Bts Jungkook- daddy

part 7


After that long car ride back to the office I couldn’t get his hands inside of me out of me head. Just thinking about it made my pussy pulse. God his gonna be the death of me.

We arrived at the office I wonder if he will do what he says he will do to me. Let’s just hope the whole office doesn’t hear me.

As walk back into the office jungkook and I both greet the staff and walk up to his office. I’m starting to debate wether I should go inside or go to my office.

We reach his door and u hesitate to get in after him, he sees me just standing there staring at him haha he must think im a creep.

“Sir, I will be going back to my office/desk if you don’t need anything I’ll be on my way” I say and then smile at him like the whole ordeal that happened between us didn’t occur a couple minutes ago.

“Y/N, actually there is something else please come in” he says with a smirk. Oh no this is not good, so I take the first step into his office closing the door behind me my back is facing him and I can feel him staring at me. The next thing I know I feel his body heat behind me his hands take my hair and move it away from my neck he slowly starts to kiss down my neck and suck leaving his mark on me. I start to moan bringing my hands behind me to reach for his hair to grab.

“You like it when I mark you as mine don’t you baby girl ? “ he whispers in my ear. God why did I let this happen. I turn around telling him “it was alright I think anyone can do better then you” I smirk at him ready to leave his office and this pleasurable torture.

Then that’s when I knew I fucked up big time. Next thing i know I’m being pulled after him to his big deck he grabs me and sits me on the edge. I look at him shocked while he gives me his signature smirk and says “let’s really see if I didn’t have any effect on at all”.

He reached behind me and clicks a button all the doors lock and the window shut, where no one will be able to see us and come in. I look at him shocked and all of sudden he grabs my face and pulls me forwards him and I feel his lips on mine, oh these lips of his so soft and gentle on mine. The tension and spark I felt when we connected was nothing like I’ve ever felt before. I’m hoping he feels this too.

Our hands are all over each other slowly unbuttoning his hands and shirt but he stops me. He grabs my legs and opens them for his access only. He bends down so he leveled with my pussy, he grabs my underwear with his teeth slowly taking it off my legs. My pussy is already soaking wet from the restaurant but now I’m just dripping. He gives me a smile and then a smirk and says “well you look at that isn’t she gorgeous, wet and dripping just for daddy”. I had no time to respond because the thing I know his mouth lands on my clit and he starts to suck and lick and tease me over and over again, without looking away staring right at me watching him eat me out. I hear him moan how good I taste and that he can’t get enough of me. He starts to touch me with his fingers while still eating me out I then slowly feel two fingers go inside of me while his tongue does magic to clit licking and pulling I eventually start to shake telling him not to stop that it feels so good.

“Mmm yess, just like that daddy don’t stop I’m almost there” I tell him and he stops automatically looking up at me and saying “tell me you want me, tell me you want me to make you cum” every word he says he kisses my push gently while squeezing my thighs to get a response.

“Please daddy” I say and he looks at me not liking my response he starts to bite my thighs leaving marks and hickeys marking his territory “say it or you won’t cum”

“I want you to make me cum, i want you so bad please take me “ once those words leave my mouth he latched his mouth back on my clit and his fingers renter me and he is pumping in and out slowly and then fast getting me close enough but not fully. Eventually he gives in and eats me so rough and so good I start shake.

“Mm yes just like that baby , ahh don’t stop” I say through the pleasure I’m receiving and that’s when he starts to pump his fingers into me so fast that I start to scream from the pain and pleasure. He puts his other hand on my mouth to make sure no one hears me. I start to shake even more and feel my cum rushing through me like an electric current and that’s when I finally cum on his mouth and all over his fingers.

I see him take his fingers out of me licks all my fun off his fingers and gets up looking at me how breathless I am staring back him. I eventually see another side of me not wanting this to end so I say “ you think we’re done, I’m gonna show you pleasure and intoxicate you more then I did in the bathroom”.

He looks at me and then walks to his chair without breaking eye contact from me sits on his chair with his legs open like he is giving me an invitation.

“Let’s see what you got baby girl” as he starts to balm himself through his pants looking at me with so much lust and desire.

To be continued…..
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