The Steward's Son

Denethor and Finduilas

One month after Boromir's birth, Denethor was already teaching his son the art of battle. Finduilas disagreed with Denethor's preference when it came to raising their son. She wanted to raise Boromir with love and joy while he preferred training to be a warrior.

Finduilas sat in Boromir's chambers rocking him to sleep. Denethor came carrying something long and wrapped in cloth.

"Is my son still awake?" he asked.

"Denethor, he should be put down for a nap", she said. "If he's not, he'll be up all night."

"That can wait. I have a gift for him."

"A gift? My love, you're spoiling Boromir. He already has enough gifts."

"He is the steward's son", Denethor said. "He should be spoiled as he rightly is. This gift is more important than all the others he has."

Finduilas and Boromir watched as Denethor pulled back the cloth revealing a sword. Boromir's eyes widened as he looked at the reflective metal his father presented to him.

"This is your sword, my son. Once you are old enough and have mastered defense, you will wield this weapon with pride."

"Denethor, you will not bear our infant son a sword as a gift", Finduilas said. "Remove that from his sight."

She watched as he wrapped the sword back in the cloth. Instead of taking it away like she requested, Denethor placed the sword upon the shelf that already held his previous gifts. There on the shelf sat a round shield as well as a helmet.

Finduilas shook her head. She looked at Boromir who kept his eyes on the sword. She sighed knowing Denethor was getting into his mind. She knew Boromir would obey everything his father would tell him in the future.

She took Boromir and laid him in his cradle. Finduilas watched as Denethor reached into the cradle patting Boromir's head.

"Dream, my son", he whispered. "Dream of the glory days of Gondor. Someday when my time is done, you will rule over this land."


He said nothing more as he tucked Boromir in the blankets. Denethor closed the door allowing Finduilas to speak.

"My love, I wish you would treat Boromir like a reasonable father should", she said.

"Boromir is no ordinary child", he said. "He is my son and heir. Our family line will continue with him."

"He is my son as well", Finduilas said. "I do not want you filling his head with talk of battle at this age."

"The sooner, the better. Our Boromir will live up to his namesake and become one of the greatest warriors of all Gondor."

"He is still an infant. He has his whole life ahead of him. I want Boromir to run and play, not prepare for a battle that is beyond our years."

"He won't be a child forever", Denethor said leaving her in her spot.

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