System Of A Down's Nightmare Journey Home From Tour

Chapter 2

About a half hour later John had finally recovered from his vegetative state. "GUYS!!" screamed John, jumping up from the floor suddenly but had jumped up too suddenly and fell back down "GUYS WE MISSED OUR FLIGHT" John was rolling around on the floor crying like a baby who wanted his bottle or nappy changed, maybe both. Shavo and Daron stopped their arguing and turned around to look at John who was having a nervous breakdown on the floor and was crying about pot farms and prostitution. "We missed our flight?!" exclaimed Shavo who started to panic "What are we goING TO DO!!" Shavo started to scream out of fear because he to didn't want to end up on a Mexican pot farm and become a prostitute to be able to get back home, Daron on the other hand seemed to be more clam than the others "DARON WHY ARE YOU FREAKING OUT?!?!" screamed Shavo at Daron "WE COULD DIE!". John, who had heard the word "die" had passed out again.

"I'm not freaking out because I want to be a prostitute" said Daron coolly. Shavo just stared at Daron Blankly.

"What?" said Shavo in a hoarse tone

"I want to be a prostitute..." Daron had lost his coolness and had started to become worried as Shavo was approaching Daron rather quickly with a knife that he had hid in his long, magical beard. "Dude...what are you doing with that knife?" Daron's voice cracked as he spoke "Dude?". In was too late, Shavo stabbed Daron..."DUDE!" yelled Daron as the rainbow blood poured out of him "YOU MADE ME LOSE MY GAY"

"It was for the greater good" whispered Shavo who was wiping off the rainbow blood from his knife so that it could be returned to it's rightful place, his beard.

John finally woke up from being passed out again...."JOHN" screamed Daron "SHAVO STABBED MY GAY AWAY!!" Daron was rolling on the floor holding onto what was left of his gay "It looks so pretty" Shavo giggled, sitting in the rainbow blood "It smells nice too" Shavo started to roll around in Darons' gay, rainbow blood"SHAVO!" yelled Daron "STOP SITTING IN MY GAY BLOOD! I NEED IT BACK!" Daron was trying to push the rainbow blood back inside of him. It didn't work. Daron was on the floor crying "Thanks Shavo, you made me completely straight now" Daron sighed, getting up from the floor and trying to drag Shavo away from his gay, rainbow blood. John sat watching, seeming to be very confused.
Daron and Shavo were arguing for quite some time until John got in between them "We're going to die" said John gently before walking away from them and joining the hookers that were nearby them "Ooo" cooed Daron and Shavo who had stopped their arguing when they noticed the hookers, they wondered over to them doing the dance from the first inbetweeners movie.
I guess this wouldn't be like Mexico after all.....
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