The Hunt Begins

So till now in my life I had not done anything like this. I had climbed trees in my childhood, even made a tree house but that was much more easier than this was because I used to get a good grip on the trees when barefooted but here removing my shoes would mean loosing my legs because the temperature was too less and it was freezing. The mountain was a steep as I said earlier means we had to climb a straight wall, for that we used hooks and harness to prevent falling. Then also for me it was a difficult because of the strong winds, many time I had Bruce to pull me up since the squad leader told him to tie me with him. To say he was pulling himself as well as me because from the starting I had made my mind not climb the mountain.

Somehow I reached the peak or to say Bruce pulled me. I thought he would be tired because he himself was a heavy guy and pulling me would be a load on him but no, I couldn’t find any expression of tiredness on his face and on that day I realized that why he has got the position of ammo specialist. Carrying ammo and other heavy equipments was his regular job so carrying a skinny one like me was not much difficult for him. Coming down was a easy part but also risky because there was only one position where we could go, the other side was a cliff that’s why we had to climb the mountain otherwise we could have cross the mountain by it’s side.

In my childhood I had read that if you suffer for anything then you will always get a reward similar to the amount you have suffered. Climbing the mountain was a difficult part so I thought coming down would be easier. My bad luck was too strong on that and it never lest my company. We had to again rappel down to move to the cave. Many thinks that rappelling down is an easy and fun activity but that’s because they do it in a clear and sunny weather but here the situation was like that, that because of the winds the ropes were moving to the cliff side so if we directly came down with the help of ropes then our last words would had been ‘goodbye world’.

To overcome this the squad leader and Luke went first but slowly. They rappelled a little distance then made their grip at the mountain, checked the rope then again rappelled to a little distance.Then went Shawn and Dr.Grave. Now it’s the time for me and Bruce. This time I was alone because Bruce had to go down through a different a rope. The Squad Leader knew that I can’t be trusted in situations like this, I was useful but in my field because if I were useless they had already banished me from the team.

I shouldn’t fall down directly into the cliff so the Squad Leader fixed the rope with the ground and now my job was just to go down using the rope and I didn’t need to do rappelling. But the rope’s condition was like a boat’s sail which displacing from it’s position with the wind. I was moving down slowly according to my convenience. Bruce was fed up with me so he just called me to draw my attention to him and pushed me so strongly that I couldn’t hold back the rope with my hands. I was falling freely and at a moment I thought that I would only stop when my body will hit the ground. I forgot that I would automatically stop some feet above the ground because of the harness tied to me.

Finally I stopped and was hanging just some yards above the ground. Then came down Bruce who while the others were removing my harness. We could see the cave which was just in front of us. The storm had now became more massive. We thought it would be gone because while we were climbing the peak it had reduced a little bit but again it had returned when we came down. We all moved towards the cave in order to find the polymorphs and also to find a shelter to hide from the storm.

“Finally! we have arrived at the door of the polymorphs. Oh Holy creatures! welcome your guests.“shouted Grave.

“Squad leader tell your men to show the way ,I can’t even waste a second.“ordered Grave.

“He was the one who was talking to himself and wasting was wasting time and now ordering us to move fast.He is really a psycho,but he is correct somewhere, the snow storm is becoming dense we need to hurry.” thought the leader. He would have thought like that because his expression was like that only.

“Okay! Anthony,you go first, Bruce behind him. Luke, Shawn you two stay at the entrance and keep us updated regarding the storm, any change you observe inform us, either you come to us or we will come to you two”. ordered the squad leader.

Bruce was the most impatient one among us. He couldn’t wait for anything to happen he need it at the instance. For me it’s the time to show off my skills in front of everyone. While the others were discussing the strategy I was preparing the tools which I may need and Bruce without wasting a time moved near the cave’s entrance.

“Hey Anthony ,come here check out these designs on the wall.” said Bruce.

I wonder who would make a design on the walls of such an old cave and specially on it’s entrance. The place was only visited by the priest of that area and they do bot do anything like that or they may have started wall painting for fun. I n order to check it I moved towards the entrance. The things which Bruce was calling as designs were not actually designs, they were but it was some ancient language.

“These aren’t designs actually these are ancient symbols which are trying to give us some message.” I said.

“Soooo, what message are they trying to convey us?” asked Bruce.

“The translation of those symbols according to me is


“What do you mean according to you? Are you trying to say that you are not sure what do these symbols say?” asked Bruce.

“I meant that I translated it according to the knowledge I am having regarding this language and I am pretty sure that I am not wrong. I said according to me because it takes time for my brain to process and convert a language to another and especially when the language is such difficult and old one. It’s just a way of saying Bruce that according to me it should be this it should be that.” I said.

