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Half-Bloods at Hogwarts

By galecaine

Adventure / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – I do not own PJ or HP

Percy POV

I frowned as I sat around the rec room’s Ping-Pong table. There were cheez whiz and food around the table, plus some Ping-Pong balls for Grover. I realized I was the only one there but I didn’t stay that way for long. Annabeth came in first, sat next to me and put her arm around me, then Leo and Calypso, then Frank and Hazel, then Piper and Jason, then Nico and Thalia, then Grover and lastly Clarisse. Mr. D and Chiron came in. Mr. D sat straight down and started reading this weeks issue of the ‘Grape Vine’ while drinking diet coke. Chiron started talking to us.

“So I called you all down here because I have a new quest where all of you are needed. I have a friend called Albus Dumbledore and he is the principal of a school called Hogwarts. He has a student there called Harry Potter and this kid needs serious protecting. He has been through a lot, not as much as you guys, but a lot. Now this school has the ministry trying to infiltrate it. There is a new teacher there from the ministry and now a certain dark wizard has come back called Voldemort, he tried to kill Harry when Harry was one year-old.  But when he tried the killing curse rebounded and it destroyed Voldemort’s body. Now, this school is a school of magic. They are a group of mortals that Hecate has blessed with magic. But they don’t do magic like we do, they use wands. But when you go you can’t let them know who you are, you all will be transformed into half-breeds for this quest.”

Jason POV

Annabeth and Percy started yelling at him “ But after all we have been through, you promised us no quests!” Then they transferred to ancient Greek. I don’t know much ancient Greek but by the way every Greek person was frowning I could tell it wasn’t good. “Πώς τολμάς να μας στείλετε για αυτή την αναζήτηση σας δεν είχε κανένα δικαίωμα! έχουμε στα Τάρταρα και πίσω, αλλά φυσικά εσείς δεν με νοιάζει γι 'αυτό για σένα; Δεν θέλω να πάω σε αυτή την αναζήτηση!” 

Then everyone stopped and looked at Percy.

“And the process begins,” Chiron said. Percy transformed before their eyes. Slowly his teeth grew points and he grew gills on the side of his face and he grew blackish scales on his bottom half.

“So Percy you are half merman now,”

“So Grover you don’t need to transform because you are already a satyr. Tyson won't need to transform because he is a cyclops. But every one else will have to transform into half of something. I know what you are turning into but I am not going to tell you until you have transformed. But Frank also won’t transform because you are going to be half boggart okay and no one knows what a boggart looks like, they could be invisible for all we know. Oh and Jason is transforming.” Chiron said. Then I felt a hot feeling all through my legs and watched in bewilderment as my feet changed into half foot/ half talon and then my legs grew greyish feathers with black speckles in it. Then my eye sight got a hundred times sharper I could see every bit of flavoring on the ping – pong ball as Grover sprayed it with cheez whiz. “ So Jason you are now half hippogriff.” Chiron said. “Now off with you all except for those ones who have transformed. Once you transform you will be staying in the big house until you get sent to do the quest.”

So Percy and I stayed in the big house that night and by the morning everyone had transformed. Leo had transformed into half fire imp so he constantly had fire dancing through his hair. Thalia was half elf so she had a kind of silvery glow around her and pointy ears. Clarisse turned into half red cap so her teeth turned a faint red and pointy and her legs got a bit hairier (funny I didn’t think they could). Hazel was half nuzzler so her legs got hairier and her nose turned into more of a snout. Calypso grew feathery wings, so she turned into half siren and when she tried singing it was even more beautiful, it seemed to pull me in. Annabeth grew a tail and her legs turned furry and kind of yellow, I guessed she was half sphinx, Piper transformed into half veela so she was even more beautiful and finally Nico grew plain white wings his skin got even paler and seemed to cling to his bones, his hair turned white and none of us could guess what he turned into, not even Annabeth. The Chiron walked in. he scanned us all and when his eyes landed on Nico he chuckled “Well Nico you are the first Albino Threstral I have ever seen.” He chuckled some more and then said “ well we just need to teach you guys a couple more things and then you can go,”

“So then next thing you need to learn is how to control the Mist.” Chiron said, Percy looked excited at hearing this “so all you need to do is to do something to distract people, I know Thalia snaps her fingers so something like that.” I thought about it for a while at couldn’t think of what I could do to distract people. Finally I got the answer, I clapped and then my form shimmered, suddenly I was the regular old me again no half hippogriff. I looked around and saw everyone doing his or her own distracting thing. Percy was just grinning cheekily, Annabeth was rambling on about how the Mist worked, Hazel was staring, Nico was pouting, Piper was playing with her hair, Frank was scratching his chin, Leo was fiddling with some nuts and bolts, Calypso was singing, Grover was playing his pipes, Tyson was pointing and Clarisse was cleaning her shoes with a dagger.

