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Unhealthy | IU & Gdragon


'Did you ever once love me? Even in a small moment in that dead body off yours?' Lee Jieun loved Kwon JiYoung over anything, she gave him everything and he gave her broken trust and bruises. Drugs and alcohol aren't something that should be mixed together, but he did and she got to pay for it.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter one

His fingers were intertwined with my fingers, his thumb was caressing the back of my hand. My head was leaning on his shoulder as he slowly left a kiss on the top of my head. I smiled as I closed my eyes, his sexy and refreshing cologne drilled through my nostrils as his head was resting on top of mine.

He was looking around in the park, while I was taking a nap on his shoulder. His warmth and his scent were calming and it felt safe. It made me feel safe in his arms. He left a kiss on the top of my head once again and I soon had drifted to sleep. He lifts me up in bridal style and carried me to the car. Putting me down in the seat next to the driver’s seat.

He entered the car and drove towards my apartment. I was whining as he lifted me up and carried me to my apartment. He unlocked my apartment and entered the small apartment, slowly walking towards my bedroom putting me down on the bed.

He bent over me and left a kiss on my forehead, turning around to leave my apartment. I grabbed his wrist and he turned his head to look at me.

‘stay’ I whispered and he gave me a cheeky grin before he bent down to kiss my forehead once again.

‘you know what will happen if I stay with you’ He whispered and was about to leave but I pulled in his sleeve.

‘I want you’ I spoke and he looked at me.

I slowly sat up and pulled him towards me, grabbing his collar and pulled him down to my height. He looked at me and my gaze went towards his kissable lips before I crashed my lips onto his. He put his hand on my waist and pulled me closer, closing the small gap between our bodies. Our bodies were pressed against each other as he brought my legs to his waist. I wrapped my legs around his waist as our lips were moving against each other roughly.

He put me down on the bed and hovered over me, his hand slowly unbuttoning my shorts as his lips traveled down to my neck. I gasped as his teeth grasped against my skin and his smooth tongue smoothened the area he was biting on. I bit my lip as he took my skin between his teeth and moistened my skin with his tongue. He sucked on my skin – creating purple marks on my neck.

And I moaned as his cold hand sneaked into my panties, I felt him smirk against the crook of my neck as his fingers played with my folds. His finger suddenly disappeared and I let out a groan. His lips traveled towards my lips leaving butterfly kisses on my jaw. Our lips connected and my hands sneaked inside his t-shirt. My cold fingertips brushed against this hot toned abs, he bite my bottom lip and his tongue stroked my bottom lip asking for access and he slides his tongue in – exploring every corner in my mouth as I gasped a little letting him in.

His fingers slid under the hem of my panties lifting them from my skin, slowly pulling them off. I bit my lip as the cold air invade my naked center. I pull off his shirt and he unbuttoned his Jeans pulling them off. Ji Yong spread my legs and position himself between my legs. He licks his fingers as he slowly starts to play with my folds – the way his fingers plays with my folds makes me roll my eyes to the back of my head. He slowly pulls off his boxers, releasing his beast. Our eyes lock as he flashes a smirk before he slowly pushes his length inside of me.

He thrusts hard into me, not giving me a chance to adjust to his length. I yelped as he grabbed my thighs pulling me towards him so he could go deeper. I dug my nails into his bare back as he was going further, deeper inside making me curl my toes and roll my eyes to the back of my head. He pressed his lips to my thigh as he then quickened his pace. Pushing his length harder and deeper into me, I let out a scream of pleasure as he grabs my waist pushing me towards him making his length hit my G spot in repeat.

His lips moistened my neck as he left love bites on my neck, he sat me up in his lap and his lips were still on my neck as his hand was grabbing my ass. My hands were in his hair messing it up while my lips were trembling as his dicks pump inside my pussy. I pressed my lips to his jaw, leaving small kisses down his jaw continuing down his neck. He slowly pulls out his dick and lays down on his back.

‘sit’ I looked at him confused.

‘sit on your dick?’ He chuckled and I glared at him.

I yelped as he grabbed my hips and made me have my knees on each side of his face, having my center on his face.

‘Fuck’ I moaned out as I felt his tongue work harder in response, his tongue relentlessly digging between my folds to push inside my hole.

Ji Yong pulled out his tongue and trailed it up to my sweet clit, get sucked it into his mouth. I officially had lost it, his wet member was so talented that it could press my G spot every time he curled his tongue.

I almost lost my balance as my bud throbbed in his mouth and I began to come, I bent over to hold the mattress as I struggled to recover from the orgasm.

He didn’t let me rest for even a second before he had pulled my ass back down on his face, this time he lazily lapped at my dripping wet core. Humming in his throat.

He didn’t care how noisily he sucked up my cum and the sound itself was the sexiest thing I had ever heard. My fingers clenched around his messy hair as I was starting to breath harder again.

His jaw was working furiously as if he wanted to devour my flesh when he redoubled his efforts on my pussy. When he started sucking on my clit once again, he sipped his thumb into my cunt before dragging it back to my other hole.

I choked on my saliva as he chewed on my clit. I grabbed my tongue as I slowly felt my knees weaken and I fell into his lap. He let out a chuckle before hovering over me, stroking my pussy once again.

He left small wet kisses on my jaw, working his way down to my neck. Biting on my sensitive skin - leaving bite marks on my neck. He ran his tongue over my neck, licking it before he took my skin between his sharp teeth’s.

He laid me down on my stomach with my legs hanging from the edge of the bed, he grabbed one off my legs and put it on his shoulder. Without a warning, he pushed his length inside of me and I let out a scream ‘holy fuck’

He tilted my leg a little bit higher, letting him thrust deeper inside of me - sending an uncomfortable signal through my body, but slowly my uncomfortable feeling became a pleasure.

My nails dug into the sheets as he took me from behind. His dick pumping inside of me, going deeper. I let out screams in pleasure - he slowly pulled into my hair as he clenched it in his fists, making my nails dug deeper into the sheets as the pleasure was overwhelming.

‘Ji Yong, f-fuuuck!’

He released inside of me before he pulled out and laid down on the bed. I laid beside him and my head was on his chest, while he played with my hair - he ran his fingers through my long dark thick hair, his fingers slowly curled a curl of my hair around his finger while watching my tired face.

My hand was on his hot chest as his chest rose and fell at a normal pace. I looked up at him and noticed he was staring at me with a grin on his face. A smile crept up on my lips as my hand traveled up to the back of his neck pulling him closer to my face.

I pressed my lips against his lips and he hovered over me, his hand was stroking my wet pussy while he was kissing me roughly. I let my hands slide to his back digging my nails into his bare skin, wanting more of him. He smirked before he leaned closer to my ear.

‘Want the fourth round?’

I kissed his jaw and worked towards his lips, attacking his lips hungrily. He smirked against my lips as he slowly pushed his length inside of me.

‘You don’t know how fucking much I love you’ he planted a kiss on my lips before hugging me tightly.

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