Bts Jungkook- daddy

part 6


Omg I can’t believe that just happened, was I dreaming? did we actually do that in a public bathroom? oh my goodness what would my mom say about this. I bet Jae eun would love to hear this.

As I walk back to the table where jin and namjoon are seated I noticed they were whispering I wonder what they are talking about.

Jin and Namjoon POV:

While Y/N and Jungkook were in the bathroom, Jin and Namjoon had a good idea what was going on between the two.

Jin: what’s taking them so long? Did Jungkook fall in the toilet?

Namjoon: ummm I don’t think so, but it is weird. I mean did you feel the tension between those two there is definitely something going on.

Jin: yea I think so too, it looks like they are gonna devour one another soon

Namjoon: haha i think that may already be happening.

Jin: ahh I remember when we first started boo don’t you? we were just as freaky as they were we had just the amount of passion.

Namjoon: yes I remember my love, I bet they are doing some freaky stuff in there huh?

Jin: most likely, oh shhh here she comes be quite pretend we don’t know act natural

Namjoon: I don’t think this is how you act natural my love but okay i’ll try.


As I walk closer to the cutest couple, I see Jin panic when he sees me and start to act weird right when I walked up to them. hmm I wonder why?

Jin: Finally your back,where’s jungkook?

Y/n: haha (nervous laugh) sorry took so long, his coming his almost done using the restroom

Hopefully they can’t tell i’m nervous they might find out about what happened. After a couple minutes of finally sitting down and talking with Jin and namjoon I realized how much of a cute relationship they had, a few moments later i feel the chair next to me move and there he was Jungkook getting back into his seat after what happened in the bathroom. I can still remember his shirt being half buttoned and his pants down low while he moans my name, geez I need help.

I look at him and we make eye contact and there it was that perfect smile of his and those lips god what am I gonna do?

Jungkook: Sorry I took so long had to take care of something important (smirks)

y/n’s thought: why is he looking at me? you dummy they will find out and him smirking at me will only make it worse ughh

After some time of trying to move on and not being totally obvious and awkward we decided to get some desert, but I think Jungkook had a different definition of desert because his muscular and slim hand was on my thigh slowly squeezing it and going up little by little. I’m starting to think he’s planning something for sure. While I pretend this is not happening under the table i order a chocolate lava cake with ice cream while Jin and Namjoon ordered strawberry cheesecake which they decided to share. Jungkook ordered these little cakes that had different flavors they were very colorful.

Jungkook POV:

As I left the bathroom I knew I had to do something back to her for being not only such a tease but also such a good girl. I was planning on making her feel so good she’ll be shaking, if I have to take her back to my place I will or finish her off in the office I will do it.


While we were enjoying our deserts and talking and just having a blast, I noticed Jungkook’s hand be very high up I started to get tingles run through my spine as he notices i’m looking right at him with a look signalling him to stop but he only smirks and starts to go higher, that’s when I started to feel the tingling feeling in between my legs waiting for his touch to progress.

He knows exactly what his doing to me and he loves it. I eventually get annoyed not wanting to get caught by the two handsome men in front of me i try to take his hand of my inner thigh to stop the things I am feeling. well let me just tell you that was a big mistake because every time I tried to remove his hand he would put it back but only higher. so I decided to just tell him so I whispered

Y/N: Jungkook stop they will notice you doing this

Jungkook: Babygirl, stop denying me, i know you want me to go even further so let me (smirks). I bet your soaking wet for me huh? you think I care that they are here no baby your wrong I can throw you on this table in front of everyone and just fuck you really hard if I want to.

I just sat there in shock not knowing what to do next especially when he says such sexy things like that to me. I want him so bad,but I know it’s not right little did I know I did the most unthinkable thing ever.

Y/N : hmm sounds intriguing but does daddy really think he can make feel good at all? I don’t think so it probably can’t compare to what I did in the bathroom.

After I said ” it probably can’t compare to what I did in the bathroom" I slowly put my hand on his pants slowly rubbing his cock through his pants knowing very that I just fucked up and that I can at least make him hard in the process.

Jungkook: mmm babygirl don't start, your gonna make me hard and you just signed your death wish I will punish you hard just for those words.

Y/n: lets see you try....Daddy (smirk)

I though maybe I did sign my death wish but all I knew this is gonna be fun

As I was listening to Jin talk to jungkook about another opportunity for the company, I didn't notice Jungkook has already got his hand prepared and that's when he slowly reached my underwear considering i'm wearing a skirt business casual and all. He then slowly starts to rub me over my underwear, I felt myself start to feel the pleasure of his hands touching me. He then went a little faster and once he did I almost moaned aloud. Jungkook then looked at me and smiled knowing exactly what just happened and he was doing this on purpose.

The next thing I know he moves my panties to the side and starts to rub my clit in circular motions, that's when I knew it was going to be hard to stay quite.He slowly moved his fingers lower feeling how wet I am for him.

Jungkook: damn babygirl I didn't know I make you this wet

God please help this handsome of a devil knows what his doing and not stopping ohhh noooo.

The next thing I know from feeling his fingers around my clit to feeling how wet my pussy is, to slowly pushing two fingers into me and that's when I gasped and tried not to moan but it was to late.

Y/N: (Gasps) ah mm

Jin: Y/n are you okay? are you in pain?

Oh no how can I open my mouth without moaning?

Y/N: mmm yea... mm I (gasps) I'm okay

Fuck Fuck Fuck he just started to go faster I don't know how much longer I can take before I completely melt into his hands that are giving me so much pleasure. Thank god we were finished eating and that Namjoon ordered for the check but once we got the check Jungkook went faster and faster with his fingers.

Y/N: Jungkook I'm about to cum don't stop

Jungkook: good babygirl, but who said you can cum? your not going to cum until I say you can

Y/N: what? why?

Jungkook: because i'm punishing you for not only what you said but for also being such a tasty tease

My eyes widen as he says this he takes his fingers out of my pussy and puts it into his mouth to taste all my juices that have been slipping out ever since he started.

Everyone has payed there share of the check including me, I have no clue how I even got money out in my situation. After jungkook sucks on his fingers he goes back and rubs my clit again teasing me making sure I don't cum. Eventually we get the check back with our change and Jungkook takes his fingers once again out sucks on them and smirks at me.

Did he just leave me like this without making me cum? Is he serious ? I want him to finish me off this is painful. I'll try to deal with this. We ended up getting our stuff and leaving the restaurant we said our goodbyes with Jin and Namjoon

Jin: Jungkook it was so great to see you again, hopefully we can see each other again even if it's not just for business. it was so nice meeting you y/n, here's my card with my number never hesitate to call or text.

Namjoon: yes it was so nice meeting you y/n don't forget to stay in contact

Y/N: it was so nice meeting you guys too I will for sure call or text

Jungkook: of course hyeong i'll make sure to stay in contact bye

Jin/Namjoon: bye!

We wave our hands to say bye. It's just me and jungkook now, As I think about what just happened in this restaurant I will never forget especially what he did.

Jungkook: Babygirl it's time to head back to the office, don't worry though when we get there don't think I'm done with you yet. I got some work to do don't you think?

OMG, so he has something planned when we get back to the office I have no words but all I know is I need to get prepare as to what's about to come next.

to be continued.....

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