“Okay but don’t say that again because we are fully dependent on you when it comes to things like this but I have to admit that was a pretty good rhyming, the old grandfathers very well knew how to play with words.” said Bruce.

“Instead of considering it as a poetry it would be better if we consider it as a warning.” I said.

“Oh those are just some stupid lines written by some drunk idiots who don’t want others to enter the cave so that they can keep the polymorphs for them. We have already compromised most of our precious time now move into the cave.” shouted Grave with anger.

All the four men entered the cave under my leadership and I can say that proudly because when it comes investigate things at sensitive places, the squad always counts on me blindly! The path was harsh and I advised everyone to use flashlights to see the way instead of flares because there might a gas leakage and when it will meet with the flames of the flare it would simply fry us all.

Thanks to me and my skill of reading the ancient languages we were able to overcome every trap that were eagerly waiting for the visitors who enters the cave to come and get caught in them. So we made out of every trap which was there for us or I say we made out of every trap which was not even present there. I said that because that place was built for monks who worshiped the polymorphs and they had to follow the same path to get to them on which we were walking. They could get also get trapped in the trap.

There was another theory according to me that the entrance from where we entered might not be the entrance instead it might be the exit. Since there were no traps laid it made me to believe this because let’s believe that the exit was the entrance then why the builders will not lay any trap on it? Simple answer because when you once had seen the polymorphs means that you didn’t get caught in any trap which would mean that you might be a monk or devotee. So once you are in you would like to look for an exit where you won’t have to worry about the traps.

But I think I was wrong because there was only way in and out which finally concludes that my first theory was right that there were no traps laid or there may be traps laid but because of me we didn’t get trapped in them.

We passed every trap (if there was any) but we had to stop at the at the last chamber because in front of us was ‘The Forbidden Gate’ almost a 10 inch thick gate, made by carving the mountain rock. Actually we didn’t give it the name of the forbidden gate it was written on the chambers’ door that the forbidden gates waits for you which translated.

“No piece of stone can stop me after getting this far, blow it up” said Dr. Grave.

“With pleasure.” replied Bruce.

I ran back because I didn’t like the noise and vibration of explosion.

“No the explosion’s vibration can make the whole cave fall on us.” said the Squad Leader.

“So what’s your plan genius? I can’t tolerate a door with moss and cracks laughing at my incapability to get to the polymorphs.” said Dr. Grave.

“There must be some other way to open it. Everyone search this area, inform the others if you see something odd. But be careful there may be traps waiting for us.” I said.

“In such an odd place you are telling us to find something odd, feels like finding an invisible hay in a stack of hay. It would be much easy if we burn the stack.” said Bruce.

Then the fire will also burn your invisible hay. We want it in a single piece not in ashes.” said the Squad Leader.

None of us were able to find anything odd in that room, except for the statues of of ancient soldiers facing the forbidden gate c holding a spear in their hand.

“I guess there is nothing except these statues above us.” said The Squad Leader.

“They must be the ‘Guardians’, mentioned outside cave.” said Dr. Grave.

“I thought you ignored that warning.” I said.

“I do ignore stuffs like that but I never underestimate them.” said Dr. Grave.

Hearing that kind of answer from that kind of person made me to believe that Grave was not like the one from inside which he seemed to be from outside. He was very impatient a minute ago and now he calm and relaxed.

“Instead of finding the key of that gate, at least we must first try to find the key hole, because I can’t even see any key hole on that gate, wearing a jacket made of the webs of spiders.” said Bruce.

This was the seventh time if I remember properly that Bruce said something which was exactly correct to the situation and we all had agreed to it.

“Okay we can do that, but maintain a distance there is a chance of a poisonous spider waiting for you.Use your gun.” I said.

You might be thinking why I didn’t go to help Bruce finding the key hole because you didn’t see the condition of the forbidden gate and it’s jacket of spiders so I thought that work was perfect for him because Grave was tired because of his old age and was sitting alone on a rock. The squad leader was still searching for some odd thing in the cave and I was.... just standing and was staring everyone.

“Yeah right and if you hadn’t mentioned it I was not about to insert my hands into the webs. (After searching for a while) Hey I think I found the hole.” said Bruce.

“What? wait I am coming with my ‘flare torch’. By looking at the the key hole I think I can identify what kind of key we are searching for.” said Anthony.

I burnt my flare and started moving towards Bruce. In the meantime Bruce accidentally touched the lock and activated the Guardian’s trap. The chamber started shaking and the Guardian’s released their spear like a slingshot.

“Watch out.” shouted The Squad Leader.

I was lucky that I wasn’t in the range of the spears, however a spear just passed by my face, giving me a wound on my cheek near the nose. Due to the impact I fell on the ground, the flare got released from my hands, fell in front of Bruce and on the wall we saw Bruce’s shadow being speared by the Guardian’s spear from .

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