Bts Jungkook- daddy

Part 5


Omg I don’t know what to do. His so hot I’m about to go at him. I don’t care anymore.

As I was walking back trying to be unnoticeable, he smirks. Oh god don’t tell me he notice how I pressed my legs together.

Jungkook POV:

Fuck I’m so got damn hard for her. I’m seriously thinking what did I do wrong to deserve such a beauty who is not only sexy as hell but so fucking cute. As I start to look at her up and down I notice something in particular, she’s pressing her legs together that must mean she’s turned on by me. I smirked knowing I had such an impact. I started to get closer I already trapped her between the door and myself so she can’t move. I noticed that she was getting more nervous. I got closer, putting my lips next to her ear and i said ” mmm I see your turned on by me, aren’t you babygirl”. I can feel her heart beating, god I love seeing her so vulnerable around me.

Y/n POV:

Omg omg his so close to me I feel like I can’t breathe. After he said that one line my knees were weak and my head was spinning.

Jungkook: mmm I see your turned on by me, aren’t you babygirl?


Fuck this I don’t care anymore. At that moment we stared into one another’s eyes knowing what was going to happen next. The next thing I know I’m pushed against the bathroom stall with jungkook’s lips on mine. I have never dreamed of such soft lips like his before . I couldn’t take it anymore so I kissed him back our kiss hungry and passionate knowing we have been wanting this for a long time. He starts to move his hand to my waist pushing me harder into him, feeling him more. Making sure I wasn’t noticeable I slowly put my hands on his neck slowly going down his muscular chest until my hands were right on his throbbing dick that was so needy for me. He stopped kissing me and pushed his head back while moaning my name

Jungkook: ughh y/n

Not knowing what to do I started moving my hand up and down making sure I give him the most pleasure. God he looks so hot right now I could just let him fuck me here right now. As I started going faster, he pushes his hair back and looks me directly in the eyes and says :

Jungkook: if u continue I don’t think I can hold back anymore. I want... ahhh.... fuck you so hard... that u would beg me to stop. I.. wanna see you.. on ur knees sucking me off like the good babygirl you are and I wanna hear u scream my name.

Right when he said that I got shivers all over my body. I honestly didn’t know what to do. This is wrong, but I can’t stop myself.

Y/n: fuck daddy I want you so badly, I want your throbbing cock deep in me.

And at that moment I knew I fucked up big time.....

Jungkook POV

Omfg did she see just say that. God I’m gonna cum just from her hands they feel so good and after what she said I don’t think I can hold on any longer.

Jungkook: fuck baby I’m gonna cum don’t stop

The next thing I know she’s moving her hand at full speed. Making me moan louder i throw my head back my eyes rolled to the back of my head from the amount of pleasure I’m getting from her.

Jungkook: ahhhh yes just like that babygirl yess.

I breath harshly and i start to shake, I couldn’t hold it any longer so i came in her beautiful hand of hers.


He just came in my hand. I look and seductively licked it all off my hands and told him.

Y/n: get cleaned up and come out daddy they are waiting for you.

After that I walk out leaving him there breathing heavily with a smirk on his face.

Jungkook POV

As I hear her say that I smirk to myself knowing that it’s not over and I’m gonna make sure I fuck her so hard she won’t be able to walk and won’t be able to stop begging for more. Plus after she said she wants my cock deep in her I knew I had completely lost control and now I can’t hold back. Imma show her who her daddy is, leaving me like this after saying such naughty words. Just watch y/n by the end of tonight ur gonna be begging me to fuck you.

Author note: sorry I haven’t been posting I’ve been busy with school but now I have break so I’ll have more time to continue the story. Can’t wait to write the next episode

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