The Raid At The Base Camp

Anthony knew that Grave will be experimenting on the polymorphs to fulfill his desire of becoming eternal so he went with the objective of rescue the polymorphs from Grave’s hands and then took the revenge of his Squad Leader.

He knew if he could find his team mates or at least and tell him the truth they would trust him and they will all betray against Dr.Grave.But as he reached his base camp he could not see any of his team mates.

“Tight security at the entrance, they are even checking every vehicle.It’s too difficult to get in.“said Anthony.

He was lying on a ridge and was looking at the base camp with his binoculars which was just at the base of the ridge and behind the camp was the cliff.

“I can’t see any men from our Squad.All are new there.Shall I go and talk to them(he thought).No that would be a risk, I need to find my men first.The Sun is about to set I can use the night for my camouflage.“said Anthony.

He waited on the ridge till it was dark enough.He again checked the patrolling using his thermal visions specs.

“The security is even more tight than the morning .I can’t directly enter through the entrance gate.“said Anthony.

Suddenly he saw on the cliff side only two men were patrolling.They might have thought that no one will dare to climb up the cliff and if someone comes two men will be enough for them.

The base was just established 2 months ago previously it was an abandoned lab.Grave came with his crew with his research equipments and generators for powers and made it his base camp.He had chosen it because first there was no one was in the lab and second if authorities attack him he can easily rapel down the cliff and escape.

“Only two at the cliff side.I can take them out one by one.”

He slided down the ridge and made his way to the cliff.Because the temperature in that area used to fall down a lot all the men were wearing mask for protection so it became more easy for him to change himself to one of the men and no one would notice his presence.

He walked to one of the men and acted like he was wounded.He hid his handgun in his both hands and acted like he was attacked by an animal.As he came closer.

“Who’s there?Say or you will die.“said the guard.

“Ah.. help me I am wounded. something attacked me it was an animal,run he may come after you also.” said Anthony.

“Do not panic, it will not come here.You are safe with me.“said the guard.

“But you’re not safe with me.“said Anthony.

He shot the guard with his handgun which he has already made silenced with a silencer so that no one could notice his presence.He then silently went to the guard who was standing near the cliff and shot him, obviously from a close distance and due to the impact the guard fell in the cliff.

He then came back to the first guard took off his clothes and buried him in the snow.

“I am sorry my friend but that was necessary.” said Anthony.

“Oh it’s freezing! I must my change my outfit quickly or I may have a frost bite.” said Anthony.

He changed his outfit and started moving towards the entrance.

“Hey cliff guard come quick we are about to close the gate.“said the guard at the entrance.

Anthony thought the guard is trying to trick because if the security was so tight why the guard will ask him to come in?

“What about patrolling over the cliff ?” asked Anthony.

“Are you drunk soldier?Our shift is over,now the next group is incharge of patrolling.” said the guard.

Anthony thought he might get caught by the guard so he instantaneously came out with a solution.

“I almost forgot about the time actually I was too much serious about patrolling today so I didn’t check my watch.” said Anthony.

All soldiers moved into base.Anthony thought it was easy to get in but his happiness vanished soon when he saw that the soldiers have to report their name in the check list and move in.He silently moved into the main building taking the advantage of the crowd.

He was not afraid of giving his name in the check list as it was written on the outfit,he was afraid that though he give the attendance but one soldier will remain missing because he killed two men and took the place of one.He went in the main building then to the laboratory to find the polymorphs.

He soon went in the lab and in a tank he saw a fish whose skin was burnt badly.At first Anthony couldn’t identify it because he thought that the polymorphs were still invisible and there was also less. But then he thought that Grave will not keep a thing which is not useful to him.

“This must be it, but so badly burnt,not even invisible and only one? Doesn’t matter my work is easier now and I am taking it with me.“said Anthony.

“Sir two men are missing from the check list.“said the guard(who was taking the attendance).

“What post was given to them?” asked the leader.

“They were holding their position at the cliff.“said the guard.

“They might not be called.Go and call them.” said the leader.

The guard went to call the two guards incharge at the cliff but he saw no one there.

“Sir it’s Christopher, I report no men are at the cliff.” said the guard on his radio.

“Check carefully.“said the leader.

“I have seen everywhere but I see no Ughh...“said the guard and he fell.

“What happened?Come in come in soldier.said the leader.

“I fell.Something came in my way. What is this?” said the guard.

He removed a snow and was astonished to see a man under the snow.Thogh he didn’t know the man but he knew that it was their soldier.

“Leader one of the cliff guard has been killed.” said the guard.

“Raise the alarm!Everyone spread out check everywhere we have an intruder.” said the leader.

As soon as the guards raised the alarm Anthony recognised that his cover’s blown.He had already transfered the polymorph in an iron jar and sealed it tightly and ran out of the lab.

On the way he collapsed with one of the guard and it was Shawn.Hearing the alarm he came to check the lab.

