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The 1st Hunger Games

By galecaine

Adventure / Fantasy


Prologue – The 1st Hunger Games

I do not own HG, HP, KC, PJ or T39C

In Panem…

The war was over. District thirteen was gone. All that was left was smoldering rubble. The capitol had won; they made us do something we didn’t want to. We had to sign to a peace treaty. Every year for as long as the earth remains, all the districts have to give up one boy and one girl, between the ages of twelve and eighteen. They go to the capitol, and they get put into an arena with 23 other people to fight to the death. Only one person out of 24 people lives. It was called the hunger games.

At camp half-blood…

The war was over. Gaia and the giants were defeated. Kronos and the titans were defeated. So many lives were lost. Now a new threat arises. The god Chaos, the maker of creation, has given us an offer. We sign to this peace treaty, which allows him to separate the half bloods into 12 districts. The other offer was to all die. We signed the treaty. It was called the hunger games.

At Hogwarts…

The war was over. Voldemort was defeated. A new threat had arisen. A new dark wizard. His name was Aaron Gold. He offered us two options. To all die. Or the other option was to sign a peace treaty. We had to sign the treaty because he had obtained a philosophers/sorcerers stone. With the stone he could make as many horcruxes he wanted without dying. He was immortal. Since we signed the treaty he separated us into 12 districts. He made one boy and one girl from each district go into an arena to fight to the death with 23 other people. It was called the hunger games

In Boston…

The war was over. I mean the clue hunt was over. We had obtained all the clues and we were able to make Gideon Cahill’s formula. Then we learnt that a new family, a new threat, was finding the clues as well. We thought we were safe with our au pair. Then they cornered us. They offered us a deal. It was either they killed us all and took the formula or they sent everyone involved in the clue hunt to 12 districts. We took the second option and realized that it means that each year two people from the districts. A boy and a girl will go into an arena and fight to the death with 23 other people. It was called the hunger games.

In Brooklyn…

The war was over. Apophis was gone. We had defeated him. Now the gods were angry. They were ashamed that two kids had defeated the serpent when the gods couldn’t from the beginning of time. They were angry; they ordered monsters to go after us and pretty much just made our lives miserable. Then they had a vote with all the gods. We were there. it was like we were in court. They had a vote. About a ¼ of the gods didn’t want to harm us. About another ¼ wanted us to die. Then they settled on a decision. The rest of the gods, about ½ decided that so they wouldn’t have to rely on our help ever again, they separated every magician into twelve districts. Where every year a boy and a girl from each district, go into the arena and fight to the death with 23 other people. It was called the hunger games.

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