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Anthony and the priest were having a morning walk on the valley.

"It's been almost 7 days when my disciples found you. I see that your health is improving." said the priest.

"That's why I was thinking that I should leave today." said Anthony.

"Today? Son I just told that your health is improving not yet improved totally. Your wounds may have healed a lot but the part on which you have them may not have recovered internally. If you give too much stress on them your condition may detoriate." said the priest.

"I have been at your services for a week, a lot of things might have happened there and now if I stay here much more then I might not be able to correct the things." said Anthony.

"What if I say that you want to go back to the place where the people are waiting to kill you again?" said the priest.

"There are some whom I can trust." said Anthony.

"So you have made your mind to go. I will not stop you because I can't stop you, but before you leave will you answer me a question?" said the priest.

"I will only if I know the answer." replied Anthony.

"What work do you do actually.?" asked the priest.

"Okay that's one which I can answer. I am an archaeologist, Our work is to."

The priest interrupted in between.

"Dig out the history and show it to the world, an interesting job." said the priest.

"And why did you chose to be one?" asked the priest.

"Long story." said Anthony.

"Well I have a lot of time or I say very less time to spend with you." said the priest.

"Someone asked me to become an archaeologist." said Anthony.

"Do you want to say that you were forced to move into this profession?" said the priest.

"No. I myself liked this profession very much but what I want to say is that someone just triggered that desire of mine." said Anthony.

"Would you mind to go in a little brief ?" said the priest.

Anthony went into the flashback that how his neighbour became his only friend and helped him to learn the work of an archaeologist.

"It was my neighbour he was an archaeologist. When I was a kid I used to love to watch the artifacts on the television, I was wanted to dig out the artifacts because of which i had destroyed my backyard and garden in search of them and also got a good scolding from my parents. This habit of loving the artifacts was not much appreciated by my friends so they increased their distance from and I used to play alone." said Anthony.

"Being left alone is a terrible feeling and specially for a little child." said the priest.

Anthony looked at him for a moment and then continued his story.

"I never took it with that much seriousness, but sometime I used to get depressed because of being rejected by everyone and one day in anger I threw one of my artifacts which I had dug out from my backyard. and it went inside my neighbours house breaking his window." said Anthony.

Anthony was telling his story when the priest interrupted.

"You found an artifact dumped in your backyard?" asked the priest.

"Yes it was some piece of rusted metal which I found while digging. At that time it was like an artifact to me and it was also the first one means my first discovery so I had to bring it back at any cost." said Anthony.

The priest was laughing at the childish behaviour of Anthony's, but he also observed that from his childhood days he was so conscious regarding his things and it's safety.

"So I crossed the boundary and jumped into the enemy territory. I was praying to God that the neighbour mustn't be home and if he was then my artifact mustn't have broken any of his items, but both the things happened he was there at his home and my artifact had knocked down one of his vase." said Anthony.

"But he was not angry with me when told him that one of my artifact just came here and he saw with pleased expression." said Anthony.

"Artifact? You mean that rusted piece of iron is an artifact." said the neighbour.

"Yes it's my artifact because I dug it out and anything which dig out from the soil is an artifact." said Anthony.

"We also get fuel and minerals and metal ores from digging the soil but they are not counted under artifacts." said the neighbour.

"Because they are used for producing energy and for manufacturing respectively but I kept that artifact in my museum's collection thus it is an artifact." said Anthony.

"Okay you got a point but why did you use the word respectively?" said the neighbour.

"It is to differentiate that fuels are used for producing energy and ores are used to for metallurgical operations. It's how the problems are written in arithmatic book." said Anthony.

"Well I see that you used a word from your book; but knowing the term like metallurgy at this age is a disaster( the neighbour thought in his thoughts). I really need to talk to your parents kid." said the neighbour.

"Huh..No, Why? You can't complain. I mean talk I mean I apologize to you for my mistake." said Anthony.

I was continuously running my mouth express in order to convince my neighbour not to say anything to my parents regarding the accident.

"Okay stop, stop,stop,stop, STOP....I am not going to tell them regarding the vase. I just want to appreciate them for your upbringing ." said the neighbour.

"I got amazed because at that time I didn't get what he was talking. I saw was he was impressed by me so I convinced him not to talk to my parents regarding any of the matters which include me and he agreed. After that he gave me an offer that if I want then he will teach me the way an archaeologist work and I agreed to it because he gave me the greed of showing his artifacts." said Anthony

"Everyday except for Saturday and Sunday after coming from school I used to rush to his house and from the main entrance not from the boundary and he used to show me his work. I learned to read the ancient language, how to decode the scriptures into language it was like a fun activity to me, but not when my neighbour used to be out of town due to his work. This continued for four years when he left for one of his assignment on the Himalayas." said Anthony.

"He didn't come back instead the news came that he his team were buried under snow in an avalanche. The rescue team found their bodies two days later and after that his lawyer came and read his will to give all his archaeological equipments to me and with that a letter was also there in which he mentioned that

"Anthony I am going to the Himalayas for an assignment and during this month of the year the climate there is too risky but I have to go, if I come back I am gonna share my experience you will love it but if I don't come you will get this letter from my lawyer and if you are reading this it means that I am dead. I just want to ask you one thing that you loved my job and wanted to work as an archaeologist so I am handling over all my equipments to you. You might be thinking that how you will get the equipments as I took them with me but I also have an extra set and also I made the description easy for you in the decoding books that will help you a lot."

Your neighbour Michael

and that's it I got all his stuff learned how to use them and after graduating from college I joined it." said Anthony.

"That was a long story and even a very emotional one. So did your neighbour came for the same thing in Himalayas which you want?" said the priest.

"He never mentioned why he came but I am after a different thing." said Anthony.

"And it has great value from your opinion that's why you are so desperate to go back. We should go back my disciples will arrange something for you." said the priest.

On reaching the monastery the priest said his disciples to arrange a ride for Anthony but it was too difficult because the area that Anthony wanted to go was surrounded by mountains as result no population. However a person agreed to take Anthony near the mountains but not the place. Anthony didn't have any choice so he agreed.

"I am sorry that I couldn't arrange a proper ride for you." said the priest.

"It's enough what you did for I will handle the rest and moreover it's my interval and I will continue it." said Anthony.

"You almost forgot your bag." said the priest.

"What's in this?" said Anthony.

"Your winter clothes all dried up, some food for the journey and also your weapon"( in a low voice). said the priest.

"You also took care of them. I thought you don't like violence." said Anthony.

"I first thought of throwing them away but looking to your condition I realized that you might them so I kept them at a separate place hiding them from my disciples and the other priest." said the priest.

"Thank you for everything you did for me." said Anthony.

"I must also be thankful to you because of you I was able to show a person the correct path no matter if it includes violence because Buddha has said bow to that much limit that people take it as respect to them and not as your weakness. Go well and continue your interval." said the priest.

And with that Anthony left to get back to work and to punish Grave for his deeds.

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