“Who are you and what were you doing here at this time?“asked Shawn.

“Shawn?Oh I am so glad to see that at least you are here.It’s me Anthony.” said Anthony.

“You are alive?I thought the Squad leader killed you in the cave.” said Shawn.

“What?No it was Grave he killed the Squad Leader and even tried to kill me.“said Anthony.

“But he told us that”said Shawn.

“I will explain you everything in details but later on now I am in a hurry.” said Anthony.

He ran away from the lab.Very soon Luke came there.

“Shawn didn’t you heard the alarm?We have an intruder at the base.“said Luke.

“I saw someone running out of the lab he was in our outfit and was also having a jar.I think he stole the polymorph which was in the as it is not in the tank.” said Shawn.

“Everyone be alert the intruder is in our outfit and also carrying a jar.Shoot at the instance you spot him.“said Luke.

“That may kill the polymorph.At least you should have informed them that we need the thing we had stolen.“said Shawn.

“I just want to see Grace’s face when he realizes he has lost one of his precious polymorph.“said Like.“said Luke.

Anthony knew every part of the base camp so he was easily able to make his but security at the entrance has been increased which was the only way out.

He went to the first floor so that he could rapel down the base and use his ice axe to move away from the base site.The main building was made up to the second floor so he thought of moving to the second floor.

As he went to the first and was about to move to the second he saw people’s shadow coming down from the second floor so he hid himself at the first floor.

“Anthony .Where are you?Have you been able to escape?” asked Shawn.

“No I am still on the first floor hiding in some closet or store room which I have seen for the first time.I can’t come out guards are at staircase.I will contact you when I move out.” said Anthony.

He was searching for Anthony with his two men.He had already asked Anthony’s position.

" I suspect that the intruder hasn’t escaped there is a chance he might be hiding at the closet of the first floor.Go and check I am going to check at the lab and bring me the thing he has stolen don’t just shoot at him.” said Shawn

Anthony was waiting for the guards to move so that he could move out.He got his chance but he saw two more guards coming towards the closet so he went in the closet and hid him.

“We know you are hiding here come out and we will make it easy for you.” said one of the men.

Anthony waited for them to come in so that he could move out.He quietly made his steps to the gate.When one of the men spot him and fired in front of his foot.

“There you are.Do not try to make a move.Raise your hands in the air and turn around slowly.Leave the jar on the floor.” said one of the men.

“Go and check out what’s in the jar.” said the men .

“I don’t know why you came here but I think you’re brave that you came here but you’re also an idiot who thought you will escape and we will not know about your presence.“said the men.

“There is something in the jar.It’s one of the fish on which Dr.Grave was having his research.“said the other men.

The fish felled out the men’s hands

“Put it back immediately.“said the men(who shot in front of Anthony’s foot).

“Let me first get a grip on it.It’s too slippery.” said the other men.

While the other picked the fish in his hand the first one fired his gun to shoot at Anthony and the fish jumped from the other one’s hand and came between the bullet and Anthony.The bullet hit the fish and changed it’s direction and the skin of fish burst and blood leaked from the fish’s body and split on Anthony’s face and the men who was beside him.Some blood also went in his mouth.

“What?No,idiot I told you to put it back look what you made me to do.” said the first men.

Taking the advantage of the situation Anthony aimed at the first men with his gun shot him down then killed the one beside him.

“Looks like my aim is getting better with every short.” said Anthony.

He ran out of the store because the more men could come there in search of him.On moving up the stairs he was again stopped.

“Stop! I don’t know who you are?Neither I have some personal rivalry with you just give me back what you stole and I would let you go.” said Luke.

“Luke is that you?” asked Anthony.

“Who are you? and how do you know me?” said Luke.

“It’s me Anthony.” said Anthony.

“Anthony you are alive.I thought that the Squad Leader killed you.“said Like.

“The Squad Leader never killer me it was Grave who shot the Squad Leader and when I tried to protect him he shot me and I fell in a pind.“said Anthony.

“I knew that Grave was lying. But how did you managed.“said Luke(Anthony stopped him).

“I will explain you everything later.Now I need to move the guards will be here at any moment.“said Anthony.

“Okay when you make it out call me on my frequency no one else will be able to hear us on that.” said Luke.

Anthony made it to the second floor and started to find something to tie his harness because the window frame was rusted and it might be able to take Anthony’s weight.He searched the room and found the place tie his harness and was spotted by one of the guards.

“I saw someone with ropes near the window,second floor.Be must be the intruder,he’s trying to escape get him.“said one of the guards.

Anthony has finished his preparation to escape and brought out his axes from his bag but at that moment the men came in and started firing at him to escape from the bullets he ran to the window and without tying his harness he jumped out.He tried to get a grip on the cliff with the help of his axe but his speed didn’t let him to do that.The axe got separated from his hands and he fell to the depth of the cliff.

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