The Steward's Son


"Papa?" Boromir said as he watched Denethor.

Little Boromir was now two years old and Denethor was now fitting him for armor. There he sat wearing a chainmail shirt and his helmet. His sword and shield laid beside him on the floor.

"Pick up your sword, my son", Denethor said. "Let me see you wield it."

"Heavy, Papa", Boromir said.

"Nothing is heavy for you, Boromir. You are strong and I know you will make me proud. Now pick up your sword."

He looked at Denethor who was watching him with stern eyes. Boromir hated seeing his father looking at him like that. Using both hands, he struggled to pick up his sword and hold it up for Denethor to see.

"What is this?"

Denethor and Boromir looked to see Finduilas watching with an angry look on her face.

"Boromir, put that sword down right now", she said.

"Papa?" Boromir said looking at Denethor.

"Finduilas, I told him to pick it up", he said. "He is already two years of age. It's time for him to start his training."

"Denethor, I told you I do not approve of this", she said angrily. "Why do you continue to encourage him?"

"Do you not know?" Denethor asked. "He is destined for greatness."

Finduilas sighed as she looked away. She felt very hurt that Denethor was completely ignoring every bit of parental advice she was giving him. It was almost as if her opinion didn't matter. Denethor was acting like she wasn't important in Boromir's life.

"Denethor, if you really love me, you will let me take care of Boromir the way I want", Finduilas said. "I am his mother. I have a say in his life."

She turned away and left the room. Boromir sat in tears. He hated seeing his mother sad.


He took off his helmet and pushed it aside before getting up and stumbling toward the door leaving Denethor to watch. He looked to see Finduilas walking down the hall to the throne room.


She turned to see Boromir walking toward her. He wrapped his arms around her legs in a hug. Finduilas knelt down and hugged him.

"Boromir, I know you want to make your father proud", she said. "But you must remember this is your life. You be what you want to be as long as you're happy. Whatever you decide to be when you grow up, I know I'll be proud of you."

"Love you, Mama", Boromir said.

"I love you too, my son", she said kissing the top of his head.

Denethor watched as she picked him up and carried him to the throne room. He followed them to see Finduilas sitting in the steward throne with Boromir on her lap. Denethor looked at Boromir noticing he looked more happy with his mother than with himself.

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