Only For you ; YugyeomxLisa


She always and I mean always hated to move away from the place she was born in, but what happens when that place she hated, she meets a guy every where and slowly falls in love with him, will it be? What if it was all a lie.... Her truth is out... Many broken moments

Romance / Drama
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This is so stupid! I wish my mother never sent me here to live with my grandma and grandpa living in Korea, where well famous singers i guess from here sing and do things.

I dance and sing, maybe thats why she sent me here just to join a group and become the little girl she had always wanted but i would always tell her "No" or "Never" but deep down when ever she is not around i would sing and dance, hoping no one would ever hear me...

Well im singing right now at the park and no im not gonna dance where people can come walking, my name is Lisa, and well im part Korean and American, and well I was born in Korea and then we had to move after I was born, it sucked cause I knew no one here...

"I like you voice" A male said behind me causing me to turn around and to look at him, his hair, eyes, everything was really really good looking "Sorry did I scare you?" he ask with a low chuckle as I stood up "No, no you didnt" I smiled at him, bowing down, as he stood there, could he be someone from the famous singers..

"Im Yugyeom, from Got7, may I ask your name" He smiled showing his perfect white teeth as I looked at him closely "Im Lisa" I put my phone in my pocket and just stared at him...

But before he could say anything someone shouted at him "Yugyeom! We gotta go!" It was tall guy with blonde hair and a perfect body shape, well dang, he must be someone from the group also "Ill see you around Lisa" He said running off.

"Yeah..." I said walking off, man i should try to go to one of ther concert, so i looked them up and i order a ticket in the V.I.P part hoping he would see me again.

"Yugyeom" I said over and over again, I like that name, and I feel like im gonna get to know this boy everyday...

So far, my day has been getting better and better...

Ill see you Soon Yugyeom...

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