Time For A Betrayal

“Magnificent! at last the gate to the polymorphs are open.” shouted Dr. Grave. “Let’s move in”said Dr. Grave.

“You shouldn’t have figured it out Anthony,the way to open the gate”said the Squad Leader.

“I did that for Bruce who died trying to open them”said Anthony.

“You yourself don’t know why you did that”said the Squad Leader.

“And you know the reason for it”said Anthony.

“Don’t take it the other way but frankly speaking the center was Bruce but the reason was not his sacrifice,you did that because you were feeling guilty of Bruce’s death.It is your work to examine things like that but you were at the place and an accident occurred, so you open the gate to hide your guilt and remove the mark of a killer from your face”said the Squad Leader.

Anthony stood there thinking that did he really opened the gate because of the reason which the Squad Leader told?

All the three men Anthony,Dr. Grave and the Squad Leader enter through the Forbidden Gate,where they came a totally different location from the chamber .Unlike the abandoned chamber the new place had good a vegetation covering it.It was like they came to some other dimension after crossing the gate.

“What is this place? It’s totally different from the chamber, it’s like people still come here to look after this place”said Anthony.

“It was made to live for years without anyone to look after it, because this serves as a suitable habitat for the polymorphs.” said Dr. Grave.

While the two of them were admiring the area ,the Squad Leader words had led Anthony to believe that all that has happened earlier was his fault.

“Anthony ?Anthony!said the Squad Leader.

“Huh..What?“replied Anthony.

“Where is your mind Anthony?“asked the Squad Leader.

“Nowhere.“replied Anthony. “Then Bring it here. See this place, it’s different from the chamber we have came through,the chamber was abandoned but this is full of life.I am not as good as you are in these stuffs but I think the creators of this place are trying to tell us to forget what happened in the past and admire the beauty of this place,they may knew that while opening the gate someone will have to give a sacrifice.“said the Squad Leader.

“But I don’t get it,why will the creators will try to motivate the intruders with such message who come here for the polymorphs?“said Anthony.

“This place is considered sacred by the priest so not only intruders come here but priest also does and this message might be for them rather than for us.See you are so much lost in your thoughts that you have lost your deductive skills.“said the Squad Leader.

“Hmm...“said Anthony.

Anthony started to examine the place which was eye catching that he even forgot all his worries.The air was fresh ,breeze was flowing and a pond in the middle which was shining because of the sun rays falling on it from above.

“From where does the sun rays are coming? I thought there was a snow storm coming.“said the Squad Leader.

“The storm might have stopped”said Dr. Grave.

“Luke come in Luke this is Squad Leader.“said the Squad Leader on his radio.

“What’s the status of the storm,Is it gone?“asked the Squad Leader.

“Copy,the storm has grown huge,it’s not over, I and Shawn are inside the cave. It’s too difficult to stand in the storm. I can’t even see 2 feet in front of me, we are dependent on our thermal visions.“replied Luke.

“Has the target been achieved?“asked Shawn.

“No,not yet, but we are very close to it.“said the Squad Leader.

“Get it quickly,so that we can return”said Shawn.

“Copy.And both of you don’t come too much inside the cave ,it’s covered with traps we have already lost Bruce.“said the Squad Leader.

“What? Bruce is dead.How?“asked Luke. “I will explain that later.“said the Squad Leader.

“What? repeat that again Squad Leader,Mac do you copy? Damn the radio is out. What about yours?” said Luke.

(moving his head )“Not responding “answers Shawn.

“Shawn ,Luke come in.Are you getting me? Looks like the radio is off”said the Squad Leader.

“That pond is the only area receiving the gift of the Gods (here sunlight),it must be the place where we can find the polymorphs”said Dr.Grave.

All the men walked near the pond it was so clear that they could see at a good depth.The source of water might be a river which was connected to the pond.

Inspite of a clear view they were unable to see any polymorphs in the pond.

“I don’t see any polymorph.“said the Squad Leader.

“They should be in there hiding somewhere.“said Dr.Grave

Suddenly a splash was hear on the surface of the pond like something jumped out of water and then again went into it,and waves were formed on the surface of water.

“I see so they have become transparent,and so transparent that they are almost invisible to us. Everyone turn to thermal vision.“said Dr.Grave.

[After applying thermal vision]

“I only see three of them.“said the Squad Leader.

“Only three of them are left from their species.“said Anthony.

“We will take all the three of them,that will be enough for me.” said Dr.Grave.

“What? that will extinct their species. At least leave two of them so that they could increase their population.” said the Squad Leader.

“They had a thousand years to increase their population, I can’t wait any longer.Go get them”said the Squad Leader.

The Squad Leader went in deep thought that if he do what Grave says then the species of the polymorphs will no longer exist.Moreover he was fed up from Grave’s attitude,since he gave him and his team the mark of a murderer who killed the priest.

So after coming to a conclusion he took out his handgun and aimed at Grave.

“Enough of yours Grave,leave those polymorphs and we are evacuating this place with you or without you.” said the Squad Leader.

“You think you can scare me with that toy,then try it.” said the Dr.Grave.

“As you wish.” said the Squad Leader.

And he fired his gun but no bullet came out from it.Then in an instant Grave took his gun ou t and fired aiming at the Squad Leader’s chest.

“No...” shouted Anthony.

He took his gun out and started firing on Grave,but since Anthony was not so good in those stuffs he missed the shot.Then Grave fired his Gun and shot at Anthony’s legs.Anthony fell on the floor and cried due to pain.

“Not expected from you Anthony, and you my Squad Leader you might be wondering how did it turned against you let me clear that. Remember when I took your gun outside the cave and fired one bullet I just removed the magazine of your gun ,you know just in case if I needed it. ” said Dr. Grave.

“What if I was in a situation where I have to use my gun?” asked the Squad Leader.

“Then instead of Bruce you might have died.“said Dr. Grave.

“You psycho.” said the Squad Leader.

And Dr.Grave shoot on his head and finished him.Anthony some how stood up and walked towards Grave with his injured leg.Grave shoot at his other leg now Anthony was unable to move.Grave went to him pulled him up by holding his collar and took a shot at his abdomen.

“It’s a great loss to me to loose a men like you Anthony.” said Dr.Grave.

And he fired the gun and the bullet went in his body and because of the force he fell in the pond drowning to it’s depth ,he could see Grave at the bank.

“Consider yourself lucky if you found some more polymorphs and do not forget to inform me.“said Dr.Grave.

The light began to decrease the view around him darkened and he closed his eyes

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