Bts Jungkook- daddy

Part :1


“I worked so hard getting into this company I hope that I get in”

“Ughh I don’t wanna check the mailbox”

Third person POV

She Walks out of the house on the way to the mailbox. She slowly opened the mailbox seeing a bunch of letters not knowing if one of them is the acceptance letter to the company she dreamed of working at. She finally looked at each letter reading each one


" nope not this letter that’s Jae eun’s magazine I ordered her. Ughh two more letters to go”.

Third person POV

As she looked at the last letter her eyes widened looking at the letter back to back making sure she wasn’t dreaming.


“Omg omg no way, it’s here!!!!

Third person POV

She slowly but carefully opens the letter seeing if she got in or not hoping she got in closing her eyes slowly opening one eye and slowly the other seeing

“Congratulations you got accepted into JKV company as an assistant”.


“Omg omg I got in I have to call Jae eun to tell her I got in”

I rush quickly to spill the beans to my best friend who already works for this company. I quickly go inside my house and grab my phone calling my best friend

Ring ring ~

Jae eun: hello

Y/n: hey Jae eun guess what happened

Jae eun: what happened ?

Y/n : guess?

Jae eun: I can’t guess just tell me

Y/n : ok so you know how I did an interview for JKV right?

Jae eun: yes and ?


Jae eun: omg really!!!? I can’t believe this finally we can be together and work together like we dreamed

Y/n: I know right I can’t believe it. Oh btw your magazine arrived

Jae eun: yes finally I’ll come over and get it then we can drive to work together

Y/n: ok well I’ll see u tomorrow bestie byeee

Jae eun: byeee girly make sure to wake up ok?

Y/n: okay bye

Jae eun: bye

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