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»"ʙᴜᴛ ʙᴀʙʏ ɪ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ"« In which Jimin wanders into a babysitting building when he was in little space. Copyright 2018 Mochi_AU "I want to stay here..." I finally got the boys hands off of me when I looked at him. His cheeks flustered in a light pink, as he sniffed a little. " I wanna stay with caretaker.."

Romance / Drama
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I love my job. I really do. Kids were one of my favorite things in the whole world. It wasn’t just a job that paid me but it was that I wanted a child of my own one day. With someone I love dearly. I sat on the ground and some of the toddler surrounded me, showing me toys and pictures books. It made my heart swell. Yet, they are still children and with children there are fights and crying. Which is what was happening now.

“I had it first!” Nina yelled in anger as one of the little boys began to pull on the other side of the book. “Give. It. Back: Her face was scrunched in anger. She looked like she might even explode. I quickly got up and grabbed the book by the bind and pulled away from both of them.

“See what you did!” The little boy, Jae, yelled. Sticking his out in the process and crossing his arms across his chest. His tiny foot stomping against the ground.

“I didn’t do anything! You were pulling the book from me!” Nina’s eyebrows pushed together as she looked up at me with big doe eyes. Her lip was quivering, tears about to spill out any second now. I pick her up and tapped her lip.

“If you keep that lip out and little birdy might come and take it!” Her face dropped and her eyes squeezed shut as she hid in the crook of my neck. I looked down as Jae who was still pouting. “Jae..” He looked up at me, and frowned. He knew what he did was wrong and he also knew he would get punished if he didn’t apologize.

“N-nina..” He looked at the ground, as I set her down in front of him. “I’m..I’m sowwy..” He glance up at her and began to pout. I watched as Nina got closer and poked his lip.

“A birdy is going to steal it.” His face before they both began giggling uncontrollably. “Lets go play with the blocks?” Jae’s face light up as he grabbed her hand and ran off to the building blocks with her. A small smile came to my face. This is why I love my job.

I began to do some finger painting with some of the little girls. Their conversations were all over the place. One little girl ended up sitting next to me. Every once and awhile she would peak up at me and blush before turning away.

“Mr.Kim..” I hummed and looked over at the girls across from me. “You are very handsome.” All the girls began to laugh as they continued to paint. Blue’s and red’s were everywhere.

“Tae! Can you come here for a second?” I looked over my shoulder towards the office. M y co-worker Ling was standing there, motioning me over urgently. Confused, I made my way over to her.

“What is it?” Her face was full of worry as she motioned over to the front doors, and the waiting room. Confused as to why she was pointing over there, I began to make my way to the waiting room. I wasn’t expecting a new kid today. Almost all the mom in our town had already had their kids in the daycare or on the wait-list.

When stepping in a saw a young man sitting in one of the chairs closest to the counter, yet something was off. “Hello sir,” I bowed slightly and stuck out my hand as I attempted to greet him. He is to young to be a father..what is he doing here? “Are you-” I was suddenly cut off when the man lunged himself in my direction. His arms draped over my shoulders. Taken back, I tried to pry his oddly small hands off of me.

That was when I realized what the man was wearing. A long sleeved stripped shirt tucked messily into some blue long overalls. A stuffed toy was wedged into his pocket. The head of the hippo just peaking out for myself to see.

“I want to stay here...” I finally got the boys hands off of me when I looked at him. His cheeks flustered in a light pink, as he sniffed a little. ” I wanna stay with caretaker..”

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