Bts Jungkook- daddy

Part :2

( tomorrow morning)

Ring ring ~

Y/n: ughh 5 more minutes mom

Ring ring ~


I woke up to the sound of ringing thinking it was my mom waking me up. Ughh who could it be this early . I looked to my right seeing my phone ring. Not looking at the screen I answer the call

Y/n: hello

I say tiredly

Unknown: y/n!!! Wake up we’re late

Y/n: Jae eun what happened??? It’s so early

Jae eun: were late for work get up I’m coming to pick you up

Y/n: ughh ok I’m getting dressed now text me when your downstairs

I hung up from the call and got up from bed I went to the bathroom And I took a quick shower and put on a robe that was hanging on the wall. Since I know Jae eun lives an hour away from me so I knew I had time to get ready. I left the bathroom and went in my room to my closet I saw I had two different work clothes that I bought I grabbed the two and put them on my bed

A/n: ( you can choose either one )

I choose my outfit and put it on I then fixed my hair and makeup ( choose either one )

A/n : ( I didn’t know what to choose so I’ll let you guys choose)

After I fixed my hair I looked at myself in the mirror “wow I look good” while I was looking at the mirror I heard my phone ring that must be Jae eun I look at my phone

Jae eun: I’m outside

Y/n: ok I’m coming

I get my bag with my files and walk out the door.

Time skip ( arrived to company)

Finally we arrived at the company I’ve been waiting 5 years to get in to this company and I’m finally in. I walk in with my best friend.

Y:n : omg it’s so beautiful in here I can’t believe I’m here Jae eun what floor do you work at?

Jae eun: its okay it’s not that bad and i work on 4th floor how about you?

Y/n: I work at the 15th floor

Jae eun: wait what??? Seriously 😳?

Y/n: yes why what’s the problem

Jae eun: umm... I don’t know if should tell you

Y/n: just tell me

Jae eun: okay well on the 15th floor is the CEO’s office his known to be very handsome but his a playboy and bad boy so be careful not fall for him.he likes to play around with girls

Y/n: oh really don’t worry? I won’t

Jae eun: ok just giving you a heads up well I gotta go you better go before your late

Y/n: okay bye see you later

Jae eun: byee

After I said bye to Jae eun I walked o the elevator waiting for the doors to open.


The elevator opened and I got in pressing floor 15 while the doors were closing a hand was put in between the two doors to stop it from closing I look up to see who it is. As I looked up I saw a tall handsome man with dark brown sparkly eyes and small pink cute lips formed into a smile I smiled back and he got in .

Unknown: hey I’ve never seen you before my name is jungkook

Y/n: hey jungkook I’m y/n I’m actually new here

Jungkook: oh really well maybe I can show you around some time ;)

Y/n: ya sure I would love that

After that awkward talk I had with that handsome man I looked at him up and down seeing how muscular his thighs looked and licking my lips just thinking what would it feel like just sitting on them. omg y/n stop you don’t even know him!! But damn his so hot I just wanna...


Oops my thoughts went to far.As the elevator door opens I walk out and the handsome man follows with a smirk on his face did he see me looking I hope not cuz that would be embarrassing. I turn around one last time seeing him looking me up and down with a smirk on his face and winks at me then he disappears into the room.

As I walked up to the lady at the front of the office she looks up and says

Lady at front: hi how may I help you?

Y/n: hi I’m the new assistant my name is y/n

Lady at front: ohhh yes i was expecting you the boss just arrived and his in his office you may go in his waiting

Y/n: okay thank you

I walk away from the lady at the front and head towards the door that says CEO on it and nocked on the door then I hear a Man saying come in. As I open the door I get nervous considering I remembered that the handsome man walked in this room earlier

Y/n: hi I’m the new assis...

Jungkook: well hello there ;) I see you found your way back to me

Y/n: your the CEO why didn’t you say anything

Jungkook: I wanted to see that cute reaction of yours when you found out

As I nodded my head In embarrassment I looked down as my face turns red remembering the incident in the elevator.

I look down and see too pairs of brown shoes in front of me I look up and make eye contact with jungkook his so cute I just wanna kiss him no I can’t it’s wrong. He leans into me closer I gasp as I feel his hot breath on my neck leaning in smirking at my reaction he comes to my ear and says

Jungkook: can you do me a favor baby girl ?

Y/n: babygirl? Who you calling baby girl? And sure what you need?

Jungkook: I need you to get on your knees and suck me off and I want you to swallow when I cum in your sexy mouth. If your a good girl I’ll let you grind on my thighs I saw you staring in the elevator

(Y/n thought : Shit he saw me what should I do fuck that was so hot but no I can’t his my boss.)

Y:n: pervert who the hell you think you are telling me to suck you off who you think I am???

I get pissed off and walk out of his office mad and angry not because he asked but because he turned me on so bad, I wanted him but I had to ignore him i turned around one last time before I stepped out the door. Looking at his face smirking.

Jungkook POV

She’s so cute omg I want her so fucking bad imma gonna make sure I fuck her so hard she will remember that I’m her boss she can’t speak to me like that but damn that was so hot just you wait y/n I’m going to make you mine.

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