Bts Jungkook- daddy

Part: 3

It’s been exactly 2 hours since the encounter with my boss jungkook I honestly don’t know what to do with myself because ever since I left his office I’ve been so wet waiting for him to touch me but all I get are smirks and stares.

Ring ring~

Y/n: hello this JKV’s main office how may I help you ?

Unknown: hello I’m looking for jungkook I was wondering if his in his office

Y/n: yes he’s in but he’s having an important meeting in 20 minutes I could leave him your message if you’d like. What’s your name ?

Unknown: my name is Jhope and can you tell him that his parents are worried they keep calling him but he won’t answer

Y/n: okay I’ll let him know

Jhope: okay thank you

Y/n: no problem :)

As I hung up the phone I see jungkook walking out of his office towards me.

Jungkook: hey babygirl ;) any calls for me?

He needs to stop calling me babygirl before I jump on him kissing those pretty small lips of his and then fucking his brains out ughh I have to stop

Y/n: yes a guy named Jhope called saying your parents are looking for you

Jungkook: ugh ok thanks

And then he left just like that with an annoyed look on his face. I was getting wet by the second looking at his sexy back and thighs I can just imagine myself scratching his back while he pounds into me mercilessly. He looks back and my eyes widen shit I hope he didn’t see me looking again. He comes back to my desk and looks deep in my eyes.

Jungkook: I want you in the meeting room in 10 minutes get ready for the meeting I’m having

Y/n: okay jung... I mean boss I’ll be there

As he walks off again I relax but god why does it have to be so intense with him ughh.

(10 minutes pass)

I get up from my seat and walk to the meeting room. As I walk in I see the files on the side which I take and set up the table. As I fix the table I hear the door open and I look back to see the lady from the front desk bringing two tall guys that are very good looking

Lady from front: wait here mr. Jeon will be with you shortly

Unknown: okay I can’t wait to have this meetings with kookie.

Lady from front: yes hahah his will be here

As time passed waiting in the room awkwardly with the two good looking men waiting for jungkook to come in. As an hour passed the two men get impatient.

Unknown: what’s taking him so long ??? We have another meeting.

Y/n: I’ll go check what’s going on

As I walk out the meeting room I walk toward jungkook’s office about to knock on the door when all of a sudden I hear groan sounds come from behind the door that’s between me and jungkook. I slowly open the door to see jungkook in his chair jerking off. His shirt is half buttoned and his jeans were pulled down to his ankles.

I decided to tease him a bit so I walked up to him slowly making sure he doesn’t notice me. “ahhh fuck yes just like that” I hear him say fuck that was hot. I walk closer and closer I see his throbbing cock in his hand damn his huge. I come closer. Approaching him slowly I put my hand on his inner thigh. He flinched up and looked at me surprised.

Jungkook: what are you doing here? Do you wanna help me?

Y/n : There are two men waiting for you in the meeting room. You should probably hurry up.

As I said “you should probably hurry up” with a smirk on my face I slowly and carefully put my hand up his thigh.

Jungkook’s POV

As I finished talking to my assistant to fix the meeting room I felt really weird afterwards I just wanted to kiss her she looked so beautiful with that sexy outfit of her’s that showed a little of her Cleavage which turned me on so much thinking how my dick could feel between them. I then walked to my office to jerk off a bit considering I had boner I had to get rid of but fell asleep while masturbating.

Jungkook’s dream

- I woke up in my office feeling a pair of hands on the headband of my jeans. As I slowly open my eyes I see y/n smirking at me with those sexy full lips of hers. she then opens the button of my jeans and pulls my underwear down with my jeans as my dick sprung up on my stomach she slowly came up to my ear and says “hmmm your so big daddy do you wanna feel my mouth around your hard big cock?” I nod in response as she lowers to my dick taking me in her hand oh her sexy smooth hands everything about her is sexy. As I look at her with open eyes she starts to tease me by licking my tip a couple of times making me groan ” y/n don’t tease me” she smirks and starts pumping the base of my dick getting me hard. I groan and moan in Ecstasy as she puts her mouth on my dick starting to suck real hard. ” oh god yes just like that” I moan....

End of dream (jungkook wakes up ) an hour later

As I wake up from that hot dream I had about y/n I looked down to check if I had a boner or if it was actually a dream. I looked down to my pants seeing my boner through my pants I guess it was a dream ugh I wish it was real. I got up from the sofa I was resting on and walked to my chair to get rid of this boner. I unbuttoned my shirt a bit and unbuckled my belt and lowered my jeans and underwear to my ankles I sat down at my desk chair and started to touch myself and bumping my cock as Pre-cum started to show I groaned and moaned ” ahhh fuck yes just like that” after a couple more strokes I felt a small hand on my thigh. Opening my eyes in surprise to see my assistant y/n herself touching my thigh with a smirk on her face. Omg that turns me on so much. I had a quick conversation with her to find out why she was here as she answers me she slowly raised her hand closer and closer to my cock that makes me groan and moan of the sensation of her hand at my thigh so close to my cock that’s right in front of her face and close to her hand. God just touch it already, like my dream. As she says “There are two men waiting for you in the meeting room. You should probably hurry up.” I get mad at her response and I say

Jungkook: I can’t really get up right now since I have a little problem. Don’t you wanna help? I know you check me out all the time don’t deny it. ;)

Y/n: I would but there’s an important meeting in that room which we have to attend to,so get up now . Daddy I will help you later I promise

Jungkook: I like hearing daddy come out of your sexy mouth babygirl and okay give me a minute.

Y/n: okay I’ll wait for you at the door

As she says this she walks to the door and turns around and smirks at me. I hope she didn’t lie to me. As she left I picked up my pants and buttoned up my shirt i walked to the door and heard y/n talking

Y/n: haha he actually believed me like no I just did that to get him up

She lied to me ok I see how she wants to play this game. Leaving me all horny and needy I will make her feel the same just wait unit I pound into you and you beg me to stop. I walk to the door and open it. As we walk I smirked at her before go in the meeting room making her confused

End of jungkook’s POV

Y/n’s POV

Why did he smirk at me ? Did he find out I lied ? I hope not. As I walk in I sat next to jungkook’s chair confused wondering what his smirk meant.

To be continued...

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