quickly without the help of your local friends then why you were being so rude on me for not finding a way for you to go to China if you made it on your own." said Luke.

"I didn't made it directly I went back to the monastery then from there I took a lift from a truck driver who left me near an airport and from there I hid myself in a flight and I jumped at the outskirts of Beijing and now I am on a train going to the main city." said Anthony.

"Anthony didn't we make a deal that you will inform me when you reach the friends?" said Luke.

"I forgot, I was in a hurry but at least I informed you that I am in China." said Anthony.

"That's fine but do you know where you need to go?" said Luke.

"I asked a local and I am on the correct way. I will contact you again when I leave the train I mean jump from the train." said Anthony.

While Anthony was moving to Beijing Dr. Grave had completed his experiments on the polymorphs with the Chinese scientist.

"So what do you think? Do they still have their abilities or they had lost them permanently?" said Dr. Grave.

"It's hard to say because the tests says that their skin are normal.and so are their bones." said Shin Xiao Huang(the Chinese scientist).

"So they are useless." said Dr. Grave.

"Yes they are but not completely. During the blood test some unique results came. Their Red Blood Cells are somewhere more complex than usual you can see if you see their molecular structure, their is a little imbalance in their protein content moreover the life of their blood less is more than usual." said Xiao.

"So they still have their powers in their blood." said Dr. Grave.

"It's very uncertain to say because we had their blood samples on some of rats but the changes were not like that as we had thought. Increase in blood pressure,some mental disorder or something like that because the rats couldn't move." said Xiao.

"A side effect not anything much. What happened to the rats?" said Dr.grave.

"Well they came back to normal in two days and when we had their blood sample e didn't find any polymorphic DNA in them it's just vanished. However it's still

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