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"I'll find you Y/N. Just you wait!" (You're a Neko) After being betrayed and kicked out of her apartment, Y/N goes to find a place she can stay. She finds Mystreet. What happens when she meets the guys? Will she fall in love? Or will she be hunted down because of what she is?

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A fake reality.

Chapter 1 - A fake reality.


Your name- Y/N

Last name- L/N

Fake name- F/N

Skin type- S/C

Hair color- H/C

Hair length- H/L

Eye color- E/C

Cat Ears color- C/E/C

Cat Tail color- C/T/C

Fave Food- F/F

Fave color- F/C

Second fave color- S/F/C

Fave movie- F/M

Your Pet’s name- P/N

Car type- C/T

Come back to this page if you need to see what is what. Thanks!

The past.... A hard time for us all.. We were so young, so— so easy to capture... I, as a young Mei’fua, I never left my house. I was home schooled for awhile... Until high school.

High school was terrible. That’s all I have to say. It was the WORSE. Everyone bullied me for what and who I was.

....A Mei’fua....

Watching everyone... hearing everyone... They were all talking about me.

“...Oh.. look, it’s the cat girl. What are you gonna do? Claw at our faces? Haha!”

I always hated school.

My eyes opened to see that the light was shining in through my small window. I was in my apartment. I have lived here for a couple weeks now. Everything seems okay. I haven’t been kicked out yet. Phew.

“Dang it! I forgot to close the window!” My neighbor yelled. Her name was Rachel Bennett. She is one year older then me. She’s 21.

I got up off my bed and looked around my room. I think I was looking for something?

“..Mmm... I know I had it here...” I searched around. I found the thing I was looking for sooner or later. I smiled and grabbed it. It was my phone. I looked at my messages to see if anyone has texted me. I only have one friend, Fran. She’s 20 years old, like me, but she’s got a boyfriend. I clicked her texts and noticed she was messaging me in the middle of the night.

I’m so sorry, Y/N.

I texted back, my face showing confusion and concern.

What? Why? What did you do?

She immediately answered back with this:

I’ve made a mistake... I accidentally told someone about your secret..

My eyes widened in shock and disbelief.

You’re joking. You’re definitely joking, right?!

No... I’m not.

How could you?! You’re my friend, we’re supposed to keep each others secrets and never tell!

A hot tear slipped down my cheek. I knew what was gonna happen next. Someone is gonna come for me. Someone is gonna try to catch me—to take me. This was all Fran’s fault. I TRUSTED her. I trusted her with my life, And look what she’s done. THIS. Now I’m gonna be hunted down. Just great..

I’m really really sorry Y/N! I never meant to tell! It just... it just slipped out!

Slipped out?! Really?! That’s you’re excuse?!

I was filled with rage, betrayal, and fear.

I.. I shouldn’t have been you’re friend in the first place.

...What? What did she just say?


Yeah. The second I met you, a part of me wanted to leave you. The first summer we sent together, I never really enjoyed it, I hated it. The prom we went to together, I hated standing beside your very being. I never really liked you. I just stuck around because I could never get away from you. You never noticed, but you always made me cancel stuff, just so you could see me. Yeah, it’s true, it’s ALL true. So Y/N, goodbye.

By the time I finished reading the message, hot tears were spilling out of my E/C eyes. I didn’t know this. I didn’t know she hated me all this time. How could she do this...?

I dropped my phone on the hard wood floor, causing it to crack, but I didn’t care. I just lost my friend, my best friend, my... my only friend I ever had. Things would never be the same from now on...

I think I cried for a good 15 minutes before I needed to get myself a glass of water. My throat hurt like hell, and I needed to fix that.

As I entered the small kitchen I had, a knock came to the door. Who could that be? I wiped my tear stained eyes and walked over to the door. I looked through a little hole in the door and immediately noticed it was the land lord; The lady who owned this apartment complex.

“Miss L/N, I need to speak with you.” The lady tapped her foot on the floor repeatedly, sounding annoyed.

Oh Irene.. is this the end? Am I being kicked out? Now? Today? Why does this have to happen!

I opened the door slowly and put a fake smile on. I gave the lady a small wave before speaking. “Yes, what is it?”

“I have some terrible news..” She pretended to sound sad, and sorry, but I knew she was happy I was leaving. “I have to kick you out.” She said bluntly.

“K-Kick?! Why?” I asked, I was still shocked even though I seen this coming.

“I have to.” She turned around to walk away, “You have 4 hours to pack up and leave. Goodbye.” That’s all she said after that.

I stood there with my mouth wide open. H-How could this happen?.. Everything was supposed to be perfect.. A couple hot tears left my eyes as I slammed the door shut.

I started to gather up my belongings to leave. I stuffed all my clothes in a suitcase –I don’t really have much clothes– and left it by the door. I stared at my posters on the walls for a couple of minutes, sadly, I had to take them down. I accidentally ripped a couple of them, trying to carefully take them off the blue painted walls of my bedroom.

It was now 6:37 PM. 4 hours ago, I was told I was being kicked out. Now, I’m outside carrying my stuff to my small car. I never pictured my life like this, losing a friend, to being kicked out, and what more could happen?

I knew that sleeping in my car for the night would be easy and simple, but also uncomfortable and cold. My only choice was to stay at a motel.

I unpacked my bag that had my important stuff in it, and laid on the nice, clean, cozy bed the motel provided. I sighed to myself as I pulled out my phone, finally I noticed the crack.

“My phone!” I shouted. I immediately quieted my voice and turned my phone on.

I scrolled through dozens of apartments near me, but none had a good price. I was at least lucky my last apartment –that I just got kicked out of– had a good price to pay. I sighed a long, sad sigh and turned off my cracked phone. I snuggled up into the covers of the bed and fell into a deep sleep.

The next day...

I woke up to a buzz from my phone, meaning I got a notification. I rubbed my eyes for a long while before picking up my phone. I turned it on to see what the notification was about.

I stared for a couple of minutes at what I seen. A notification for a house that was on sale for a perfect price?! What?! How?!

I clicked the sale and made sure this house was good.

Location: Mystreet, Phoenix Drop.

Price: $$$

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Basement?: yes.

Fully furnished?: yes.

Backyard?: yes.

Color of house: F/C

I re-read the information 3 times before I smiled brightly. “Yes! A house! Bye-bye stupid apartments and motels!” I slightly shouted.

I couldn’t help but smile for a long period of time. I was so happy and excited that I found a home. A place where I can live. A place that’s way better then apartments and motels. Hehe.

Looking at the time on my phone, I noticed it was 6:30 in the morning. I need more sleep.. I closed my eyes and fell asleep again, with a smile on.

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