Bts Jungkook- daddy


A story between bts jungkook and y/n working together tension rising while both of then work together... things become complicated and intense Be aware mature content 😉 21+

Romance / Erotica
4.1 8 reviews
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- The boss (CEO) of the company JKV

- kinky

- very dominant

Age : 22


- employee- new assistant

- nice/sensitive

- sassy

- sarcastic

Age : 19


- rich

- best friends with jungkook

- mean



- oldest of the bunch

- best friends with jungkook

- nice

Age: 26


- perverted

- seokjin’s boyfriend

- rich

Age : 24


- sleepy

- kinky

- hates almost everyone expect bts

Age: 25


- sunshine

- nicest person

- cute

Age : 24


- sexy

- nice

- dating the best friend of (y/n )

Age : 23

Jae eun

- best friends with y/n

- quite

- mysterious

Age : 20


- jungkook’s ex

- rude

- immature

Age 21

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