The Steward's Son

Boromir's First Steps

"Denethor, you must let Boromir rest", Finduilas said as she held Boromir in her arms.

"My son cannot be a warrior if he doesn't know how to walk", Denethor said.

Boromir was near to a year old and Denethor insisted on teaching Boromir to walk. So far, all Boromir was able to do was fall into Finduilas' arms.

"My love, Boromir is not ready", she said. "He can barely stand on his own."

"Nonsense", Denethor said taking their son into his arms. "He is simply not trying hard enough."

"Do not force him", Finduilas said. "He'll walk when he is ready."

"He is ready. I know it."

He set Boromir down on the stone floor with Finduilas standing a couple feet away. He removed his hands letting him stand on his own.

"Go ahead, my son", Denethor said. "Take your first steps."

Boromir looked back at his father unsure of what to do. Finduilas kneeled in front of him giving him an idea to walk toward her. He smiled as he reached his hands out to her.

"Walk, my son", Denethor said.

He gave Boromir a gentle nudge with his knee. He only succeeded in making Boromir fall forward onto his face. Finduilas gasped as she picked him up. Boromir wailed loud as a bruise formed on his forehead. Finduilas held him close glaring at Denethor.

"Are you proud now?" she asked. "Our son is hurt now."

"A minor injury", Denethor said. "He will be injured more often as he continues to grow."

"Have you no heart?" Finduilas asked as she looked at him outraged. "Our son is still an infant. He is not a warrior."

"He will be."

She turned away as she rocked Boromir in her arms. His cries grew quiet as he wiped the tears from his eyes. He looked at Denethor over his mother's shoulder.

"I know Boromir won't disappoint me."

Boromir started squirming in his mother's arms.

"What is it?" Finduilas asked.

She set him down on the floor. Boromir looked at Denethor and reached his arms out to him. His legs wobbled as he tried to walk.


Denethor smiled as he watched his son take his first steps toward him. Finduilas gave a sad smile. Boromir was completely under his father's control and there was nothing she could do about it. Denethor was the most powerful person in the citadel. If she defied him, there was no telling what could happen.

Boromir giggled as he finally reached his father. Denethor smiled as he picked him up.

"At last", he said. "My son can walk now. Soon he'll be able to start his sword training."

"Denethor, no", Finduilas said. "Not until he is at least 13 years old."

"That will be too long to wait."

"I don't want Boromir training", she said. "I will not have him getting hurt."

"It is not your decision", Denethor said.

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