"It could be anywhere!" I shouted.

"Shh…who knows what lurks 'round us?" Darla shivered. "In my bag theirs a sonar potion used for echolocation. We must use it wisely, though. I don't want anyone to notice it's missing because it's rare and expensive. Don't tell anyone."

"Potion? What is that good for? Yeah, hope that echolocation doesn't bounce off the mountains and you-know-who wakes up and gets us all killed! That witch will eat our crops and us to top it off!"

Darla immediately drank the potion, but the squeal was so high-pitched who could possibly detect it? It reminded me of Squiggles. I grew increasingly reluctant with the decision of bringing my pet as we stumbled along the steep understory of the forest. This echolocation potion could help us find the cabin, and maybe even our way back.

"Echoing is precisely why it works over such a vast land."

Sam's compass led us in the northwest direction. Then we encountered another obstacle.

One major challenge was getting past the gulley. All the rocks were slippery and there was hardly any bank on the other side. Even the twins' calloused, hairy feet couldn't stand a chance! Nobody could hold on to the rocks without scraping knees.

We decided to chance the jumping over the waterfall to get down the valley on the other side faster. Besides, it was about ninety five degrees outside. After swimming to the opposite shore downstream, we discovered the greenest valley one can wish for with more than enough rain dances. Birds were even singing as if it were spring. Then there was our prize: the dark cabin!

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