The Forbidden Gate Opens

I was lying on the floor mourning in pain since one of the spear of the guardian's had given me a deep wound at my cheek but I was still alive but Bruce was not as lucky as I was . He was not wounded by the spears but they had penetrated his body and he died. He had experienced much more pain before dying than me because in my case it was just a wound not much more than that.

Loosing Bruce was a shock for me and also for the Squad leader, but not for Dr.Grave he was still behind the polymorphs but in his path was standing his biggest obstruction 'The Forbidden Gate'. If I remember correctly at that time my body was feeling two kinds of pain one was physically which was because of the wound which the spear gave me and the other was mental pain because I saw my best friend and most dependable team mate in the squad die in front of me.

I was having hallucinations of the mission which we had together where he saved me or helped as he was the tough guy of the squad, a very different member from me. At a time I felt that it was all my fault that Bruce died because he already said that at times when we need to investigate and run our mind at historic places the squad is mostly dependent on me. But this time I failed because I couldn't save my friend with those abilities because of which I used to feel proud to call myself as an important member of the squad.

The Squad Leader helped me to get up and to come out of the deadly scenario which I happened in front of us because he knew that I do not have a habit of watching someone dying in front of me, moreover he knew that Bruce and I were the best pals in the squad. He gave me first-aid kit to clean my wound and to stop the bleeding. In the meantime Grave came to me.

"Get up Anthony it's just a small scratch we still have to find a way to unlock that gate. Go and search for the thing you were looking for to open the gates." said Dr.Grave.

"Are you out of your sense. He just survived from the spears and you still want to make him to do something that will again bring chaos to our lives. We had already lost one of our men who died such such a painful death and his body is still having those spears in it." shouted the Squad Leader.

"Your man died because he interfered in Anthony's work. Handling critical stuffs like that is Anthony's work not his." said Dr. Grave.

"It was an accident he didn't do anything on his own. He was searching for the lock to open the bloody gate so that you can get to those fishes. He gave his life for you and you still don't show an expression of regret on your face." said the Squad Leader.

"You only said that it was an accident. I am nowhere responsible for the death of your man." said Dr.Grave.

"Don't you have feelings inside you Grave?" asked the Squad Leader.

"I hired you to help me to get to those polymorphs not to give me some silly lessons on emotion, feelings or anything else. Now shut your mouth up because you can't do anything for your dead comrade he is gone." said Dr.Grave.

While the two were arguing I stood up on my own, somewhere I felt that Grave was right because Bruce was always desperate to complete every mission. He considered every mission as important, doesn't matter if it was a risky one or an easy one however no mission of our squad were easy. He was like the one who lacked patience bit that doesn't mean that it was all his fault. He just wanted to help.

I made a step and started moving towards the gate without even applying any antiseptic on the wounds. I had just cleaned it with water and the blood had already started to clot. At that time I had only one thing in my mind that I must open those bloody doors because of which we lost a member of our team.

I stopped for a while in front of the doors near Bruce's body.

"I am sorry my friend, I couldn't make it in time. Only if I had come to you earlier then this would have never happened and you would have been with us with one more successful mission in your list." I said.

While the Squad Leader and Dr. Grave were fighting among themselves I moved to examine the area which activated the trap and to find the reasons of the Guardian's to throw the spears. But I couldn't came to any conclusion by just observing that small area so I took out another flash torch and started clearing the webs to bring out the whole figure of the Forbidden Gate which was hiding behind those webs.

While I was clearing the a spider jumped out from the web maybe to escape his death due to the flames of the flare.

"Whoa! that was close. I need to be more careful from now on." I said.

I didn't remember the species of the spider. Actually I don't know the name of any of their species but by looking at it's colour it was clear that it was poisonous.

After removing the coat of web from some of the area of the gates up to there where my hand could reach , a circular structure came out which was in the shape of gear with a hole in it's middle portion and also between the teeth of the gear. I started examining those gaps because I thought why would someone make such an odd carving on Gate and neither it had any information inscribed on it. I came to the conclusion after a while that this might be the lock.

Actually I forgot that Bruce was looking for the lock before he died so it has to be the lock but the thing I couldn't get was that, if that was the lock then the holes or gaps on it must be the keyholes, but the difficulty was that the holes were too many in number and that means that either we will have find a single key to open all of them or a different key for each of the lock.

Then there was another problem, that we never found anything in the chamber that could go inside those holes and open the lock. The only thing which we saw were the Guardian's and their spears which attacked us.

When I turned back and looked at the Guardian's they still had a spear in their hands. Now that was weird because they had already attacked Bruce with their spears so their hands should be empty. Then I don't know what came into my mind that I thought to examine the spears which were in Bruce's body. I was not fully confident of my theory but there was no other possible theory which could connect everything which happened in the chamber.

Examining the spears that had penetrated through Bruce's body was a little bit tough for me because of the blood on them and I even had to move Bruce's dead body. I somehow pulled out one of the spears from his body and took it as a sample to check whether the spears goes into the holes or not, and as I suspected it did go inside the hole and I even heard a sound which we usually hear when something is made to attach with a socket but the door didn't open. This meant that a spear must be inserted in each of the hole in order to open the door.

