Let's See The Polymorphs

After the incident Grave came out from the cave but not from the path he came in since he was not having anybody to get caught in the trap and clear his way.Luckily there a secret passage at sacred pond of the polymorphs which was directly connected to the entrance.

“The storm is slowing down.” said Shawn.

“The radio is back but no one’s responding.“said Luke.

Suddenly the rocks of the wall started shaking like it was about to fall.And finally it collapsed and Grave came out of it.

“You hear that. Squad Leader ,Anthony is that you ?(Luke tried to connect to their receiver). No one’s responding Shawn get behind that wall and cover me, but don’t shoot ,it may be someone else and they mustn’t know how many we are,if something happens come out and we will shoote’m out.” said Luke.

Luke and Shawn took the position Luke at the middle with aim inside the cave’s entrance and Shawn hiding behind the wall.

“Who is that? answer me or I will shoot.“said Luke.

“No need to waste the bullets It’s me Grave.” said Dr.Grave.

“Shawn come out it’s Dr.Grave.” said Luke.

“Why are you carrying a container filled with water?” asked Shawn.

“Look carefully it is having the polymorphs .They are transparent so it is difficult to spot them.“said Dr.Grave.

“Where are the rest of the people?” asked Luke.

“They are all dead ,only I was able to make it.” said Dr.Grave.

“What? The Squad Leader told that only Bruce died.” said Luke.

“Bruce died while we were making our way through ,Oh God! may he ‘Rest In Peace’ ,but when we reached there the Squad Leader grew greedy he wanted to take the polymorphs all by himself and I tried to convince him that it will extinct their species but he aimed his gun at me.Anthony tried to stop him and fired at him with his gun but he missed and the Squad Leader shot him down.While he was distracted I took my gun and fired at him but I was not able to save Anthony.” explained Dr.Grave.

“Did that really happened ?“asked Shawn.

“All of our radios are connected, didn’t you hear on it?” said Dr.Grave.

“The radios were not catching the signal because of the storm.” said Luke.

“Are you trying to say that I might have killed them but you can’t prove that because the signal was out? If that’s the matter then go and check yourself.“said Dr. Grave.

Grave started moving forward towards the base but Luke suspected his fake story.

“What do you say Luke,shall we go and check it the truth?” asked Shawn.

“No the Squad Leader mentioned the traps of the cave and Anthony is also gone,let’s say we go in but I don’t think that we will able to come out with the truth.For now we have to accept Grace’s story and follow him.” said Luke.

Because of lack of evidence both accepted that Dr. Grave was telling the truth and returned to the base camp ,since night was about to spread itself over the sky. On the other side fortunately Anthony was carried away by ‘Mardi’, river and was thrown on it’s bank. Wounded ,tired and struggling for life he somehow manage to crawl up the bank and became unconscious after a little effort.

At base camp though Grave got the polymorphs but he couldn’t perform any test on them because of their transparency and thermal vision was also not helping him this time.It became necessary for him to make the polymorphs opaque and then continue his desire because he was having only three of them and losing one them without any information would be a matter of a big loss to him.

He was not in a condition to lose any polymorph in case if the test to make them visible fails,so he need to be aware whatever test he choose it mustn’t take their lives.

“He is been sitting there and looking at that tank for hours without a movement.“said Shawn.

“I don’t know what is in his mind and neither do I trust his fake story.“said Luke.

“So you are confident that the Squad Leader didn’t betray us.” said Shawn.

“I have been on missions with Mac before where we had seen more precious things than those fishes .If his mind didn’t change then why now for something which he can’t even see?” said Luke.

“We use psychology to study people’s mind and behaviour but we still can’t predict what step they will take next and that’s the tricky thing about human behaviour.“. said Dr. Grave.

“Looks like you still don’t believe me Luke. Well it’s obvious that the innocent is always accused to be guilty.” said Dr. Grave.

“Well I don’t care ,but would you mind bringing me a cup of coffee?” said Dr. Grave.

Luke turns back and make his way to the kitchen and Shawn was behind him.

