The Bonebraker Is Born

Anthony was falling freely from a good height without any equipment for his safety.

“This time I am really going to die.” shouted Anthony.

He closed his eyes because he didn’t want to see his death.He was feeling almost weightless like there was nothing inside his body.But at that moment his reflex action started to work.

His skin,veins,and blood got vanished from his body and only his skeleton was there.He landed at the bottom of the cliff with his skeleton body and became unconscious because of the impact.He rolled down to more depth and during which all of his bones broke, got crushed into powder.

Anthony woke up after a while and was surprised to see that he was alive.

“He is really with..“said Anthony.

He was about to complete his words when he lifted his hands and saw his skin less hand.There was no muscle, vein or skin on his hand only the thing which was there was his bones which he could see very clearly,it was like that he dipped his arm in an acid container and then pulled it out and all his flesh got melted .

Anthony got panicked that though he somehow survive from the fall and was still alive but in that accident he lost his arm and only the skeletal structure was left.He found that his right hand wasn't the only part which was in that condition his left was also experiencing the same condition

Anthony couldn’t believe it he again looked at his hands and was thinking about his skin and veins when it started growing on his hands first the veins got connected to their position then the muscles and then the skin he checked his other arm and it was too being covered by the muscles.He felt something at his foot so he took out the boot and saw the same.At at last he felt that his eyes just pressed out from the sockets (they were held into the sockets for protection).And skin came upon his skull.

“So finally I am dead.It can’t be helped,I agree that I escaped from death’s grip but I am not an immortal who can do that every time.” said Anthony.

He was thinking that he was dead after he jumped from the cliff and his spirit came out his body that’s why he was not feeling the pain in his body.

“The first thing I need to do is to find my body.I didn’t see where actually I landed.” said Anthony to himself.

After looking here and there for a while he found a body near the cliff .

“Ah there it is.I knew that I am dead.” said Anthony.

He moved towards the body.It was wearing the same outfit as Anthony and Anthony concluded that it must be his body,but the strange thing was that it was also wearing a mask.There was a mark of a bullet at the back of it’s head.

“Well I don’t remember I was wearing the mask when I jumped and neither someone shot me.Maybe they did shoot me.” said Anthony.

Anthony moved his hand to check the body when the ribs of the dead body came out penetrating the skin.Anthony jumped back and the ribs stopped coming out.He again moved his hands to the body and the ribs again started moving towards his hand like a magnet attracting a metal.

“What is happening with me?” said Anthony.

He looked at his hand again the skin and muscle melted and again the bones were only there .He flicked his hands in fear and everything came back to normal.He again looked at it and the same thing happened.He was surprised to see that without the flesh and veins he could use his hand normally.

While doing that his palm once got detached from ellipsoid joint that connect it with the hand,but then also it was moving on it’s own. Anthony kicked that away and it went felled near the dead body.Anthony rushed towards it.

“Oh No! that was my palm.I would not be able to work without it.” said Anthony.

Anthony was searching for his palm when it itself came to him and grabbed his leg.In fear he crushed the palm with his legs many times. He stopped doing that when he realised that he has almost broken it.

“Oh my God! that was my..(after a pause)palm.” said Anthony.

He picked it up and was looking to at hit.He thought somehow fix it by locking it with his hand and in order to do that he just placed the palm at the wrist joint and it automatically got fixed, the bones he had crushed with his legs came back to their position and the cracks on them began to fill and got covered with flesh.

“Am I in hell?” Anthony asked to himself.

“Oh commond I never did that much of sins in my whole life for which I have been sent to hell.” said Anthony.

After saying a few words of his innocence he remembered that he was going to check his body but the bones from the body keep on coming out at the time Anthony brought his hand near to the body.

After thinking a while he came to a conclusion that his palm was detached because he was thinking about it at that time.If he move his hands and divert his mind then the bones might not come out from his dead body.

The trick worked but not technically.The bones do came out but as Anthony was talking to himself to divert his mind and was not looking at the body, so he just moved his hand to the body’s head and removed the mask without noticing the ribs coming out of the body.

“Oh I did it.And the bones didn’t.” said Anthony.

He then turned his head to the body

“Came out.It doesn’t matter now I finally did what I wanted to.” said Anthony.

He turned the body to see the face but surprise it was someone else’s body.

“Looks like he chased me and jumped with me in the cliff and didn’t survive.” said Anthony.

“No it can’t be it they will not shoot their own men.Then it must be the case that someone shot him from his back and he fell from the edge.” said Anthony.

“Wait if that’s the case then he must the cliff guard whom I shot.” said Anthony.

“Does that mean that I am not dead? But if that’s the case then what happened with my body?” said Anthony.

“I know that if someone falls from that much height he will die, instead of being alive and experiencing a strange disorder with his bones,muscles,veins and skin.” said Anthony.

Anthony tried to recall what all happened at the base before he jumped from the base.

“Okay let me recall everything. I went inside the base in disguise,then went to the lab,stole the fish then somebody raised the alarm,I ran to the second floor.Hid myself in a store,two men caught me, took the fish from me then one of them fired at me the fish came in my way and.... It’s blood went inside me.” said Anthony.

“Could that be the reason for this?There is only one person who can answer this.I have to contact Luke.

He tried to catch Luke’s radio but his radio was already damaged because of the impact of the fall.

“It’s broken I think.I have to find some other way to contact him but my radio is gone and neither I have some other means to communicate with him." said Anthony.

He then noticed the guard’s body and thought that he might check the guard’s radio if it was working.

“Looks like it’s in working condition,he might have directly landed on snow which absorbed the impact and if I hadn’t shot him he would have been alive.” said Anthony.

