I still wasn't sure I was going to finish my memories. I stared startlingly at my ceiling feeling like a new person. My breathing became heavier. What are these recurring dreams? I must have been reading too much and watching too much Wizard of Oz or fantasy marathons with Darla. This reminded me of the Crucible we read in English class too. I felt a dark and foreboding connection to that sudden burst of memory.

The next night I was expecting to cut off my story after a warm cup o' herbal tea, but later that night…

Ron Weasley and Harry still could not make peace at school. Ron would not even sit by him at lunch. Harry has been spending too much time with his frivolous girlfriend Cho, and Ron was sick of this megastar. I was still busy with my own drama.

"I think the Slytherins are conjuring this witchcraft, and they invited a Gryffindor to their group so they could cover up as good guys!"

"You're quite straightforward. Don't jump to conclusions just yet. Only one week to the court hearing," Cho said. She sighed and drank her juice exasperated with tumultuous newfound love.

I didn't know we had competition then but back to our adventure...

Sam: "I can't find anything that would be much use for proof."

"Sam, you are hairier than a flim-fluff! (sheep/butterfly/cat crossbreed of the forest), "Keep looking!" Darla shouted frantically.

Sam's small figure came in handy. He uncovered a dusty object. Ah! The spell book will prove it all! Squiggles sniffed out the potion and found it, while Darla and I ravaged the drawers for photos. Hopefully, the purple lady won't notice too much was missing. Wink, wink. The gang and I finally made it over the gully again and back into the woods with a bulky bag (spell book, potion that looks like fertilizer, and family photos!?).

I recorded some of the creatures for you in this dream journal and diary while on my journey back through the Ever Hidden Woods. A squinkle, for example, is a combination of a squirrel, skunk, and weasel, except its better at climbing. It smiled at me, knowingly.

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