“The final thing you need to learn is to how to do your own sort of travel, I will tell you all what it is, Percy You are water traveling, Leo is fire traveling, Jason is storm traveling, Clarisse is blood traveling, Frank is morph traveling, Thalia is arrow traveling, Hazel is earth traveling, Nico is shadow traveling, Calypso is fade traveling, Grover is music traveling, Annabeth is knowledge traveling, Tyson is stunt traveling and Piper is charm traveling.” Chiron said “first you need to concentrate on where you are going and then visualize you are disappearing from the world and reappearing at your visualized place.”

I didn’t want to do mine yet, I wanted to see how everyone else was going, I saw Leo erupt into Flames and reappear on the other side of the room, I saw Percy disappear into a puddle of water and another puddle reappeared on the other side of the room and he rose from it, Clarisse became a puddle of blood and rose from another puddle of blood halfway across the room. Frank kind of like morphed into air and he reappeared from the air in a seat, Thalia shot an arrow into the wall and she seemed to get pulled straight into the wall and she reappeared from another wall, Hazel sank straight into the ground and reappeared next to Frank, Nico ran into a wall and cam out about 4 meters from me, Calypso simply started becoming transparent and finally faded and she repeated that process in reverse as she reappeared, Grover played some music on his pipes and with a pop he was gone, Annabeth closed her eyes and seemed to be in deep thought when she went out of existence in a whirl of math sums, Tyson did a backflip and when he hit the ground he sank through it and reappeared next to Percy, Piper began talking and she was saying stuff like “You know you want me to travel to the other side of the room,” and the air and matter seemed to listen to her and brought her to the other side of the room. So I guess it was my turn, I thought about my destination, I thought the other side of the room repeatedly and visualized it. Suddenly all my skin, bones, organs and everything else seemed to turn to vapor I went around swirling like a storm and suddenly I was on the other side of the room. I was so proud of myself because of managing to storm travel, control the mist and not throwing up at all today and I did some pretty cool stuff today.

“Come over here!” Chiron called “ well done, all of you today, you all have achieved so much now I just need to tell you one more thing,”

Harry Potter POV

Exactly seven days ago a letter had arrived at 12 Grimmauld place addressed to Mrs. Weasley, “Oh, oh! It’s from Dumbledore!” she exclaimed. But then Hermione snatched it out of her hands before she could open it. Hermione opened it and read out “ Dear Molly, I would like to ask you if you wanted to host some exchange students for some of the year. They are all half-breeds but they would prefer if you didn’t talk about it much, I know their headmaster well; also they put some of their meals into a fire before eating, so the fireplace would be fine for that. Kind regards, Albus Dumbledore.”

Mrs. Weasley snatched the letter back and grabbed some ink and a quill and quickly wrote on the back, Dear Albus, we would be delighted to host the exchange students, Thanks, Molly. She tied the parchment back onto the owl’s leg and sent it back to Dumbledore.

Percy J POV

Chiron told us that we would have to think 12 Grimmauld place to travel there. What kind of a place is called Grimmauld Place? When it was ready to go he told us that the people who we would be staying with would be Molly Weasley, Arthur Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Sirius Black, Ginny Weasley and Fred and George Weasley.


I freaked out as an arrow came out of the wall and suddenly the arrow morphed into a girl with spiky black hair, punk clothes and pointy ears. Then a big bulky guy suddenly appeared next to me. Suddenly there was a puddle of blood on the ground across the room and a girl rose from it, then in a swirl of math sums an girl with grey eyes appeared next the table, flames erupted in midair and out came a boy with a maniac smile, a mini tornado appeared and a boy came out, a puddle of water appeared on the ground next to the girl with grey eyes and a boy with sea green eyes appeared and put her arm around the girl, a girl with gold eyes seemed to rise from the earth, a boy unnaturally pale seemed to morph out of the shadows, a girl simply faded into existence, suddenly a wonderful sound filled my ears and I turned around to see a boy playing the pipes, a guy with one eye rose from the earth doing a somersault and landing on his feet and then a girl came into existence right next to me talking like she was  persuading the matter to take her to this place. Harry, Hermione and Ginny came tumbling down the stairs and were a bit shocked to find 13 more people in the room, especially when they had fur, feathers and scales and when they also had talons, beaks, wings, fire in their hair, pointy ears and tails. Hermione quickly recovered from her shock and had to elbow the other two a lot to get them to recover. They all looked at the half-breeds and shook hands with them. Then Hermione said to them “So you must be the exchange students,”

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