"So in order to open the door you need to make the Guardian's throw their spears towards the door and they are placed at such an angle that their spears will move directly into the hole but the question is how to make them throw their spears without being killed by them? "

"Think Anthony think the Guardian's used their spear just a moment ago. What made them to do it? Neither of us had touched anything except Bruce who was searching for the lock. So what did Bruce touched that triggered the trap?"

Actually I was talking to myself in order to connect all the links and get to a final conclusion. I usually used to talk to myself whenever I was stuck somewhere to find a solution. I went at the same place where Bruce was and acted the same way as Bruce did. Though I didn't see him but there was a possibility that he might have done the same.

I was going through the gear like structure in order to find anything that could be give me hint to activate the trap. Yes I wanted to activate them. The only way to open the gate was that you will have to insert the spears in the locks and for that you need to make the guardians attack once you activate the trap either knowingly or unknowingly.

"How?", "How did Bruce made the guardians to attack him?What did he touch?" , "What did he touch?"

Actually these were the questions which were there in my mind and I was trying to get the answers. It was important for me to find every link. Though I had found out that the spears were the keys or might be the keys and the holes were the lock to insert the keys to open the gate but still I had no idea how to bring the keys to the lock.

I could have directly brought the keys to the lock by myself by borrowing them from the guardian's but then I thought that if I do so then there might be a chance that because of that I may activate another trap and lose my life. So I thought to do it in Bruce's style. I copied everything which Bruce did before he accidentally activated the trap mechanism and finally I got the answer which cleared all of my doubts.

When I was at the middle of the gate's gear like structure I observed a carving which looked to me a little bit different from the other. It was a little bit bulged outside than the rest of the carving.I was not sure that whether it was the thing which I was looking for but I had to take the risk.

We are advised not touch anything regarding which we don't have any idea but I wanted to confirm myself. When I pressed it I mean I applied just a little bit force, it did move inside. At that instance I removed my hand from there because I knew I had found what I was looking for.

"Squad Leader I think I know how to open this gate." I shouted.

"WHAT?" said the Squad Leader and Dr.Grave( after saying that they both look at each other ).

At least they reacted together at some point not formally but the war among them ended at last.

"Remember what was inscribed on the wall at the cave's entrance." I said.

"No. I forgot." said Dr. Grave.

"What else can be expected from you?" said The Squad Leader.

"Did you have the idea that there was a kind of creature that has been living from millennium under our nose and we didn't any information regarding it. Well I had and I was the one who brought you here. This is what you can expect from me." replied Dr.Grave.

Noticing that the war has again started between the two I jumped in the middle with my theory.

Your greed has led you here, Beware of the Guardian's spear. Turn back and return, Or you will not see tomorrow's Sun,that was not only a warning but also the instruction to open this gate." I said.

"Look at the gate, did you see the gaps?, I think those are the key holes and the key to them are the Guardian's spear. When you press the gap in the middle of the gear you activate the trap and the Guardian's fire their spears towards that gear. And they even are placed so that their spear could get into the gap." I explained.

"Anthony are you so confident that we have to press that switch in the middle? I can't risk someone's life except for one." asked the Squad Leader.

"Because the other gaps doesn't stand a chance.Bruce cleared the area of the middle switch with his flare." I said.

"But I can see the whole gate is free from the webs now." said Dr. Grave.

"I had just cleared the webs, before that it was only the middle area. Now you just listen what I am telling. Once you press the middle switch it somehow activates the trap which is not only a trap but also the procedure to send the keys to the lock to open the gate."

"But you have to be aware that you must not come in the way of the spears when they are released otherwise you will be the lock for them and they will the key to you of afterlife, that's why it was mentioned in the third line to turn back and return"

"But by mistake Bruce committed that mistake. He didn't get any chance to turn back and return."

You must have seen Geave's expression when I shouted at him to listen to me. He would have never thought he will get such kind of reply from someone like me.

"Are you sure that the switch is the thing that will activate the trap?" asked Dr. Grave.

"I couldn't find anything else in this room which could be made responsible for activating the trap." I said.

" Okay but how are we going to press the that gap without getting in the way of the spears?" asked the Squad Leader.

"We will use the guns to shoot the switch. With the bullets force it should move inside" said Dr. Grave .

"And to do so we will have go near the gate for a perfect aim and in that we will be in the range of the spears." said the Squad Leader.

"Then turn to night vision and use the red dot sight attached to your gun" said Dr. Grave.

"Wow!" I thought. I never thought that Grave would give an advise to the Squad leader regarding guns and all. I believed that he was just an archaeologist like me but at that moment I realized he was more than what he used to show to the real world.

"Anthony come this side. "said the Squad Leader.

After Anthony to their side the Squad Leader fix an aim on the left side of the middle gap and fires his gun and the bullet hits the gear and once again the Guardian's release their spear, but this time it moves to the gaps and the chamber shakes again and finally 'The Forbidden Gate' opens.

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