Bts Jungkook- daddy

Part 4


Y/n’s POV

After what happened in jungkook’s office I couldn’t get my mind of how big he was. Now we’re sitting in the meeting room side to side listening to the offer from the two handsome men from before.

Unknown: sorry we didn’t introduce ourselves earlier we were waiting for kookie to come in.

Y/n: kookie?

Unknown: yes kookie a.k.a jungkook we have known him since he was 15 his our little bunny.

Y/n: ohh that’s cool

Unknown: yes it is. Our names are RM and seorkjin but you can call me namjoon and him Jin

Y/n: ok I will namjoon and Jin

Namjoon: let’s get started

Jungkook: okay hyung

As we listen to the offer from namjoon and Jin, they were so cute together. As the meeting went on I noticed jungkook looking rather uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because of the boner he left unsolved in his pants. As I was taking notes for jungkook to look at later I noticed jungkook once again move but this time his hand was on the button of his pants opening them. What is he doing? I try to keep myself distracted with the presentation but ended up making my pen fall under the table so I get up and go under the table to get my pen but I noticed something off. It was jungkook. His dick was out of his pants being stroked by him wtf whyyy. I try to get up quickly to not make it obvious. As I went back to my chair I looked over to jungkook seeing his dick once again out but this time I noticed that he brought it up for me to see I look at his face and he’s smirking at me. Is he doing this on purpose. After a while jungkook had to reply to the offer but I couldn’t look away from his huge cock sticking out waiting for someone to just suck him off.

Jungkook: yes I think that the company would love to Collaborate with your company what do you think y/n? ;)

Y/n: huh? Umm.... I think...wait what was the question?

He starts to smirk even more knowing I couldn’t speak because of his dick. His doing this on purpose.

Y/n: umm I think... umm it’s a great idea

Okay that was smooth don’t worry it’s okay I answered back I can’t show him my weakness

Jungkook: okay then it’s a deal will collaborate with your company

Namjoon: that’s great let’s celebrate

Jin: yes let’s celebrate let’s all go to dinner tonight even you y/n

Y/n: really me too ?

Jin: yes as long as it’s ok with jungkook

I look at jungkook hoping he would nod and say yes

Jungkook: fine yes but u better change to better outfit I’ll pick up from your house

ok now go home and get changed

Y/n : okay bye Jin and namjoon

Jin/namjoon: bye

As I was leaving the meeting room I noticed jungkook putting his pants back on with a smirk so nobody can notice.

I left the meeting room went to my car and drove home I got in and went to take a short shower before I started to get ready. After I showered I went to my closet and chose this

And I went back to the bathroom to fix my hair and makeup. I did this to my hair and makeup.

I looked at the mirror making sure I look okay. I checked my phone to see if jungkook texted me.

Jungkook: I’ll be there in 10 minutes so be ready babygirl ;)

Ughh him and calling me babygirl I swear

Time skip

Jungkook texted me his outside and as I went out I saw his car and what he was wearing omg his so fine like why he gotta do this to me.

I get in the car and I was getting nervous because he put his long slender fingers on my inner thigh. As we slowly approached the restaurant I decided to tease him a bit since he teased me .

Jungkook: you better behave babygirl

Y/n: who said I will behave daddy?

Jungkook: don’t call me daddy it turns me on

Y/n: good then. Daddyyyyyyyyy

As I said this he put his hand in a fist in front of my face saying “ughh” that was so cute I had a smirk plastered on my face as I went into the restaurant seeing namjoon and Jin waiting for us at a table. I sat down across from Jin but next to jungkook. We talked and talked about how we were and the presentation they gave us. Without paying attention I felt a hand on my inner thigh. So I tried to ignore him because I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of him affecting me. I started to talk to namjoon to show jungkook that I didn’t care.

Y/n: so namjoon how did a good looking man like you start business?

Namjoon: I started two years ago and I fell in love with the business and met Jin

Y/n: so I was wondering if we can meet up and you can help with something ? ;)

Namjoon: okay sure

As I asked namjoon if he can help me with something later. I heard jungkook chocking on water. I smirked to myself knowing I impacted him somehow. Jin was shocked so he asked him if his okay.

Jin: you okay kookie?

Jungkook: what ? Oh, um ya I’m fine

Jin: oh ok just making sure

As time passed, we order our food which was I got pasta Alfredo, Kookie got steak with mashed potatoes, Namjoon got beef with rice and vegetables, and lastly Jin got something rather simple like pasta with shrimp. As I was eating, I didn’t notice that I got some sauce on my face.

Namjoon: y/n you have some sauce there.

Y/n: oh really ? where ?

Namjoon: here let me get it for you

Namjoon slowly started to approach me and started to lean forward to clean the sauce that was left next to my lips. I noticed that kookie was getting rather annoying and agitated. All of a sudden kookie got up and left to the bathroom without saying anything, so I decide to go after him to see what’s wrong.

Y/n : I’ll be right back I’m going to go check if his okay .

Jin/ Namjoon: okay !

I didn’t understand what happened, like did I do something to make him mad. I hope his okay. I started to slowly approach the bathroom, I didn’t care if it was the boys bathroom I just wanted to make sure he was okay. As I walked in I heard weird nosies, it sounded like kookie. Omg is he moaning.

Jungkook: ugh omg yes y/n

Omg he just my name oof his so fucking hot I can’t take it anymore. As I approach the bathroom stall the moans got louder. I was right next to the stall and I heard everything and saw everything through the hole of the stall.

Jungkook: fuck just like that

Fuck his killing me. I started to get really turned on by his moans so I started to touch myself. Doing circular motions on my clit. Considering I was wearing a dress this was easier to do. I was starting to get weak in the legs and started to moan without even noticing. When I let out that moan I paused and heard silence, shit he heard me. Oh no. I tried to hide but I couldn’t I was in a boys bathroom touching myself to his moans that doesn’t look bad at all.

I heard the stall door open and I paused I didn’t know what to do. That’s when I saw him. Shirt open, jeans gone and boxers also gone. His dick is long hard and thick, just how I like it. I see the tip is pink red and dripping Pre-cum. At first I just stood there not knowing what to do . I started to walk backwards pretending that I never saw anything or heard anything. But when I heard his voice not only did my whole world change but also I panicked and jumped to his voice.

Jungkook: y/n, what are you doing here? Was that you moaning?

Y/n: no, I just came to check up on you

Jungkook: oh really?

Y/n: ya

As I said that he started to walk towards me I started to get nervous god I wanted to touch him so bad.

Jungkook: I know it was you. I heard you. Fuck your so sexy. I can just rip that dress off right now.

As he said this he was still slowly stepping towards me while I was trying to walk away. But that couldn’t work because he got me trapped in between him and the wall. He got so close I can feel his dick hard and needy with attention poking me in between my legs, god what do I do?

~Author note: Sorry I haven’t been updating I’ve been busy with school but when I have time I will update, so if you wanna know what happens next keep reading until the next episode. ~

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