He took his radio and tried to catch Luke’s frequency.

“I must remove the other frequencies otherwise everyone will hear us talking.” said Anthony.

“Luke are you getting me.Respond if you can hear me.” said Anthony.

“I can hear you Anthony and I am glad that you are alive , again.I heard that you directly jumped into the cliff. So how did you manage to survive?” said Luke.

“I will explain that later in brief.Just answer me this, that what experiment was Grave actually doing with the polymorphs?” said Anthony.

“Hard to say that mate.After I heard his lies regarding what happened in the cave I stopped supporting him.But I heard that when he was at the base he made a mistake in his experiment while trying to make the polymorphs visible because of which they lost some of their ability.” said Luke.

“When he was at the base? You mean to say that currently he is not in the base.” said Anthony.

“He left for China two days ago so that he could be sure that whether the polymorphs are useful to him or not. He might be checking that whether their abilities still exist within them or they had lost it. So he took two of the polymorphs with him and left one at the base which you stole.” said Luke.

“Oh I almost forgot to ask. What happened to the one you stole?” said Luke.

Anthony explained Luke everything that happened at the store, that the only specimen at the base was shot.

“Good work Anthony.Grave will not be happy when he will come to know that he lost one of his specimen.” said Luke.

Anthony thought of the incident when the polymorph jumped in front of him and it’s blood spread out on his body.

“Hey Luke.Can it be the case that the polymorphs just needed a host for triggering their ability?” said Anthony.

“I am not sure about it but why did you ask that?” said Luke.

“Because I think that,that’s the reason that I am alive.” said Anthony.

“What? I am not getting whatever you are trying to say.” said Luke.

“I think that their blood got mixed with my cells,that’s why my bones became so active.” said Anthony.

“What do you mean by active?” asked Luke.

“You are not going to believe this but my bones repairs themselves at the moment they are broken.Moreover I can also control the bones of another person,and when I use it my skin and flesh got vanished and my skeletal system appears.” said Anthony.

“What are you talking Anthony? ,have you gone out of your mind?” said Anthony.

[After taking a pause he said in nervousness]

Anthony are you hurt means your body parts ate they all right means are you injured?” said Luke.

Luke thought that after falling from that much height Anthony was hurt very badly and because of that shock was imagining things.

"I am not hurt Luke and neither I am out of my mind.I am trying...Hey Luke where are you now?" said Anthony.

"At the base first floor." said Luke.

"Can you come to the side of the building which faces the cliff?" said Anthony.

"Why?" said Luke.

"Just come there I want to do an experiment which will prove that I am telling the truth." said Anthony.

"Okay I am coming.I am there." said Luke.

"There must be some opening like a window or something." said Anthony.

"Yes there is one." said Luke.

"Good go near it and look down from that window." said Anthony.

"Okay as you say." said Luke.

"What do you see?" said Anthony.

"I see nothing just snow falling and an bottomless cliff." said Luke.

"Okay just standby in that position for a minute." said Anthony.

Anthony raised his arm with his palm facing upward and closed his eyes trying to sense Luke's bones.

"Okay I got you." said Anthony.

"Wait what?" said Luke.

"Just grab something tight.." said Anthony.

And saying that he pulled his arm down.

"Whoa!" said Luke.

"What happened?" said Anthony.

"I was about to fell in the cliff, I felt that someone...." said Luke.

"Tried to pull you down." said Anthony.

"Yes." said Luke.

"It was me Luke I pulled you not you actually I pulled your bones and they pulled your body, however I didn't know that my powers have such a long range." said Anthony.

"If you did this then I believe you but from where did you get that kind of power?" said Luke.

"That's the thing regarding which I am also curious,but I suspect that it must have something related to the polymorphs." said Anthony.

"We can discuss this later, you were telling something about Grave."said Anthony.

"Well I just know that his experiment with the polymorph didn't work in the way he wanted and the polymorphs lost their power of some cell or something like that I don't know clearly but he couldn't threw those fishes for whom he was so lunatic, so he took two of the specimen with him and left one at the base in order to find a way with which the polymorphs can regain the their abilities." said Luke.

"Do you have any information regarding his location or of the lab where he will be conducting his testes?" said Anthony.

"I can just provide you that he have to be somewhere in Beijing the capital of China." said Luke.

"Okay that will be enough for I will find him there on my own." said Anthony.

"Wait are you going after Grave?" said Luke.

"Yes.I will finish what he started and I will end it by bringing him to his end." said Anthony.

"Look Anthony I know that you are angry on Grave what he did with our team mates I also have the same feeling for him but you are making a mistake.I know that you think that you will kill him with your powers but you are not an immortal, he can kill you again and this time I don't he will miss and what if he had found out how to get the powers like you and have them by now. You and he will be equal and you know him he can go to any extent to fulfill his desire and if he found out that you are an obstruction between him and his desire then he will hesitate to kill you." said Luke.

"Don't worry about me Luke.I don't fear if he had already gained powers like me because I have 'Him' on my side." said Anthony.

"Who is Him?" said Luke.

"He is the one who was saving me all this time and also gave me these powers to finish Grave.” said Anthony.

"If you are thinking that you can take down Grave by gathering your army then count me in it." said Luke.

"I will do this my own Luke but I need you to stay with Grave I will need an insider who can provide with the information regarding Grave's movements." said Anthony.

"Are you crazy? I told not to take any decision alone." said Luke.

"We will take decisions together but I will execute it." said Anthony.

"Okay I can't argue with at this moment, but keep me updated before your every move." said Luke.

"Better.Get ready Grave I am coming 'The Bonebreaker' is coming to break your bones." said Anthony.

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