Have A New Start

“Enough of yours Grave,leave those polymorph”.

“What if I had to use gun to protect myself.”

“It’s a big loss for me to loose a men like you Anthony.”


Anthony woke up in a hurry taking deep breaths and was surprised to see himself in a closed room occupied by jars and pots .He looked through the window beside his bed and was surprised to a valley beneath him as the last thing he remembered was drowning.

“Where am I?” he asked to himself.

And the next moment a monk came in the room in search of herbs.He didn’t notice that Anthony was awake.

“Excuse me.Where am I?” Anthony asked.

And within a moment the monk ran out of the room shouting something in the local language which Anthony couldn’t understand.

" Well that’s a strange reaction for my question.” said Anthony.

He thought the monk doesn’t know his language and started to look here and there in the room.After a while the main priest came into the room.

“So you are awake.” said the priest in a gentle voice.

“You know my language.” said Anthony.

“This is a tourist place many tourist visit our monastery so we have learned their language so that we can understand what they are saying.” said the priest.

“Where am I? Which place is this? asked Anthony.

“One question at a time son.You are in a Buddhist monastery and to your first question we are ‘Lwang Ghalel’,for more convenience you are in Nepal.” said the priest.

“How did I came here? asked Anthony.

“My disciples brought you here 3 days ago when went they went to get water.You were unconsciously lying on the bank of Mardi river.” said the priest.

“I have been here for three days? Anthony asked surprisingly.

“Today is the fourth day.” said the priest.

“So how did you end drowning in the river?” asked the protest.

“I fell into it.” said Anthony.

“You fell.So are you a mountaineer who came to climb the Everest and fell from it?” asked the priest.

“Ah... Yes!” replied Anthony.

“Oh, I doubt that son because a mountainneer who fell from a mountain,obviously while climbing[ he told with a laughter] can have wounds on his body but not bullets inside his body.” said the priest.

“Oh yes I was shot[he whispered]. Did you called a doctor and cured me.” asked Anthony.

“We are having doctors in the next village for which you would have to cross that mountain you see from the window beside you.” said the priest.

“You mean to say that the bullets are still inside my body.” Anthony shouted.

“Don’t worry son, I and my disciple had removed them from your body, however the one in your abdomen was a little riskier.” said the priest.

“So.., you know how to do an operation and without any mistake..!” said Anthony.

[The priest answered with a smile and laughed at the end]

“If we had done a mistake you would have been dead already and we would have finished your funeral.” said the priest.

“So tell me what happened with you and how did fell in that river?” asked the priest.

“I can only say that I got paid for my sins that I almost died.” said Anthony.

“There is no doubt about it,but remember one thing my son you might have done something right in the end because of which you are alive today.” said the priest.

“I don’t think so ,but I have to correct many things.I need to go.” said Anthony.

“I don’t allow that.” said the pries.

“You are not getting aah...” Anthony cried.

He just tried to move from his bed when he felt pain in his legs.

“It’s been just three days, we might have removed the bullets but the wounds are still fresh.If you move you will disturb the process of healing.” said the priest.

“If I don’t get back everything will be messed up and I only fix it because I only know the truth.” said Anthony.

“Have patience my son I know you have something important to do but you’re not in a condition to move.Remember one thing Lord Buddha once said ‘One day will get the thing we are looking for and if not then it’s because we find something much greater than our thoughts’ .” said the priest.

And after saying that he left the room,on reaching the door he turned back to Anthony.

“And if you want to change your rest room then you are free to ask any of my disciple.We kept you in the store room so that we could treat you with our herbs without any delay as you were not in a condition that your body could tolerate more.” said the priest .

Anthony couldn’t say anything because the priest was right at his place and his body has also not recovered from the incident that took place in the cave of polymorph.

“No,no,no,no,no that just can’t be it.This is ,why Now...?” shouted Dr. Grave.

Shawn came into the lab after hearing Grave’s scream.

“What happened Dr.Grave?” asked Shawn.

“You idiot it happened because of you ,all of my efforts just washed away because of your ideas.” shouted Dr.Grave.

“What happened?I did nothing.” said Shawn.

“Look at the X- rays result of the polymorphs which I just had on them.” said Dr.Grave.

“What’s weird in this?” asked Shawn.

“Here, compare the X-ray which I took when they were invisible and the one which I took after making them visible.” said Dr.Grave.

Shawn hold both the X- ray result in his hand and tried to find the difference among them.

“See here is the difference in their bone alignment.The shock treatment not only just brought their skin cells together but also it made their bones solid from elastic.” shouted Dr.Grave.

“So what’s wrong in that?” asked Shawn.

Grave pushed him so hard that he fell on the table, Grave took his gun placed it on Shawn’s head grabbed his neck with his other hand.

“Are you out of your sense Shawn? Without their elastic bone ability a polymorph is nothing but a common fish.After the experiment their skin burned and now they are an ugly common fish.” shouted Dr.Grave.

“Okay now I understood the reason of your worries.” said Shawn.

“All of my efforts,my sacrifice are all dumped in just three days.” said Dr.Grave.

“You will always get the result of your deeds whether it is wrong or right in the end.Remember one thing, though you have done all wrong doings your whole life but a good one at the last is always appreciated by the Supreme Soul. The living example in my view is your case Anthony.” said the priest.

The priest served Anthony a cup of tea with medicines added to it for quick healing of his wounds.

“Just one good thing at the last will cancel all the sins of an individual that’s an impossible equation.” said Anthony.

“This world is His book and we are the characters.He writes the story of every character where there is ‘a start’ ,‘an interval’ and ‘an end’.The start may not be good for everyone,He helps to manage the interval but the end depends upon us because at that time in His eyes we are all matured ones who have seen the world more than the ones who are having a start or an interval.” said the priest.

“But in my case I was having my interval and met my end.” said Anthony.

“That might be because of your doing that your end came so fast.But you might have done something good at the end because of which He changed the story and gave you a chance for a new start.” said the priest.

“How are so sure that He wants me to have a new start?” asked Anthony.

The priest laughed and answered with a smile.

“If it’s not that the case then tell me one thing who can survive against the current and cold water of the Mardi river, having three bullets in his body.Now it’s up to you whether you want have a new start or you are willing to continue your interval.” said the priest.

Anthony went deep in thoughts and asked himself what decision he should take.

“If you still want to continue your interval then don’t forget He is with you in this stage and will help you to manage your stage.” said the priest.

Anthony again thought about his past and within a second replied

“I will continue my interval and bring end to that person who send my mates to end and tried to send me to my end.” said Anthony with enough confidence.

“Revenge is not the only solution my son you will again spoil your story.” said the priest.

“You said He writes our story and changed it in my case and I say He also wants me to take my revenge and if He didn’t want thhen He would have killed me before.” said Anthony.

“Very well then ,but that person hasn’t done any harm to me and my disciple so don’t expect any help from my side regarding your revenge.” said the priest.

“No not from you but I do expect external help and from Him.” said Anthony.

“But again remember He can come to you in any form for your help, it’s your responsibility to identify Him.” said the priest.

“I will know his presence doesn’t matter in which form he comes to me.” said Anthony.

He again went in his thoughts and said.

“Be prepared Grave because a new Anthony’s coming to you who will different from the previous one and this one will take the revenge of all who died because of you and I will send you to your Grave.” said Anthony.

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