Keeping Up With the Kryptonian


“So, Ms. Grant, when is your son coming here with his friends?” “You ask more questions than a reporter, Kerah. They will be here in a few minutes..." Who is Kara Danvers? Marley Rose? Supergirl? All three?

Adventure / Drama
Anahita R
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o n e

I gather all of my belongings from my desk and get ready to go home.

“Kara, you’re leaving early today,” Winn says from his desk.

“Yeah, spending tonight with my sister so I have to go,” I smile and start to walk away.

“Kerah,” Ms. Grant’s voice speaks from her office. I turn around and face Ms. Grant.

“Yes, Ms. Grant?”

“Where do you think you’re going?” She wears her glasses and a dress up to her knees with her hands on her hips.

“You said I could leave early today,” I stand there.

“Hmm, I don’t remember doing such I thing but, okay, go ahead, take the rest of the day off,” Ms. Grant walks back to her desk.

Okay, so that’s that, I say to myself.

“Oh, and Kerah?” Ms. Grant says again.

“Yes, Ms. Grant?”

“You know my son, Adam, right?” I freeze.

“Of course I do,” I say, still ashamed for breaking up with him.

“Well, my other son, Ryder, Adam’s twin, he’s coming with some of his friends. I won’t be here tomorrow and Ryder wants to spend the day in the office. Show him around and make arrangements for him in my office. His friends might show up. Oh, and make sure they don’t mess anything up in my office. You call me if they do,” she says everything very quickly.

“I don’t know you had another son. I thought you only Had Adam and Carter,” I say a little confused.

“There is a lot you don’t know about me, Kerah. Anyways, they are coming from Lima, Ohio-”

“Did you say Lima?” Oh, no! By Ryder, does she mean Ryder Lynn? If so, I’m screwed!

“Did you just interrupt me?” Ms. Grant looks at me wide-eyed.

“I’m so sorry Ms. Grant, I didn’t mean to,” I quickly say. “So, your son, Ryder, he lives in Lima?”

She keeps looking at me but eventually responds, “yes, he does, why?”

“I have a friend who lived there,” I say.

“Hmm, you better come in tomorrow to get everything ready and don’t think I’m going to let you leave early every day so don’t make it a habit,” she says and walks into her office and closes that door.

This is going to be a nightmare, literally. I haven’t seen Ryder and the others for so long, I don’t know what I’ll do. Ugh.

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