“You stay here Shawn,I may need you here.“said Dr. Grave.

Luke stopped for a moment then Shawn made his way back to the lab towards Grave and without looking back he made his way to the kitchen.

“I am sorry for his behaviour, he was just too much connected with the Squad Leader and Anthony.“said Shawn.

“How long it’s been since you joined the group?” asked Dr. Grave.

“Hardly two months and this was my first mission.” said Shawn.

Grave was looking at the tank and talking to Shawn who was standing behind him and Shawn was answering his questions.

“What are trying to see in the tank? means you’ve been continuously looking at the tank.” asked Shawn.

“I am trying to see that thing which I wish I could see.” said Dr. Grave.

“If you are talking about the polymorphs then use the thermal vision.“said Shawn.

“Thermal vision only show their heat signatures and their body it will be difficult for me to check their internal organs.“said Dr.Grave.

“Are you planning to do their postmortem?” asked Shawn.

“To know that how their body works, it’s necessary. Any ideas to that?“said Dr. Grave.

“Well they are like a mirror so place a opaque object behind them to see them.“said Shawn

“In that case you will see your own image not the polymorphs.” said Dr.Grave.

“Then you can spray colour on them.“said Dr. Grave.

“That will only make their skin visible.“said Dr.Grave.

“Oh! yes.I think we should ask Luke he might have some idea for this.” said Shawn.

“No not him he is hopeless and also suspects me and may give an idea because of which I may loose the polymorphs, that’s why I asked you to stay.“said Grave.

Shawn went to take some advice from Luke but he couldn’t find him after searching the whole area he found him shooting at bullet proof glass.

“What’s the use of shooting at the glass which your bullets can’t penetrate?asked Shawn.

“That glass is Grave’s lie which I can’t counter and it’s transparency depicts that his lie can’t be caught.All I need to do is to fire my gun which means to investigate,and when I fire my gun the glass absorb the impact and get crushed and become visible.This shows all I have to do is to keep on suspecting Grave and slowly the invisible truth will come out and I will be able to..“said Luke.

He stopped for a moment then fired continuously at a point and breaks the bullet proof glass.

“Break the glass! or you can say punish Grave for his deed and if necessary also kill him.” said Luke with anger.

“If you compress the glass or crush it you can see it.” thought Shawn.

“What did you just say?” asked Luke

“I said that if we some how compress,crush or bring the cells of the polymorphs closer to each other we can them Dr.Grave. It’s just like a bulletproof glass.” said Shawn.

[after taking the idea from Luke’s explanation he ran to Dr.Grave and informed him regarding it.]

“You are right,that can be a solution nice thinking Shawn,I am impressed.“said Dr.Grave.

“But how are you going to bring their cells together?” asked Shawn.

“Electricity! we will place them in an electrolytic cell and will pass electricity through them.” said Dr.Grave.

“But that will require a lot of electricity and passing it through them at a time may kill them.“said Shawn.

“That’s why we have start with low current and then gradually increase the power so that they could adapt to it.“said Dr.Grave.

“But adapting to it will require a thousand years.“said Shawn.

“Not for the polymorphs, they are the prehistoric creatures and were able to survive when most of the species became extinct and because of the meteorite the climatic condition of Earth changed very quickly if they survived then they can survive now also.“said Shawn.

“That just an assumed theory, evolution doesn’t occur in one day.” said Shawn.

“If one of them dies at least I will have two left with me.” said Dr.Grave.

However Grave’s experiment worked out and within three days. He kept polymorph under a particular voltage for 30 mins and gradually increase it after 30 mins interval.However on high voltage the skin of the polymorph burned because of excessive heat but it was alive and that was enough for Grave.He continued the experiment for the other two.But after the experiment the polymorphs lost their elastic bone, their bones also got fused in the experiment.

However their blood got dusre too and this shift in the blood cells also made the shift in their powers from their bones to their blood which Grave didn’t know.

And here Anthony was moved to a monastery from the bank of the river for his treatment.

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